A gentle old lady 2

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A gentle old lady 2I was standing in the door and I did not know what to do next. The only thing I knew that I wanted to touch her huge breasts, but somehow I could not even move. She looked at me and then told me to get closer, and so I did. As I moved towards her I could feel my dick getting harder and harder with every step I took. As I was standing directly infront of her, she took both of my hands and placed them on her boobs. I started to massage her breast and then I got on my knees so I could lick her nipples. She had big nipples with dark areolas. I enjoyed that feeling and so did she, I could feel how her body loosend up. Lost deep in her boobs, I first did not feel her hand trying to pull me up, but when I realized it I stood up and asked her if I did something wrong. She told me that everything was fine, and that she wanted me to take of my shorts. It did not even take me a few seconds and I was standing hiltonbet giriş there naked with hardes boner I had till that day. She grabed underneath her skirt and pulled down her black knickers, in that very moment I suddenly realized how arousing situation was and my cock started pulsating. As she was sitting on the edge of her bed, she moved a bit back and layed down, she put up her legs and for the first time in my life, I could see a real pussy. Of course she was a bit hairy, but I did not care a bit about it. She told me get over to her and so I did, before I knew it, she grabed my dick and started to rub the tip alsong her wet and warm pussy. Then she stopped and I could finally stick it in her pussy. As I was leaning above her in the missionary position she told me to move slowly, and so I did. It was the most unbelieveable feeling and I started to move faster and faster. After a minute hiltonbet yeni giriş I could hear her start moaning in lust and that made me fuck her even faster and harder. It did not take long and she reached climax. I was so turned on by the noises she made, that I did not even realize that I was about to cum. She looked at me and being the mature woman that she was, she pulled out my dick and started rubbing it. She rubbed it for 3 or 5 seconds I came. I shot my load all over her skirt, belly and boobs. I closed my eyes and savoured the moment. When I opend my eyes she was rubbing some my cum on her belly, when she finished she told me that she needed to take a shower now. As she went into the shower I put on my clothes and went home. It took me several months to realize and understand what happend to me, and during this time I did not visit my moms beautican to get a treatment. My mom hiltonbet güvenilirmi keept asking why I wouldn’t go, and I always made up something to not go there. But being the horny teenager that I was, I couldn’t stand it anymore and made an appointment. As she opend the door, she greeted me like nother ever happend. I thought that was strange, but I played along. Everything went as usual and as she finished my treatment, I was a bit disappointed. Then I thought I would not let this chance go by and excused myself to the restroom. I took of my clothes and put them in her bathtub, I opend the door saw her sitting in the livingroom. I came into the room, and as I saw her stare at my dick, I immediately got really hard and moved towards her. She replyed rather positively to my bold move and we engaged in having sex on ther sofa. Over the years we had several more sexual encounters, she even gave me my first blowjob. But somehow it stopped, and I did not even think of her anymore. I once met her downtown, and we had a short chat, she seemed to do well and that was fine. She mostcertanly is the reason why I am into mature women. I had lots of sex with girls my age, but always had and have a thing for milfs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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