A Girl Called Shine: In Command

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Retrospection: In Command

Shine had one tattoo, a double interlocking female gender symbol on her left upper buttock. Getting a tattoo was one of Shine’s most terrible conflicts with her parents. She finally gave up on getting their blessing, saved up the money, and had it done without. It had cost a month’s grounding, which put a serious crimp in her black ops, but it was worth it.

She loved the message, expressing her love of all things feminine, but it also had borne quite tangible fruits now and then, like the year before when she’d vacationed at a Mexican beach resort with her family. Even though everyone had gone down to the pool together that morning, she’d moved off on her own. She had no interest in playing the role of one of the kids. She wore oversized white sunglasses and a sizzling gold Brazilian bikini.

She flaunted herself like it was her last day on Earth.

As she stood over a patio chaise flattening the wrinkles in her towel she heard a woman’s deep, sensual voice from behind. “I like your tattoo.”

Shine looked behind to see a stunning brunette standing behind her. She looked to be in her late thirties or forties. She had long, dark hair and brown eyes. She was tall with a strong frame and very shapely. She wore a modest, black one piece, but she had curves that couldn’t be tamed. Very nice indeed, thought Shine.

“Is that all you like?” Shine coaxed.

The woman shifted on her feet. “I only meant…”

“I know what you meant.” Shine turned to her side, posing, slipped her finger under her bikini string and ran it slowly back and forth. “Do you want the full tour?”

The woman put her hand on her chest, visibly flushing. Shine could practically see her sweating and half expected her to bolt.

“I’m twice your age.”

“Yeah, probably. But you’re still hot. And I’m in the mood for some exercise.”

She just stood there turning redder with a suspicious look on her face. “How old are you?”

“Twenty” Shine lied.

“You’re a very naughty young woman.” There was no way Shine could pass for twenty. She was eighteen, but looked even younger than that. However, the woman still contemplated.

Shine moved right up to her prey, her face inches away from the woman’s generous bust. She caressed her well-tanned shoulder, and then stood up on the balls of her feet to within inches from the woman’s pretty face. Emphasizing every word, she whispered, “I’m dying to show you just how naughty.” As Shine looked into those brown eyes, she could see the defenses failing, lust overcoming reason. Shine lived for that moment, the moment when she became master and this forty-year-old dish her willing slave.

“My husband is playing golf this morning. Wait here ten minutes. Then come to room seven-twelve.· Shine maintained her gaze, and the woman seemed to have trouble breaking her spell. But she managed to disengage. Shine watched her walk into the hotel, admiring her ass and long legs.

She whispered under her breath. “Not bad for her age, not bad at all.”

Shine waited only a couple of minutes before packing up.

When she knocked on the door, the response from the other side was, “You’re early. Give me a minute.”

“You sure you want me waiting out here?”

Immediately, there were footsteps, and then the door opened.

The brunette seemed perturbed. As Shine entered the woman retreated bursa escort to a bedroom, completely in the nude, still half wet from a shower. “I was freshening up for you,” she said. “I’ll just be a minute.” She returned to the bedroom and shut the door behind her. Shine threw her things down on the couch. She wandered over to take in their seventh floor view, but found that she was too eager to wait. She walked over to the bedroom door and flung it open.

The brunette stood next to the bed. She was working on the clasp of a cute little black and red lingerie top. The panties were on the nightstand.

?ey,· protested the brunette. But Shine was already in motion. She marched directly into the woman, pushing her onto the bed.

“I don’t want you fresh. Naked is much better,” she said, climbing on top. She dove into the woman’s full lips, kissing her savagely and rubbing her hands aggressively up and down her ribs. Shine moved down to the woman’s neck, nibbled on her ear, and then forced her legs wide with her knee. She gouged her pelvis onto the brunette’s mound. Her hands pushed up, shearing her boobs, and then released, grabbed them and kneaded, inserting her fingernails into the tender nipples.

“Jesus!” The woman grabbed her by the wrists. “Okay, that hurts.” Shine relaxed her hands, kissed the brunette on the mouth again just to shut her up. Her forefingers and thumbs fondled their way back over to the aureoles, and then the nipples. She continued kissing, rolled the nipples between her fingers. The brunette sighed. “Now, that feels good. God, I’m getting so wet.” Shine felt the woman’s hands on her back stroke up and down, and then onto her legs, and finally onto her Brazilian. The brunette’s nipples hardened. Shine squeezed tighter, summoning a deep, vocal moan from her subject. She pinched the nipples brutally between her fingertips. The brunette cried out. Shine felt those long legs under her, already spread wide, buck up against her own. The woman tried to disengage their kiss, but Shine’s tongue, deep inside, held her. The woman turned her head to the side, and evaded Shine’s hold.

“Jesus, kid! You gotta be gentle with me. I’m old and tender.”

I’ll tenderize you, thought Shine. Slowly, she kissed her way down to the tits, managing to stimulate, rough up and bite just enough as not to cause any more interruptions. Her quarry was immensely aroused now. Shine worked her way leisurely down the midriff. The woman’s eyes closed, legs wrapped around Shine’s tiny frame, hips pumping up and down, rubbing her womanhood on whatever could be found.

Finally Shine gazed directly on her sexual heat, touched her nose to the dark, trimmed hair. Pink flesh sat exposed and moist between the lips. Shine breathed hot on it. Legs widened. Hips gyrated.

“You have a gorgeous pussy.”

The brunette didn’t answer. She peered down at her lover over her bosom. She rolled her head to the side, the look oozing with desire and supplication. Do it, said her face. Do it now. But Shine did not. Instead, keeping the woman’s gaze, she tipped her head to the left until her mouth met with the warm thigh there.

She licked it, and then sucked, even bit, but not too hard. She ran her tongue gradually, nearly to the knee, leaving a trail of saliva.

She drew her tongue back down, and then up and down, careful to only brush against the labia, each time invoking a tremor of anticipation.

She then moved back to breathe on the woman’s burning slit a while longer. Finally, she moved to the right bursa escort bayan leg, repeating her ritual there before centering again. Shine drew the tip of her tongue down of the erect clit, down to her opening, just far enough in to tease. Then she pressed her tongue broadly down, separating the lips. She dragged her tongue at maximum pressure up and over the clit. The brunette tensed under her stimulation and gave Shine a huge groan. “Goddamn, that’s good. Who taught you how to lick like that?· she asked.

“No one,” responded Shine, smiling at the praise. “I just get as much practice as I can.”

She repeated the motion over and over, the woman responding each time with legs that rose off the bed, toes pointed. Her slave writhed in pleasure. Now, it was time to take her the rest of the way. She drew her tongue up around the base of the clit sucking it into her mouth. The woman labored for breath, struggled to keep her hips still. Shine gently sucked in and out, sliding the hood off, sucked the clit in from the bottom. Soon she had it in position. She sucked it in, exposed, and ran it over the rough part on the back of her tongue as fast as she could and felt the entire body under her react.

?ust like that,· the woman forced out, as if Shine couldn’t already tell. Shine breathed deeply through her nose, focused with the mental discipline of a Himalayan monk to keep the clit in perfect position, her tongue moving at maximum speed. It didn’t take long. The brunette let out a feeble cry and Shine knew she was orgasming. She slipped her tongue down inside her and felt the sensational contractions thumping against it. When they ended, she drew her tongue up, gave the clit a quick kiss and mounted her once again.

“Fuck, girl that was good.” She took a few breaths. “But let me teach you something now.”

Who was this woman to think she was her equal in bed? But Shine had no time to be offended. The woman took her by the head and brought their lips together, penetrated Shine’s mouth with all the fervor that Shine had just lavished on her. After only moments, her hands were down on Shine’s bikini top, desperately grasping for a method of release. Once off, they returned to plunder her breasts. Shine sat on up her knees, allowing the woman to work her chest. Her hands slid down Shine’s backside into her bikini, reaching under and between the legs, exploring every sensitive part. She pulled the gold bottom down to Shine’s thighs and soon, the brunette’s fingers were working her from behind, pulling gripped cheeks apart, pushing around soaked lips, and running over her anus.

Her fingers felt brilliant, and Shine got even wetter. She loved the sensation of her juice being spread all around her crotch. A finger found its way inside and began to thrust in and out. It was joined by a second, and then a third. She pushed her ass against that hand, craving to feel it deeper, but the angle was all wrong. Then she felt the last finger start to rim her anus. She looked down at the brunette who met her gaze.

“Put it in,” she begged. The finger circled, circled again, and then pushed, opening her up a second time. She pushed even harder to get that new finger farther in. “Come on, fuck me.”

The woman pumped her harder and faster, resumed sucking on her chest. Shine grabbed her own free tit and began to work it herself, but it wasn’t enough. Shine leaned on her lover’s shoulder and reached her other hand between her own legs. She pulled up against her body and felt her bursa sınırsız escort stiff clitoris push against her fingers. She thrashed her hand back and forth. That, combined with the penetration for a few minutes was enough to bring her to a satisfying climax.

“Wow, you’re such a sexy little diva,” she said.

Shine pushed her down prostate on the bed, and then scooted up to place her genitals on the woman’s face. The woman smiled.

“Bring it on.” But as soon as she laid her mouth on Shine, she stopped and withdrew. Shine rolled her eyes.

She felt her labia part. “Wow. You have a huge clit.” Silence.

“That’s nearly as wide as my finger.”

Trying to get things going again, she said, “All the better for you to suck on, my dear.”

“Oh, I mean, I like it. Very sexy.” She gave Shine a huge lick, and then restarted in earnest, focusing on her newfound fascination.

She rolled it around on her tongue, sucking and kissing on occasion. Soon, Shine was coming up again, feeling her juices flowing. She closed her eyes. A dull “uh” emanated from within.

The brunette ran her tongue tip up and down between her clit and portal. Then her tongue sunk into Shine and the woman pumped her, wiggling her nose against Shine’s clit. Shine’s moan became more audible, rising until she reached her second orgasm. Her pelvis twitched over the brunette’s face.

She looked down at the woman between her legs, licking her thighs and drenched lips. She rubbed her crotch against that sweet face, and fantasized about Red Girl. Admittedly, the brunette was good. The score was one orgasm to two in her favor. This just wouldn’t stand. Shine was obligated to show her who was boss.

She got down and positioned the woman doggy style, and then went to work. Her prey never got the upper hand again. Serial, oral orgasms were the agenda. She would give her time to rest, but as the brunette declined to continue, Shine would caress and tease her until she was primed again, bringing her further up each time. Shine was almost cruel in her persistence.

Just as Shine was bringing her to orgasm for the umpteenth time, she heard the main door open.

“Hun? You here?”

Shine panicked, but she was too close to stop now.

“Hey, I tried calling you for lunch, but I just got your voicemail.”

Shine heard footsteps approaching the bedroom. She sucked harder than ever. The brunette tensed up under her. She’d made it.

The husband entered the bedroom to find his wife on her back in bed, oblivious to his entrance, Shine’s blond hair barely visible, her face buried deep between long, glossy thighs. The woman let out an unearthly howl that seemed to go on and on. She writhed and twisted onto her side, forcing Shine from her position.

“Fucking Hell, Karen! What in fuck are you doing?”

Her entire body quaked. The woman weakly turned to face her spouse. What little mascara remained was completely smeared. Dark tears trailed from her eyes. A line of drool dripped from the corner of her mouth. She was covered in sweat.

Karen, still coming, was making some kind of incomprehensible humming noise as if she’d had a lobotomy, completely unable to form words.

Shine grabbed her bikini and dashed past the stunned man, picking a hair from her lip, stopping only long enough at the door to put on her suit. She heard from the bedroom, “Holy crap. Are you okay?” And just before she ran out the door she heard, “Who was that?”


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