A Good Day on the Trail

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In my city, we have a park that is well known as a place for cruising. Lots of guys go there for disc golf, but even more go for cock. I have scored many times there myself and it is always a rush to suck cock in the open air. This story is about one time in particular that I really enjoyed.

I go to the park for two reasons, one is to jog and the other is the reason mentioned above. This time I was there to suck cock and nothing else. I entered the main path and by the time I had walked 100 feet, I saw a guy that I had sucked before at the local ABS. He looked as if he was still looking to get sucked so I stopped and asked him. Sure enough he was game. We walked another 100 yards along the trail to my favorite place to suck. There are some boulders there that line up my mouth and cock when my cum donor stands on them. This guy has a beautiful cock. It is about seven inches and cut with a lovely head. It is also dark and has just the right amount of veins bulging out to give it some texture. almanbahis yeni giriş We didn’t waste any time and within seconds I had that long piece of meat in my face cunt.

I was sucking him for several minutes when he alerted me to the presence of another person nearby. One has to be careful in this park as regular hikers do use the trails. This guy was no hiker though. He was watching us and stroking his cock. I looked up at my friend and said, “I don’t care if he joins us.” He waved him down and sure enough, the guy walked down to where we were and pulled out his stiffening cock and fed it to me. His was a more average six inches but nice and thick. I started taking turns and was having a ball (no pun intended) when another guy approaches with his dick out. Fuck yeah I thought. This is getting to be pretty awesome.

So now I have three cocks in my face in this semi-public place and I am sucking them for all I am worth. The guys begin to verbally abuse me, calling almanbahis giriş me their bitch and cumslut. Of course I dig this type of treatment and I was really getting into it by this time. One moment I was jacking two while sucking one, the next I was jacking one while sucking two at the same time. I even worked all three heads into my mouth a few times. Let me just say that having three cocks in your mouth at the same time is an awesome experience.

Anyway, I just kept working all three guys like that. This went on for about 15 or 20 minutes when one of the guys announces that he is going to cum. I assume my favorite position (my mouth open, my tongue out and my face below the cock being jacked off toward me). A few seconds later, he erupts and begins spraying me with his thick, hot cum. He always has a real good load this time was not different. This must have too much for the other guys as they too announced they were ready. First one and then, within a few seconds, the almanbahis güvenilirmi other added their steaming, creamy ball butter to the first load. I was in ecstasy. I had three nice loads on my face and they had all came within one minute.

The guys were zipped up and ready to walk out by the time I came to myself. I had cum all over my face, in my hair and on my shirt (a black t-shirt). I followed them back down the trail without making the slightest effort to clean up. I love the idea of having cum on my face in public and this was an opportunity to live it. We didn’t pass anyone on the trail but as I left the trail head and was crossing the road to get in my car, a man stopped and asked me directions to another part of the park. I was so fucking hard as, without hesitation, I met his gaze and told him how to get there. This was a small taste of what I would really like to do (one of my big fantasies is to take about four or five nice loads on my face and then walk down a busy city sidewalk or go into a convenience store and make a purchase from a young, attractive female clerk). I was in my home town now though, so I got in my car and drove home with the cum still all over me.

I hope you enjoyed this one. It is a true story of one of my many adventures.

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