A gift for her: Part 2

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We layed naked in her bed, both basking in the afterglow of her amazing, squirting orgasm. She was laying flat on her back and I was cuddled up to her left side with my hand lightly rubbing up and down her body. We were both engrossed on the scene in the movie. The scene involved two women who very similar to us, in several ways. The less experienced one looked alot like Lee. She had tanned skin, light blonde hair, and an ass that women would kill for and men drool over. The “teacher” was alot like me. She had pale, almost white, skin, black hair, and natural breasts that were perfectly round. At this point in the movie, the “teacher” was instructing the student on how to properly eat her pussy. Of course, she was using her own body as a teaching tool, so she was having trouble talking with all the moans that were escaping her mouth. Lee looked at me as the teacher finally exploded in the students mouth with a loud scream of “Oh fuck yes, baby.”I isveçbahis felt her head move and knew she was looking at me. Finally, when I felt the top of my head start to burn, I looked at her and asked “What’s on your mind baby?””Well, I was just thinking and I decided that I want to do for you what she just did for her,” she said as she gestured toward the t.v.. I was surprised. She had expressed being nervous about being with a girl, especially when it came to returning the favor. I sat up on my elbow and looked her in the eye.”Lee, are you sure? I know you are new at all this and I am perfectly happy with just showing you the joys of lesbian love.”She sat up and I moved to a sitting position in front of her. She looked at me and said “Yes, I am sure. After what you just did for me, I am definately ready to return the favor. I think you have awakened a beast in me and I will never be the same. Besides, you know my husband will be home soon isveçbahis giriş and we will have to let the guys at least watch. I want my first time eating pussy to be just me and you. There’s less pressure that way,”she ended with a giggle.I couldn’t help but smile. I had been waiting months for the chance to gets my hands and mouth on the gorgeous creature that was sitting in front of me. There was no way I was going to pass up the oppurtunity to have her do the same to me. Besides, if she got nervous, we had the toys still laying at the end of the bed to help out. “Alright. But, if at any point you feel uncomfortable and want to stop, you tell me,” I said as scooted closer to her on the bed.”I don’t think that is going to be a problem now” she said as she leaned in and pressed her lips to mine. I moved my right hand to her hair and my left to her breast. As we kissed, I felt her hands move on my body. At first, she seemed unsure of what isveçbahis yeni giriş to do with them. She was lightly running her hands up and down my arms, leaving a trail of goosebumps in her wake. My nipples were getting harder by the second. She finally moved her hands to my back and pulled me to her. As she did, I felt her erect nipples press against mine and moaned. She engulfed me with her arms and I felt her passion as she plunged her tongue into my mouth. Her tongue was so smooth and sweet against mine and I felt her begin to push against me. Getting the hint, I laid back and she laid on top of me. I opened my legs to be sure she was comfortable and felt her mound press lightly to mine. The pressure to her clit made her moan slightly and come up for air.”Oh my god. Just laying here kissing you has me ready to explode again, but I don’t want to until I get a chance to taste your cum in my mouth.” With that, she began kissing my neck. She slowly worked her way down to my breast where my erect nipples stood proud. She ran her hands lightly over both before taking my left nipple into her mouth. I wasn’t ready for it, so the sensation sent a shiver through my body to my clit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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