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I dreamt of you last night…

I was lying in the bed when you came out. The strap-on was immediately obvious and I was shocked at first. Your nakedness was strikingly beautiful. The blonde locks of hair streamed over your shoulders, and onto your gorgeous breasts. My eyes dropped over your enticing torso and down to your long sexy legs capped by the dark black harness and caramel colored dildo. I was immediately stirred. I looked into your eyes and noticed mischievousness about you.

“Get up” you said. Immediately I sat up on the bed. “Come here and feel this big cock of mine.” I didn’t know what had gotten into you. You had always told me that you hated that thing… even when I practically begged for it, but tonight was different. I walked up to you and met you in front of the loveseat. I moved to put my hand on your shoulder, but your words stopped me. “No… Touch it. Put your hands on this hard dick.” I was a bit stunned by the confidence in your voice. You were demanding, stern, and sexy as hell. I moved my hands down and began stroking the dildo strapped on you. “Mmmmmmmmm… that’s nice you said. I like the way your hands touch it. Do you like that big cock honey?” Still surprised by the entire situation, I realized I hadn’t spoken since your arrival. I could hardly talk my blood was rushing so hard. I swallowed hard.

“I said, ‘Do you like that big cock honey?'”

“Yes.” I said sheepishly still a little shy about my response. Your reaction was immediate. You stepped back out of reach of my hands that were still caressing the dildo. I looked up at you not knowing what to do. You grabbed the base of the cock between your legs.

“Now I know you like this nice, big dick and I didn’t get all dress up like this for you to act like you don’t want it. So here are the rules. When I ask you a question you better answer like the naughty boy I know you are.” You looked deep into my eyes knowing what I wanted. I swallowed deep again so that I could speak, but only nodded staring into your gaze.

“Get on your knees.” you said breaking the silence. I knelt down slowly uncertain and excited. You stepped forward and slapped me hard on my cheek with the long dildo, “Do you like that big cock honey?”

“Yes.” I said this time more confidently just before you slapped the other side of my face.

“I knew you liked it you little slut. Tell me that you like that dick.”

“Yes… I like it.” I said. You slapped me again.

“Tell me that you like that big, hard dick.” you slapped me again.

“I like that big, hard dick.”

“Then suck it.” you said as you slapped me again. I looked up at your eyes again, nervous and confused. “Suck it.” you said again.


“Put that cock in your mouth and suck it you slut.” You ran the head of the dildo over my lips. I was nervous and confused. All of this was so much to take in. “Do you like that big, hard dick?” you asked again.

“Yes, I like that big, hard dick.” As I finished speaking you shoved the dildo in my lips making me half kiss it.

“Kiss it again.” you said pushing it towards my mouth again. I opened my mouth and kissed the head of your large dildo. “That’s it… again.” I kissed it again… then again as you continued to rub it in my face. “Reach up and grab it” you commanded and immediately I obeyed. As I grabbed the massive shaft strapped to you continued, “Now suck it.” I opened my mouth and you pushed it into my spread lips.. The head filled my mouth and you began to gently rock your hips to send it in and back out. “Do you like that cock in your mouth?” you asked as you pulled it out to receive my answer.

“Yes baby, I like that cock in my mouth.”

“Then put that cock in your mouth and suck it.” You thrust at my open mouth sending it deeper than before. I was confused, but your dominance excited me. I squeezed the base of your shaft tighter trying to maintain some control. You pulled it out just to the edge of my lips then thrust forward again, then again each time shoving the dildo deeper in my mouth. “That’s it… suck it hard.” You grabbed my hair and began pulling me into each thrust of your hips. “Mmmmmmmmm…” you moaned. I lifted my other hand to your ass to brace myself while you fucked my mouth harder with your cock. The strength of your thrusts and the pulling of my head pushed the dildo so deep my chin began hitting my hand on your dick. I squeezed your ass with my left hand as my right protected my mouth from the last several inches of your tool.

“Oh, I like giving it to you like this.” you said, “Do you think you can take it all the way?” I remembered saying this to you many times while you were sucking my cock. I knew you were mimicking me and I knew then what it felt bahis siteleri like to have a big cock half buried in my mouth. I looked up at you as you slowed and slid the dildo’s head back to my lips penetrating with very soft shallow thrusts. I saw your beautiful breasts lightly shaking, rocking with your body. I love your tits. I took out the dildo and licked it around with my tongue as you often do mine then I reinserted it. “Yes, I like that.” you exclaimed, “Lick it all over.” I took it out and licked both sides of the shaft then lifted it up and slowly ran my tongue from the balls to the head like I’ve seen you do so many times. My eyes were locked on yours.

“I want you to see if you can take it all.” you told me again as you pushed it deep back into my mouth and pulled my head into you. My chin hit my hand and you stopped to just hold it there. “I want you to see if you can take it all.” you repeated and you stroked my hair. After a short pause you asked again, “Do you like that big, hard dick?” I opened my eyes and looked back at you not able to speak. “Take your hand off of it.” I hesitantly let go and ran my hand down your thigh. You grabbed my hair with both hands then and I was nervous of what was to come. My hands went back up and grabbed your ass from both sides squeezing. You pulled it out just a little then pushed it to the back of my throat. I squeezed you again uncertain if I could take the last 3 inches. You pulled it out and back in each time hitting the back of my throat. “Oh yes, baby take that cock deep in your throat,” you said. I felt your fingers tightened and your fingernails scraped on my scalp. You pulled it out until the head was just inside my lips. I knew what you were thinking and looked up at your sexy tits then to your mischievous eyes. Your fingers tightened again and your hips thrust forward. As your cock hit the back of my throat I closed my eyes and swallowed. You pulled me into your pressing hips and the dildo slid all the way into my mouth. I gagged slightly and you gasped in amazement. “That’s it… swallow that cock you naughty little slut.” you rocked it twice then pulled it back to my lips. I grabbed the base again and licked the head with a swirling tongue while staring at your tits before you shoved it all back into my throat.

Your hands clenched my hair and your dildo was hidden in my mouth. You began slowly rocking your hips and fucking my mouth deeply. “You little slut… you like that cock deep in your throat don’t you…” you pulled it out to make me answer, “Don’t you!” you yelled.

“Yes.” I barely got it out before you slammed my nose back against your belly. You were fucking my mouth hard then and I could feel the balls slapping my chin. You pulled it out only so often just to let me catch my breath, then you slammed it back in.

“Are you ready for me to fuck your ass with this big dick now?” I couldn’t answer but you knew I did. You slid the cock out and told me to lean back on the bed.. I did as I was told. “It’s my turn to taste your big cock now..” you said swooping down and devouring my swelling dick.

“Oh yesssssss…” I moaned still catching my breath. You took me right to the edge then stopped, rising to your feet once again.

“Lay back… it’s time to watch that tight ass of yours take this cock.” you said while you grabbed the bottle of lube off the night stand and rubbed it over the dildo. I laid back on the edge of the bed and you approached me.. The silky lube that your fingers rubbed on me with your wet fingers was warm from the friction. You smoothed it all around my ass, and gently pressed your finger into me. I squeezed it in reaction and moaned. “Oh, baby… I that’s such a tight little ass,” you said to me thrusting your finger in and out again, “This big cock of mine is going to fill it all up!” You pulled out your finger and placed the head of the dildo on my ass and leaned into me. The dildo was too big and the light pressure wouldn’t allow its large head to enter it. “Do you like that big, hard dick baby?”

My heart was racing from excitement. You had me so turned on. “Oh yes baby, I like that big… hard…. dick.”

“Do you want me to put it inside you?” you teased.

“Yes honey… yes.” I said, but you pulled it away to put two fingers in me instead. “Oh God,” I gasped. My ass stretched around them while you pressed and twisted them inside to stretch my tight hole. You smiled as you looked at me in pleasure knowing what I wanted.

“Tell me you want me to fuck you with this hard cock,” your tone changed to the stern commanding voice, “is that what you want?”

“Yes honey… yes, fuck me with that hard cock.” I said breathing deep as you pressed the two fingers as deep as they could get inside me.

“Ask canlı bahis siteleri nice…” you said rubbing more lube on the dildo with your free hand. You pulled out your two fingers and began to lean into me between my legs. You ran your sexy hot breasts over my stiff shaft and onto my stomach; your hair grazing my chest and your lips coming to mine.. I could feel your hips between mine and I squeezed you between my legs in anticipation. Your lips kissed mine softly while you stared into my eyes. “Ask nice…” you continued then kissed me again putting your tongue between my lips. “Beg me like a naughty little slut,” you whispered forcefully.

I whispered back, “Please.” I was so horny, so excited, so needy. I loved the way you’re dominating me, taking me, using me.

“Please what?”

“Please give it to me…”

“Give you what?” you continued to tease me with your mouth licking my neck then asking with hot whispers in my ear.

“Please give me your big, hard dick.” I could hardly take it anymore. I wanted you to take me so bad. You must have sensed my desperation. You slid your breasts back down my chest and torso and again over my hard cock. You stood up straight and grabbed the caramel dildo strapped onto you. You then guided the head against my asshole and slid it up and down.

“That’s what you want isn’t it you little slut…” you said pressing it against my still tight ass. “You want me to fuck you with this big hard dick.” You pressed again teasingly but not putting it in me.

“Yes… fuck me with your hard cock,” I pleaded. “Put it in my tight little ass!”

You pressed your hips in and the head of the dildo entered me. I gasped again.. It was so large it stung slightly. You pressed it about an inch deeper and held it there. “There you go naughty boy… do you like that dick in your ass?” you asked with a slight smile.

I was breathing so hard I couldn’t respond. I opened my eyes and locked them to yours. I nodded. You pulled back slightly then pressed the strap-on a little deeper, then deeper. The sting subsided and the motion of your hips gave me sheer pleasure with the large dildo strapped to them. “You’re such a little slut,” you said as you began to quicken the motion, still not pushing the entire dong into my ass, “a naughty slut that likes this cock in your ass.” The pleasure was intense. With every thrust my heart raced a little more. You were right; I loved the cock in my ass. I loved you fucking me with your fake dick. Your breasts were bouncing with each thrust and your breath was getting heavier from the exertion, “Do you want it all baby?”

“Yes,” I begged, “give it to me… fuck me in the ass!” You pressed your hips all the way into the backs of my legs and pulled me into you. The dildo slammed into my ass deep. I could feel the cool balls against my ass as I closed my eyes and let my head fall back. As you held the cock deep inside me your right hand let go of my leg. You grabbed my hard cock and began to jack it off.

“Now you have that whole cock and I’m going to fuck you hard.” You pulled your hips back until only the head remained in my ass. Letting go of my cock you grabbed the lube again and dripped it down the dong and around my ass rocking slightly the entire time. You flipped the cap closed and grabbed my cock again with the lubed up hand smearing it around.

I began moaning, “oh yes… oh God baby… it feels so good.” You eased the cock all the way into me again and back out letting the lube spread around it. “Give it to me…” I said again.

“Say it,” you demanded, “tell me what to do.”

“Fuck me… fuck me like a little slut.” You slammed the dildo into my ass and began jacking my dick again. Harder and hard you pounded; your hips meeting the back of my legs over and over. “Yes… give me that big hard dick… OH… OH YES…” You were thrusting hard now and beginning to sweat, then you slowed to a stop pushing the cock deep into me one last time. “Oh please, don’t stop.” You pulled out and crawled over me onto the bed then lay on your back..

“Get on top of me and ride it.” Your tone was forceful and I obeyed. I swung my leg over your body then leaned in to suck on your breasts. I squeezed each one and sucked them hard. Your hands grabbed my head and pulled me into each one, then you pushed me away. “I said ride it!” you said again grabbing the dildo. I stared into your eyes and eased back onto it. It felt so good having it inside me. I leaned down and kissed you while I lowered my ass further onto your massive tool. You reached to the back of my head and pulled me into your kiss. Your passion was intense as you kissed me hard with your tongue. I was riding your hips as you kissed me when I felt your canlı bahis other hand on my leg pressing me down. I sat back all the way onto the cock and grabbed your tits. “That’s right you little slut ride that cock,” you said grabbing my dick again. I felt like I was going to burst. I bobbed up and down on your dildo while your hand stroked my cock. At the same time I squeezed your tits and your other hand squeezed my ass.

“Stop!” you commanded and I eased my pace and sat down onto the strap-on. You began unsnapping the buttons holding in the strap-on to the harness. As you finished I leaned into you and kissed you hard. You rolled me over as I kissed you and pulled the dildo out just enough to unbutton the last button. You pushed it back into me and pulled it completely off of the harness. “Now I’m going to give you every pleasure you can imagine,” you told me, “Just lie still.” I laid there with the dildo in my ass staring at your beautiful naked body. You slid the harness off and bent back down to kiss me. Your kiss was hard and you shoved your tongue into my mouth. I sucked it hard enjoying every minute. You mouth moved to my ear and whispered, “I enjoyed fucking you like that… now I’m going to let you taste my pussy.”

I didn’t know what to say. I was in complete shock… first you use the strap-on now this! What had gotten into you? I thought. “Ok,” was all I managed to get out. You turned around, strattled my face, and grabbed my dick again. I could smell your strong sexy scent as you lowered down do my mouth. I opened my lips and kissed it. It was already wet from excitement and I was surprised. I put my tongue out and licked it from the front to the back. My hands raised and grabbed your sexy ass. I kissed your pussy more and more. Suddenly, I felt your mouth on my cock. I squeezed your ass and smothered my face into you. Your mouth felt amazing and you were really sucking it. I stopped for a moment to catch my breath and watch you through your legs. Your hand let go and moved to the dildo still filling my ass. You began thrusting it in and out in time with your mouth. I licked you again and again savoring your pussy that tasted so good. I paused again just in time to see you swallow my entire cock and shove the dildo deep inside me. As your chin slammed against my pubes I squeezed your ass hard. I watched again as you took my dick all the way into your mouth.

“Oh yes.” I gasped pressing my hips to meet you and burying my face into your cunt. You rocked your hips, the dildo, and your mouth until my cock began to throb.

“Oh no you don’t!” you said playfully as you stopped sucking me. You leaned back onto my face and rocked your hips letting me enjoy your pussy a while longer. You then moved off of me and strattled my waiting dick. You smiled as you lowered down onto me. Your weight pressed my shaft against my body and your wet lips rapped around the base of my engorged shaft. You slid yourself up and down pleasuring yourself for a bit before letting up. You took your hand and wiped my cheeks and chin before you raised your ass up into the air and bent down to kiss me. Your nipples brushed against my chest and you kissed me hard again forcing your tongue into my mouth. I grabbed your waste with my hands as I sucked in your tongue. I ran my hands over your soft skin and up to your sexy tits. I squeezed them together and you sat up leaning back and grabbing the dildo inside me.

As I squeezed your breasts and nipples you moved the cock in and out while lowering yourself onto my dick. Your lips quickly slid all the way to the base of my cock as you thrusted the dildo deep inside me. You rode me passionately as I rode you earlier while I squeezed your tits and rolled your nipples between my fingers. You leaned into me and kissed me again. My senses were in overload, every pleasure you could offer you have given me. A hard cock pounding my ass, your wet pussy sliding up and down my cock with each thrust of the dildo, your hot tits in my hands and your tongue sensually kissing my wanting mouth. I couldn’t take it any more and squeezed you tightly.

Leaning into my ear you licked it and whispered, “Shoot your hot cum inside me while I fuck every piece of you baby!” You slammed the dildo into my ass one last time and shoved your pussy hard onto my cock. I began to cum.

“Oh yes, I’m cumming.. Fuck me, fuck every part of…” I was cut off with your last hard kiss and your sexy moans. Your pussy exploded cumming with my throbbing dick. I rolled your nipples one last time before you finished your kiss and collapsed on top of me. We were both huffing and worn out. I grabbed your ears and pulled you up kissing you softly.

“Thank you honey!” I exclaimed huffing, “I love you.”

“I love you too sweety…” you smiled, “and you’re welcome.”

I slid the dildo out and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next thing I knew the alarm was going off waking me up.

I guess it was all just a sweet dream.

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