A female lawyer and her daughter as slaves, hard B

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A female lawyer and her daughter as slaves, hard BChap. 1.The canoe tripRenee was nearing the end of a five-hour drive on this hot long weekend ofaugust. As she approached the University, where her daughter Megan would beenrolled in the fall, she recalled how the teenage girl, a science whiz,wanted to come up here in the north because the University offered a goodcourse in Environmental Science and was close to the outdoors that sheloved. For the time being she had a summer job at a nature day camp down thelake from the University where she was staying in residence.Nearing the residence Renee wondered how much Megan had changed sinceleaving home one month ago. She soon got her answer, for Megan, who had beensitting on the steps of the building anxiously waiting, rushed towards thecar upon recognizing her mother. Strange how a month can change one’sperspective. Renee still had a c***d in mind. Instead, what she saw comingtowards her was a lovely tall young woman with long blonde hair dressed inskimpy cut off jean shorts and an halter-top that came just below thebreasts leaving a bare midriff . She hurriedly got out of the car and thetwo women hugged and kissed fervently. They had become very close since thefather had died eight months ago and had missed each other a lot this lastmonth.”I’m so glad to see you darling,” Renee said sincerely.”Same here mom. I missed you very much.””How do you like it here hon?””Very much. I love the job. We do all kinds of things outdoors; naturehikes, canoe trips, barbecues, lectures. It’s really great. And the boys arereally cool, wow.”Renee realized that she was at an age when sex and boys were a fixation.However, not daring to ask, she hoped her daughter of s*******n was still avirgin.Taking the suitcase out of the car they went up to the room chatting all thetime about what had happened during the month. Megan was alone in a doubleroom and Renee would sleep on the other bed tonight.”Is it ever warm in this room Megan, Renee commented.”No air mom. Don’t forget it must be 35 º C outside.”They drank a glass from a fine bottle of wine she brought to celebrate theoccasion.After talking for about an hour they decided to go out for diner.”I hope you don’t come in that skimpy little outfit Megan, you hardly haveanything on,” chided the mother.”Oh mother you’re such a puritan. Everybody dresses like this around here inthe summer; they are a great turn on for the boys. But don’t worry I’ll wearsomething decent.”Returning from a long diner with plenty of wine and talk much of it aboutsex- Megan had asked many personal, embarrassing questions that her motherhardly knew how to answer- they lay on the beds talking about the trip.”Can we have another glass of wine mom?””Ok baby just this time to celebrate our get together but you can’t drinktoo much. Remember you are not even eighteen yet.””Pretty soon though mom.”There was no air conditioning and it was very hot. Soon they removed theirdresses and were lying there in panties and bras sipping on the wine andtalking about the next day..The plan was to go down a river located a few kilometres south of the cityto its mouth on one of the Great Lakes. It was to be a short three-dayexcursion since they both had to return to work after the long week- end.Renee would take Tuesday off to return home. She had brought all thenecessary camping gear while Megan had made arrangements to rent the canoe.”What are you going to wear mother.””I didn’t bring a lot. It’s going to be hot the next few days. I have warmslacks a couple of shirts a sweater a windbreaker and an old pair of jeans.”What no shorts.””I forgot them.”Well in this hot weather you will need something. How about I cut up thoseold jeans? You won’t need them.”I don’t know dear. I’m afraid you might cut them too short.””Nonsense mother, don’t be such a prude. I don’t want to hear another wordgive them to me.””Ok boss.”While she worked on the jeans Renee got up to wash at a sink in one cornerof the room. Megan had never seen her mother so close and with so little onfor this long before. At her age she was very curious about other woman’sbodies so she slyly sneaked a peak while her mother was washing. She wasproud of what she saw. She saw a woman in dainty seductive underwear about5’9″ inches with a firm muscular body in tip top form. Renee had beenworking out for years and although she couldn’t be called an amazon, she wasclose. From the back her biceps, triceps, deltoid, back and gluteus muscleswere well defined. Megan watched fascinated as she removed her bra to wash.A few years back she had found her breasts sagging and rather flat, defectsthat were rectified by a breast enhancement performed by a competent doctor.Renee was quite proud of the results. They were rounder and larger thanbefore with large brown areolas and big nipples. bahis firmaları The job was so well donethat nobody could tell them from the real thing. Even while standing in herbare feet, her legs were solid, sinewy and long. Her calf muscles were tightand bulging. Megan said to herself that her mother was a knockout.When she turned to look at her lovely daughter, her face shone with greatbeauty: excellent symmetrical features, big blue eyes, high cheek bones, athin long nose, large pouting lips, and long flowing blonde hair. She couldpass for the Egyptian queen Nefertiti.Still glad only in her bikini panties, she walked over to Megan who wasfinishing the alteration.”Aren’t they a little short?” she inquired.”Please mom let me finish.”She sat on the bed waiting. The wine was turning her head and she knew itwould have the same effect on Megan. She looked at her c***d’s blossomingbody from a peculiar new viewpoint”Ok try these on now mom.”Renee pulled the shorts up her legs and over her hips to button them at thewaist.”Cool,” cried Megan.”Oh shit,” answered Renee.They were cut so short that one could see quite a bit of the lower cheeksabove the ass crease. When she looked between her legs at the crotch therewas so little material left that it barely covered her crack”These are practically thongs. I can’t wear them. As far as I’m concernedthey are ruined. I’ll look like a slut in these.”Well maybe I did cut them a little short mom but they really make you looksexy. Look in the mirror how divine you look.”Renee slightly inebriated paraded around to the applause of her daughter.”Mom I’m jealous.”” Don’t forget I don’t have your age baby.””You look so appealing to me mom.””Maybe. But don’t expect me to wear them tomorrow.””We’ll see. They were old anyway but we’ll take them along in case.”Both slightly giddy women were now a little troubled by a strange eroticsensation brought about by their nakedness, the naughtiness of the jeans,the wine and the genuine natural attraction they had for each other.”Its getting late Megan .I’m pooped, long day. Tomorrow we have to get upearly.””Right mom that’s ok with me.”Megan gave her mother a hug feeling the warm soft naked tits pressingagainst her own. They held each longer than ever before, comfortable in eachother’s arms. Before separating Renee did not give her a peck on the cheekas usual but a long sensual kiss right on the mouth to which Megan respondedwith warmth as she moved her lips provocatively over her mother’s.Flushed, Renee suggested that it was time to go to sleep now. They went totheir own bed and closed the light.”Goodnight mom.””Goodnight dear.”The next morning they got up at 6 o’clock, dressed, packed the car, went toa restaurant for a hardy breakfast before going to the supermarket to buythe perishable food and the ice for the cooler. It was already 25 º C andvery humid. The black slacks were definitely too warm thought Renee.While driving the half hour ride to the marina, Renee could not helpglancing at Megan who was seated sideways her back to the door and her rightleg up on the dash. In that position her crotch was wide open showing thered panties underneath the narrow jean material between her legs. She alsohad on a spaghetti strap tank top that had been cut just under the boobsrevealing a hard bare midriff. Judging by the outline of her nipples it wasevident that she had no bra.Further down the highway Renee on a whim turned onto a little used sideroad, got out and asked Megan where she had put the cut-off shorts. Meganfound them and handed them to her. Outside the air-conditioned car the darkslacks were unbearably hot. She took them off and put on the shorts. At thesame time she unbuttoned the shirt removed her bra and tied the shirt tailstogether at the waist exposing the deep cleavage between the bulging globesof her tits.”What do you think of your old mom now baby.””You look great, real sexy,” and on that note they got back in the carlaughing and enjoying each other’s companyShortly after they arrived at the marina, rented the canoe and startedputting the gear in. The sight of these two goddesses dressed soprovocatively turned on the men, especially three fishermen who keptwhistling and making sly remarks. Eventually they were ready and they movedoff.Pushed by the current, the two expert paddlers moved the canoe effortlesslydown the river. After about five hours, with a short pit stop on shore forlunch, they arrived at a provincial campground where other canoeists wherecamping. The only episode of note was a brief encounter with the same threefishermen who followed them for awhile coming very close at one point.However, nothing happened and the girls were happy to see them go.They set up camp before putting on their thong bikinis to catch some rays.Then they played in the water kaçak iddaa like two k**s. Megan was able to remove hermother’s bottoms while evading her grip, but she wasn’t fast enough orstrong enough for her mother who caught up to her and tore off both her topand bottom. They wrestled in the shallow water to the delight of the malecampers who were watching discretely from a distance. After supper they satout with some other campers enjoying the rest of the diner wine. After darkthey sat quietly gazing at the starry sky and taking in the low mysterioussounds of the night. Finally around 20h00 hours they lit a small lamp andentered the tent. It was one of those rare summer nights when thetemperature was nice and warm, so they lay on the sleeping bags that theyleft open for the moment.In such an intimate environment, Megan always fascinated by sex and desirousto learn more, asked numerous questions of her mother who respondedpatiently. She wanted to know things like how often, how, where and in whatcircumstances Renee had sex with her father. Renee did her best to answernot wanting to alienate Megan whose questions were genuine. After all it washer responsibility to educate her daughter. Nevertheless, to her surpriseshe found that as she continued answering, her descriptions became more andmore explicit. She was taking pleasure in remembering the sex she had withher husband. Moreover she detected that she was actually getting excite, alittle wet even.As the conversation evolved they had slowly slid closer together as if thenature of the confidential questions and answers needed to be whispered. Inthe end they were lying on the same sleeping bag, their feet and legstouching. Megan found her mother’s scent and touch very comfortingRenee could tell that Megan was also getting aroused because her breathingbecame more and more laboured and her voice turned throaty. Easy, woman,easy, take care, watch it, she said to herself.”You know Megan we are going a bit too far at times I think.” she sighed.”Mother I’m old enough to ask don’t you know.””Certainly, but I think we’d better go to sleep pretty soon. It’s been along day. I’m tired.””One last question mom, ok?””Well ok but only one.””Did he ever spank you.”Renee was taken aback, had she heard correctly.”I read that in some cases spanking can make sex better.””That may be true dear but I assure you nothing like that ever happened withyour father,” she lied.””Now give me a kiss and let’s go to sleep.”Tonight it was only a peck.Renee lay back on her air mattress thinking back to the last years of hermarriage. Both she and her husband had found that their love life needed anuplift. He had read that some women and most men were turned on by aspanking and he suggested that to her.”Don’t answer right away dear. Go on the net and find out for yourself.” heasked her.Renee who had once in a while enjoyed the porn on the internet really did alot of research. She wondered if all the stories had a grain of truth. Butwhen she went to more serious sites, she discovered that in many cases itwas true. Some women actually had orgasm while being spankedOne night while watching television together she got horny and blurted out,”OK.””Ok what dear” he asked.”Ok for, for.the sp.the span.the spanking.””Are you serious. You’re joking right?””Don’t make this harder than it is. I said, yes, why not. I read were itworks in many cases.”So by trial and error they had slowly progressed through spanking and laterto some light bondage. And true enough their sex life was enhanced. However,she was not going to reveal that to her daughter at this time, perhaps laterif the occasion arose.Reminiscing on that now Renee, who had had no sex for two years; the timewhile her husband was dying of cancer and since then, got very, very horny.Her hand moved involuntarily to her pussy and she started to masturbate.Losing all sense of control she rubbed her clit faster and faster. From hervagina came abundant juices that made a squishing sound as she massaged hergenitalia. Suddenly she erupted into a releasing orgasm. The moans andgrunts lasted quite a while and while she lay panting, she wondered if Meganhad heard. She had. The young woman had heard everything and was so arousedshe could hardly wait to bring herself off. But, she waited till her motherwas asleep before masturbating herself to a wondrous prolonged orgasm, afterwhich she immediately fell asleep.The next morning Renee, sprawled nude on her mattress, awoke late to themyriad sounds of the birds while basking in the warmth of a growinghappiness. True, she still missed her husband, she craved for more sex inlife but she had a lot to be thankful for; a lucrative career as a partnerin a law firm, an inheritance from her husband that left her independentlywell-off, her excellent health and kaçak bahis fine physique and most of all a beautifulintelligent daughter whom she loved. Life at this moment was wonderful. Shewas beginning to forget the past pain, hell, who knows she might even findanother man someday.Megan slowly yawned, stretched, opened her eyes and looked lovingly at hermother”Hi, did you have a good sleep mom?””Haven’t slept so deeply in a long time,” came the replied. “I’m content forthe first time in months darling.”Megan slithered over and snuggled in her mother’s arms.They kissed again.”Is it wrong to love you’re mother so much.””I don’t know about a daughter’s love Megan, but I do know that love is themost important reason for living; yet we don’t express it often or enough.This is the first time we have been separated for so long. We both feel avoid. I know I missed you a great deal and I love you. My life seemed soempty during the last mouth. We were both lonely I think. Maybe after agreat loss we need each other badly right now. The heart has reasons thatthe head does not understand sometimes. This is one kind of love dear, therewill be other kinds in our life. Let’s enjoy it now. They held one anotherforgetting everything else for the moment.”I’m hungry mom, how about you?””Let’s have some breakfast baby.”After breakfast they decided to visit an abandoned fishing village at themouth of the river. While paddling towards the ruins Renee spotted the threefishermen in the distance again, but that was it. She was not even sure theyhad seen her. The village was very interesting. There was even a smallmuseum kept by an old time resident who still lived there. Back in the canoethe water was calm and they headed for some small isolated islands offshore.Stopping in a small protected cove, they decided to have a swim. Becausenobody was around they went in naked.Suddenly as they were swimming a few meters offshore, from out of nowhere itseemed, a boat came up fast cutting them off. It was the three fishermen.”Well what have we here gentlemen two lovely slut mermaids skinny-dipping.We finally got ya you cock teasers.”The women tried to swim around but the boat was faster and they were keptaway from shore.”You’se gals have two choices, get in the boat peacefully or drown.Renee whispered to Megan,” You go that way and I’ll go this way.’The strategy was a mistake, the boat went after Megan who was dragged onboard. While she was hog-tied by two men the man at the motor drove the boatright at Renee bumping her. She was disabled enough to permit the men todrag her on board but she fought so hard they had a hard time holding herdown. Finally one of them punched her hard in the stomach causing her todouble up out of wind. While she was catching her breath they hog-tied heralso.”You bastards. What do you want? Let us go right now,” she screamed as shestarted calling for help.”Shut up you whore or I’ll make you really regret it,” one said as heremoved his belt and started whipping her arms buttocks and legs.”Not too much. Don’t beat the shit out of her. She needs to be in good shapefor us to get our money.”After a few more smacks with the belt, she cried out,” Please stop, I won’tstruggle.”Megan lying face down in the bottom of the boat was totally cowed.”We’ll take the canoe with us, tip it over out in the deep water. They’llthink that the two bitches drowned. Don’t forget the clothes, we don’t wantto leave any evidence. With the blindfolded woman out of sight below thegunnels the boat sped off to the deep water where they turned over the canoeletting it float upside down. Then they continued until they came to a yachtwaiting a few kilometres off shore.The helpless females were untied, handcuffed and transferred aboard theyacht. They were taken below, stretched out on a bed, one’s right and theother’s left arm secured to bedpost on each side and left alone. Lying ontheir backs side by side they held hands and waited anxiously.”What’s going to happen mom,” whispered Megan haltingly, her voice tremblingwith fear.””I don’t know Megan, but this is no joke. Whatever it is, I don’t think itwill be pleasant.””Did he hurt you very much mom?””Not that bad dear.”Megan’s body was shaking as she started to sob.”I know this sounds trite Megan, but you must be brave. Fight the fear,don’t give in. Don’t think for one moment that I don’t feel the same way asyou. We still have each other and I hope things will stay that way. Let’stake comfort from that. We can give each other the strength to survive nomatter what comes up. As best she could, Renee began caressing Megan’s lowerbody in an effort to sooth the young woman’s anxiety. The enormous stressexhausted them and surprisingly they dozed off. When they were awakenedlater by the gruff voice of a man they were lying back to back their bodiestouching, their legs entwined feeling the security and warmth of the other’spresence.”You first, ” he said to Renee. He handcuffed her wrist, hobbled her legswith a short chain and ankle cuffs before releasing the

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