A Gift Fit for a Prince

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[So this is thematically similar to the other story I wrote, again I’m trying to mix ancient civilization stuff with modern dirty talk — I plan to write some more stories that kinda give some history of the empire and the prince and the situation with wives and harems and stuff, all characters over 18, hope you enjoy :)]


From the high, east-facing balcony that connected to his bedroom, the prince gazed at the rising sun. Pale red streaks mixed with orange and yellow crept over the horizon as they began to cast long shadows on the buildings below. The crow of a distant rooster punctuated the soft sounds of people waking up and beginning their days. Perched on his balcony, the prince could see far across the city, all the way to shimmering waters of the sea. Prince Rakhar loved waking up early to watch the new day begin. In a few more hours, the sun would be burning hot and high in the sky and the quietness that seemed to permeate the city would give way to the calamitous, chaotic din of the capital city of the empire. But for now, it was quiet.

The prince let out a contented sigh. He scanned idly between the buildings situated on this side of the royal palace. The huge golden statue of the river god Ois, that was perched on the large obelisk of the High Temple, was reflecting some of the sun’s light and seemed to sparkle as he moved his eyes this way and that. The gentle breeze that came from the sea was causing the curtains that draped the entrance to the balcony to flap softly back and forward. The prince took a deep breath of the cool morning air and reveled in it as it softly blew across his naked body, causing his hair to stand on end.

His silent musings were interrupted when he heard the soft footsteps of someone walking from behind him. Meseina. He grinned. A small pair of hands slid their way around his stomach as a pair of lips kissed his back. He felt her hard nipples and large, full breasts brush him from behind as she stood on her toes to playfully bite his ear.

“Mmm, good morning my sweet,” the prince said as her hands slid up his hard, muscled chest and across his nipples.

“Nil’o mein eth ckompt jsesiier, your grace,” the girl breathed lightly into his ear, her silky accent heavy over the only words he recognized. She nibbled on his ear again as one of her hands slowly traced its way down his chest, over his hard abs and navel until it wrapped itself around the thick root of his cock. Even though he wasn’t fully erect, Meseina could barely fit her hand around the big tool. She moaned as she felt its girth and slid her other hand down to cradle one of the prince’s massive balls. Her small hand could only hold one at a time, as they were nearly the size of grapefruit. She began to softly knead the huge nut as she began to slowly pump her fist up and down the rapidly-hardening member, all the while planting light kisses across the prince’s back and neck. This time the prince moaned as he began to involuntarily thrust his hips.

For a while they stood like this, Meseina behind the prince, pumping his cock and playing with his balls as the new day’s painted them with soft light. After a moment, the prince slowly turned to face her, causing her hands to let go. He drank her in as she stood in the large, looming shadow his body created. Her firm breasts and hard nipples stood high on her chest and her slim waist tapered into wide, feminine hips. His gaze dropped to her long, toned legs and the golden bangles that she wore around her ankles – a gift he had given her, one of many. His eyes traced their way back up her body and rested on her beautiful face, framed by long silky and slightly disheveled dark brown hair and large light-green eyes that seemed so exotic in contrast to her cinnamon colored complexion. Although her eyes were gentle, the mischievous smile that her face wore did little to hide her intentions. It had been almost 3 weeks since the prince had been gifted Meseina and her sister, and even though he had no idea what she was saying when she’d speak in her soft, seductive native tongue; her body language needed no translation.

Meseina stepped up to the prince and threw her arms around his neck, standing on her toes again to pull him into to a deep, sensuous kiss. The prince chuckled to himself, her shyness and trepidation toward him when they’d first met had given way to forwardness that the prince almost never encountered in his high status. Her large full lips met his as their tongues danced. She moaned appreciatively in his mouth as he lightly bit and sucked on her lower lip. The prince’s now huge, rock-hard cock was pressed sideways into her stomach, and she could feel it pulsate with each beat of his powerful heart. Breaking canlı bahis the kiss, Meseina wrapped a hand around the prince’s dick as she turned around lightly and pulled on it. Shooting him a lustful glance over her shoulder, she began to guide him by the cock back into his bedchamber. His gaze immediately fell to her large, perfectly toned ass, and as she walked him into the room her hips swayed seductively.

The room was still dark, the servants had not yet come to light the candles and fires of the room. Except for the dim streaks of sunlight that came in from the doorway to the balcony, the prince could barely make out the outlines of his gigantic bed. As the two approached the bed, Messenia still holding onto his dick, the prince suddenly rushed at the girl and swept her up into his powerful arms. She squealed in surprise and delight as his massive muscles easily scooped her up and then tossed her like a rag doll into the bed.


Giggling uncontrollably, Meseina rolled around in the bed and then sat up, her gaze finding the prince’s. His massive frame was silhouetted by the light from the balcony. His large powerful shoulders and wide chest became a chiseled stomach that led into her favorite part of the prince’s body, his cock. Long and thick, it was the biggest dick she’d ever seen. She recalled how frightened she was when she first saw it. Do not worry my dear, I am told he is not like most princes; he will be gentle with you. The voice of her mentor echoed in her head. Remember your training; you were born for this task. Give him your spirit, your soul, surrender to him completely and show him what it means to be a pleasure-maiden of Yviis.

Her teacher, Rrisalka, had been truthful. Their first time together he had shown her a gentleness, a kindness that was undoubtedly rare amongst such powerful men. She remembered the way he looked at her, as she stood before him at the foot of his gigantic bed, her hands and ankles bound in the traditional red silk ribbons and gold chains of a woman gifted to a member of the Royal Family. His gaze was piercing, he seemed to be able to stare right into her soul and even though she had worn no clothes almost her entire life, she had never felt so naked in front of a man before. As the prince approached her, she bowed her head submissively. When she felt one of his huge, rough hands circle her throat, she feared the worse. You said he’d be gentle, you promised! But the hand did not tighten, instead he lifted his hand to her chin and tilted her head upwards so that their eyes locked. He said something to her in the strange foreign language of the Empire and even though she could not understand it, she felt she knew what he was saying to her. His voice was soft and low. He pulled her gently in for a long, slow kiss. As he wrapped his other arm around her to pull her in close, Meseina felt her fear began to fade and be replaced with a very different emotion.

On the first night the prince didn’t fuck her. He made love to her. Planting soft kisses all over her body, teasing her with his fingers and tongue until she had gotten so wet she felt it dripping down her thighs. The prince would rub his cock up and down her soaking pussy and gently massage its massive head in circles on her clit. Every time he did so she screamed on the inside, hoping he was just about to sink into her; but he didn’t and the prince went on like this for quite a while, bringing her to the edge and stopping just before she could have her release. If she wasn’t still shackled by the soft chains, she doubted she would have been able to resist grabbing the prince’s dick and forcing it into her.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, the prince stopped his ministrations and gave her a wet, lustful kiss. When their lips parted, her breathing was quick and shallow, I need to cum! Then suddenly, the prince got out of the bed and walked to the door of the bedroom chamber, opened it and stepped out. Meseina was dumbfounded. Is…is he leaving me, have I done wrong? O Rrisalka what ‘s happening did I displease him? Her fears were short-lived, however when she heard the door open again. The prince walked in holding a small box made of ornate ivory and gold etchings. It’s beautiful. Even though she was still chained with her arms behind her back, Meseina managed to shimmy and sit-up on the bed. Prince Rakhar got back into the bed with her and said something to her in a low voice as he opened the box. Out of its red velvet interior he produced a small key made of the same gold and ivory of the box, but with a large ruby at its base. He moved himself on his knees so that his body was only inches from hers. Leaning down to kiss her, he proceeded to take the key behind her back. She heard a bahis siteleri soft click as he unlocked the bracelets that bound her arms together and then another as he did the same with her feet. Again he muttered to her something soft and kissed her on the lips. As the chains fell from her ankle, the prince positioned his dick at the entrance to her soaking wet pussy and began to slowly push in, eliciting a long moan that only stopped when there was no more cock left to push inside her.

Meseina’s cries of passion that night could be heard echoing from the balcony of the Royal Palace and lasted for several hours. Villagers chuckled and applauded as they overheard on the streets below. Prince Rakhar was known throughout the empire for his incredible stamina, this night proved to be no different. When finally the prince came for the third and final time that night, the two fell asleep in each other; the prince’s big muscular arms wrapped her slender frame. Her pussy ached, but it was a good ache, and her womb was filled to the brim with the enormous amount of warm sticky cum he had pumped in her.

She awoke before the prince did the next morning. Still holding her in his arms, she smiled to herself as she slowly began to grind her ass back into the prince. That morning, villagers with knowing smiles were treated to an encore of the moans and cries of Meseina’s ecstasy.

Eventually, the prince had to attend to matters other than fucking his new woman, but he was able to command her, with hand signals and gestures, and amid much laughter from both parties, that she was to remain in the chamber until he returned. She laughed and nodded her understanding, then the two shared a kiss and the prince was off.

He returned much later in the day, as the sun rays began to pour in now from the westward balcony, this time with a small velvet bag in his hand. He took her by the hand and led her to a large mirror that sat above a counter in one of the chamber’s corridors. He stood her in front of the mirror and made it known that she was to close her eyes. She did so and heard the prince fumbling with something before she felt the cool touch of metal around her neck. Opening her eyes she looked in the mirror and gasped. Hanging from her slender neck, attached to a thin gold necklace, was the beautifully engraved key he had used last night to unlock her bindings. He smiled at her obvious appreciation and whispered something in her ear. Even though the sounds were foreign the message was clear: “you hold the key to my heart, you’re where you belong now, with me.”

The prince’s touch snapped her out of reminiscence. He kneeled over her in the bed, one leg on either side of her hips, his cock jutting out obscenely from body. As he’d done that first night and every night since, the prince wrapped a large hand around her throat and gently pulled her to him. She sighed deeply into his mouth as they kissed. She loved the way he held her, she felt so powerless, but also so safe, so protected in his arms. Letting go of her she watched as he began to slowly pump his cock, still kneeling above her. “I want you to fuck me,” she said in a playful tone “fuck me and claim me, mark your territory with that big cock!”

Meseina loved to talk dirty to the prince, even knowing he couldn’t understand anything she said. It made her feel deliciously slutty. Bringing her hands up to her tits, she rubbed them and pinched her nipples. She then rolled over onto her hands and knees and arched her back, presenting the prince with the incredible view that was her ass and pussy. Swaying her hips seductively, she looked over her shoulder at the prince still fisting his mighty tool.

The soft, gentle love-making of their first time together had given way to pure, raw lust. “Use me to pleasure yourself, take me and use me….your grace,” she moaned as her mischievous smile turned wicked. She loved to end sentences like that: “fuck me, your grace” “pound my pussy, your grace” “fill me with cum, your grace.” Even though he was unable to understand the exact meaning of the words that pre-ceded, she could tell he found it amusing the way she bastardized the phrase.

Now grabbing his thick cock by the base and sliding it lewdly up and down her soaking pussy, the prince needed no further invitation. Meseina pushed her pussy back as his massive cock sank into her, inch after long, thick, unprotected inch. She relished in the feeling of being full of so much cock and as she felt the thick head of his dick bump her cervix and his balls resting on her ass, she purred her content.

“Mmmmm, look at that pussy just take my cock,” the prince said, his voice heavy with lust. He usually gave Mesiena a while to adjust to having so much meat bahis şirketleri stretch her pussy, but it quickly became evident that this morning she was in no mood to take things slow. Immediately after he bottomed-out, Mesiena began wildly fucking her pussy up and down his cock. The prince looked down, just seconds ago his dick was completely dry but now the entire length was dripping with pussy juice, from the big swollen head all the way to the thick base. The prince couldn’t help but let out a deep groan, never had he fucked a pussy so tight!

For a while the prince allowed Mesiena to fuck herself to her heart’s content on his big cock, but he soon gave into the need to pleasure his dick. He started meeting her thrusts back with some of his own and Mesiena squealed with lust. Rrisalka had been right, oo so right! I was made to take the prince’s cock.


With every stroke, Rakhar felt his dick get closer and closer to cumming. As his huge nuts began to tighten and pull-up, ready to blast a thick, sticky load into the fertile womb he was fucking, he let out an exasperated laugh. We’ve barely been fucking for a few minutes and already this pussy’s got me cumming! Despite his cock pleading with him for release, the prince pulled out of her just before he boiled over. He was so close to the edge he felt that even a gentle breeze finding its way across his big wet dick would have made him explode.

Mesiena let out pleading moan at her sudden emptiness. It had been a moan Rakhar had become quite familiar with. When this girl was in the middle of getting fucked the last thing she wanted to do was stop. Sure she liked to get teased, but she loved to cum. Looking over her shoulder she saw that the prince was struggling to not touch his dick, his teeth clenched as it took all the willpower in his body not to slip back into her incredible pussy again. While letting himself catch his breath, he had to force the now cock-crazed Mesiena to not fuck herself back onto his dick. He smacked her ass hard each time she tried to do so, causing her to yelp in pain and pleasure. Finally the prince regained his composure.

He grabbed Meseina and flipped her onto her back as he stepped out off the bed. Pulling the girl to the edge and holding her legs up with one hand so that her feet were at his ears, Rakhar sunk his cock back inside her. He began to slowly pump and between groans of pleasure he would lick and bite her legs and feet. Meseina loved this position because it would make her cum almost instantly and sure enough, she started wailing like a bitch in heat as her orgasm approached. The prince was now pounding her pussy hard and as she arched her back she grabbed a small pillow on the bed, put it over her mouth and muffled her scream as she came.

Rakhar couldn’t stand it any longer, he was fucking an absolute sex-goddess and the sight of her cumming put him over the edge. He roared like a bull as he felt his nuts pull up and his dick swell as the first long thick rope of cum erupted from his dick and sprayed into her womb. Still screaming in the midst of her mind-blowing orgasm, the prince swore Mesiena’s pussy was sucking the cum out of his dick. He was completely lost in the pure pleasure surging through his big cock as another rope of cum plastered the back of her womb. And another. And another. As her own orgasm subsided, Meseina felt the prince’s cock pump a seemingly never-ending amount of cum into her pussy. Although she’d experienced it now several times a day for the past weeks, she was still amazed by how much cum those huge balls could produce. It took most men a couple seconds for their orgasms to come and go, it took Rakhar nearly a full minute. She moaned and pushed her hips back onto the spurting tool, desperate to make sure all his cum stayed where it belonged, in her fertile unprotected pussy.

Finally as the last shot fired from his tool, he let out a deep contented sigh. Letting his slowly deflating dick fall out of Meseina’s pussy, the prince took a few deep breaths and then let go of her legs and fell next to her on the bed. Rolling over onto his side he grabbed Meseina as she stared idly at the roof, smiling and basking in the afterglow of her amazing orgasm. He pulled her toward him so that they were spooning, and then brushed some of her long silky hair out of the way so that he could bite and kiss her neck and nibble on her ear. The prince loved to cuddle after sex as much as she did.

Meseina took one of the prince’s hands, which dwarfed her own, and gently placed it on her stomach below her navel. This was her womb, awash with his sticky cum, fertile and ready to give him babies, and she wanted to remind him that he owned it, that he owned her. With the prince holding her, his hard, warm chest against her back, Meseina purred contently. As she drifted off to sleep in his arms she could have sworn she heard some faint applause of people cheering from below…

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