A Family Marooned

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A story of family incest


Today was the day my wife, Lisa, our grown kids, Meg (18) and Donny (19) and I were going to take a scenic boat trip to several south pacific islands. The trip was going to be a two week long venture and something we were now able to do since I sold my hardware business.

We all boarded the ocean going boat around 8:00 and met the captain and crew of three. We stowed our stuff in our cabins and went on deck to watch as the boat pulled out of port.

Before long, we were heading to our first of six islands. The weather was gorgeous and Lisa and Meg quickly got into their bikinis to stretch out on the deck to take the sun.

Donny and I chatted with the captain and crew. I went over the itinerary with the captain and he outlined the stops and time frames for each stop.

He told us that there was an island, not on the itinerary, that we might find very interesting but it is out of the way. He said we could visit this island first and work our way back to the other islands.

The captain told us a story about the island’s past and it would be an adventure we would never forget.

Donny and I said it sounded good so we made the change and visit this island first then work back to the other islands.

We told Lisa and Meg and they were excited.

It took us two days to get to the island. It looked like something out of King Kong. The captain navigated the boat to an area where we could be taken to the shore by a dinghy.

The captain said a crew member would take us to the beach and we would have all day to explore the island and caves.

The weather was very hot so we only donned bathing suits and sandals. We took some food for lunch and took a few towels.

We put our stuff in the dinghy and headed to the beach. The crew member said that he would pick us up in seven hours at this spot. We told him thanks and he went back to the boat as we headed off to explore the island.

The island was magnificent. The caves had carvings and the foliage was lush and beautiful. It certainly was a sight to behold.

Eventually, we worked our erzurum seks hikayeleri way back to the beach to wait for the dinghy.

However, when we got to the beach, the boat was gone. There was no sight of it anywhere. It was then we realized that we were scammed and marooned.

The captain took off with all our belongings and we were left on this island alone.

We figured this guy was a pirate and did this to others, as well.

So, here the four of us were. With no food or clothes or any form of communication. We felt like Robinson Crusoe.

The good thing was there were caves we could stay in for protection from the weather.

I sent out Meg and Donny to look for any food or fresh water. Lisa and I gathered wood to make a fire which wasn’t going to be easy.

Soon, the kids were back and told us that there was some coconuts around and they found fresh water, but we needed something to put it in.

As it was getting dark, we tried making a fire. I couldn’t but Donny said he would try. He said he watched enough of Survivor on tv to learn how it was done.

Sure enough, after about 30 minutes of him trying to get a flame, he did it. We now had fire.

That night we all slept around the fire to keep warm. Donny and Meg cuddled and I and Lisa cuddled. In a strange way, it was romantic.

The next day, we tried to figure out how the hell we were going to get off this fucking island.

Donny and I went to where he found fresh water and found a cave, so we decided to use that cave for shelter.

Meg and Lisa gathered some coconuts. I started looking for game to eat. Donny made a make shift spear for fishing, using whatever he could fine.

By nightfall, we had fresh water and were able to open up some of the coconuts.


For the month we have been on the island, we didn’t see or hear anything in the way of a search vessel or plane. We had spelled out “HELP” on the beach and prepared enough wood for a huge fire if we saw or heard anything.

By this time, our bathing suits were getting ripped and torn and soon the girls were topless and Donny had everything hanging out from his suit being torn in the waters from fishing.

Somehow, nothing fazed us and we just dealt with the nudity and the situation.

I had found some game on the island that we ate and Donny became a good fisherman, so we weren’t starving.


By now, we all had gotten into a routine. And, by now, we were all naked. We thought of trying to cover ourselves up but why bother. Everyone said they were ok with it.

Everyday we took turns looking out for a passing ship or a plane flying over but to no avail.

One day, Donny and Meg went out together looking for food. When they didn’t come back after a long time, Lisa went looking for them.

When she came back, she ran to me and said, “Hon, I saw the kids. They were fucking.”

I looked at her and said, “Well, it was bound to happen. When they come back, don’t say anything. I have an idea.”

Eventually, the kids came back and they said they couldn’t find anything.

That night, as we went to sleep near the fire, I told Lisa I wanted to fuck het. She was startled but said ok.

Soon, I was making love to my wife with our kids watching. They never said a word even when Lisa did some moaning as I came inside of her.

When we finished, I looked at the kids and told them that it was ok for them to have sex, under these circumstances.


By now, we have almost given up on being rescued but we are still hoping.

One of the things that have certainly changed is that there has become no shame or condemnation of our sexual activities.

Just two weeks ago, I saw Lisa go off with Donny only to return with cum dripping down Lisa’s thigh.

I have also fucked Meg and shit my cum into her. I am sure Lisa knows about it but she has never said anything.

It has now become common for the four of us to fuck in the presence of each other. After all, there isn’t much to do on this fucking island.

It is also common practice for us to watch each other having sex.

Whenever our sexual urges, kick in, we just do what we want. Many a times Donny and I have fucked his mother & my wife together.

Donny and I have fucked Meg together as well.

On more than one occasion, Donny and I watched Lisa and Meg having sex.

And through it all, nothing was ever said about how wrong it was.

I can tell you that sex has brought this family together and had made us survivors.


Well, it was bound to happen. Both Meg and Lisa are pregnant and we are delighted. It makes no difference who the father is either.

Everyday, we still hold out hope of being rescued. It would be nice if the babies were born in a place other than this god awful place.

One day, Meg was on the beach and saw a ship passing in the distance. She hurriedly lit the fire and the burning wood sent up a huge amount of fire and smoke.

Then, miraculously, the ship headed toward the island. She ran to let us know that a ship saw the signal. We all rushed down to the beach in anticipation of being rescued.

As the ship got closer, we realized it was the ship that marooned us. We watched as we saw four people being put in a dinghy and directed to the beach.

When the four people made it to the beach we realized that these people were going to endure the same fate we have had.

We helped them get ashore and told them of our plight. They were visually distraught.

They were embarrassed by our nudity and the girls pregnancies.

We introduced ourselves and they told us their names. They were Andy, the husband, who was a doctor, Diana, the wife, Carol their 20 year old daughter and Mike, their 25 year old son.

We welcomed them to our island and told them our story as we took them to our cave.

They too, only had bathing suits on and nothing else.

They were quite shaken by the events and we told them they would have to adapt.

And, that they did. In a matter of two days, all four of them were naked and quickly became intimate friends with us.

The women had their babies, a boy and a girl and both were healthy.

Diana and Carol are now pregnant and the fathers could be any of us.

We have all settled into living a unique way of life in our new home, we now call Shangri-La.

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