A Delicious Revenge

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Vengeance is the original title of this fantasy

A Delicious Revenge by romane and Translate by Solitary Dreamer.

A year ago, my husband left me for his secretary. After I had mourned his loss, I desired to exact my revenge upon him. I therefore set myself to the task of spying on his little bimbo. She was a small blonde, very cute, with long legs, the ass of a goddess, and a diabolically killer pair of breasts.

I learned that his secretary liked to ride horses. I took accelerated riding classes, and entered her horseback riding club. I was not afraid of running into my old acorn of a husband at the club, since horseback riding was not something on his plate of interests and activities. Little by little, I achieved my objective, and even became excellent friends with his companion.

We went for long tours of the countryside together, and, whenever she would invite me to her house, I would always find some excuse to decline her invitation.

One day, while we were riding in the open countryside, we were surprised by a violent storm. We came across an abandoned house. We went inside, our clothes soaking wet. It was necessary to warm up quickly, for fear of catching a cold.

I found some wood, and lit a fire in the chimney. After my friend left the room, I undressed.

“Do as I do, Sylvie. We must remove our wet clothes, unless we want to catch colds.”

She began to undress. I also remove my bra and panties. She looked at me with surprise.

“You should take off everything, believe me.”

We settled down near the fire. I grabbed the blanket that I remembered to bring, and wrapped Sylvie up in it. I rubbed her vigorously, both to dry her off, and to warm her up. She was slightly tanned, and I could see the trace of her bikini. She was very beautiful. I dried myself off in turn.

“How’s that?,” I asked her.

“Fine! Luckily you were here. I would have never have thought to do this.”

“No problem. Lie back. I think that we are going to be here for a while. The storm isn’t calming down.”

“You think so?”

“Yes! I am going to bring in the horses. Stay next to the fire and warm up.”

I brought the horses into the room. I gave them some straw canlı bahis that I found in an adjoining room, and then I unfastened their harnesses. I did all of this while naked. Since my time in Morocco, I no longer had modesty in the presence a woman. I put some more wood on the fire, and then went to stirrup the two horses. My friend did not take here eyes off of me the whole time.

“Someone might call you an Amazon,” she finished by telling me.

I burst into laughter. While I rubbed the beasts with some straw, I spoke with Sylvie about everything and nothing. Her eyes did not leave me. She was fascinated by my energy.

“Here you are! They are clean now.”

I caressed the two horses, giving them some hay to eat. The fire began to wane.

“I am going to look for some wood outside.”

I left, as naked as ever, and, two minutes later, I was on my way back. The blanket lay near the bench beside the extinguished fire of the chimney. Sylvie was no longer there. I replaced the wood, and the fire started up again.

I looked for Sylvie, and found her with the horses. I was surprised by what I saw. She was on all fours, naked, between the two animals, her head lowered.

“What’s going on?,” I asked her while approaching her.

She did not move, remaining on all fours.

“Can I do something for you?,” I asked her, worried about her mental state.

“You could . . . . I want . . . you to stirrup me too.”

“Excuse me!”

“Please, stirrup me like a horse.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I want you to rub me.”

I knelt near her magnificent body, grabbed a handful of straw, and began to rub her back gently.

“Harder, please?”

I then pressed harder, as she wanted, leaving marks on her back. She moaned. I then rubbed her back, her buttocks, and her legs. Her body undulated under my hand. I then rubbed her stomach and her breasts. She moaned a bit more.

Finding that that was sufficient, I tossed the straw aside, and caressed her body more gently. She shivered, and began to breathe more rapidly. Her body undulated wonderfully under my hand. I then slid my hand across her stomach, ascending to her breasts whose nipples were hard from excitement. She bahis siteleri let out a little shout when I touched them. Her breasts were so perfect that I must have rubbed them raw because of my massage. I did not notice, however, any trace of my operation.

I kneaded her breasts a little more. She moaned increasingly more, appreciating my caress. I abandoned her breasts, and slid my hand toward her pussy. Her breathing accelerated. My fingers touched the wet pistil of her rose. She shouted again. I stroked her flower, gathering its dew all the while. I removed my hand, and then presented my fingers to her mouth. She licked and sucked them avidly.

I then knelt behind her. I held her sexy ass between my hands, and caressed her juicy pussy, which was opening little by little. Gently I placed some kisses on her beautiful bum. I moved closer, little by little, to the object of my desire. I felt that that was all that she wanted. She trembled again when I placed my mouth on her pussy lips. I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue, and tasted her nectar. She orgasmed in my mouth. I then drank her juices with voracity, holding her ass so as to not to lose contact with her while her body shook in orgasmic ecstasy. I made my tongue move in and out between her anus and her pussy. She orgasmed once more.

She calmed down a bit. She told me of her desperation when I stopped licking her hot, wet pussy.

“Don’t leave me like this! Eat me, I beg you!”

Not taking into account her desires, I went to get the blanket near the bench. Finding the idea of settling down with the horses very good, since their heat would help us to warm up, I placed the blanket next to her. I made her sit on top. I knelt, facing her.

Our eyes were locked, both of us deep into the other’s thoughts. I drew my face closer to hers, and placed my lips on hers, my lips still covered with her pussy juices. She did not have to be asked to open her mouth. Our tongues intertwined furiously. Our kiss was passionate.

I could understand why my husband had left me for this girl. She was beautiful, desirable, and knew well how to kiss. Moreover, I could not help but admire the way that she offered herself to me.

I left her mouth, bahis şirketleri and made her lie back and stretch out. I settled down, comfortably between her thighs, and resumed my meal. I could not leave this position, so beautiful and delicious. She finished by having another orgasm. She then fell into a deep sleep.

I stretched out next to her, spreading the blanket over the two of us, and slept.

I was awakened by the heat of the sun on my face, as well as by a small kiss. I opened my eyes, and saw her smiling face. She finished by kissing my mouth.

“I didn’t have the time to thank you yesterday evening. It wasn’t my first experience with a woman, but it was the most intense.”

So the beauty had had lesbian encounters. She gently drew back the blanket. She kissed me on the neck, and began to explore my flesh.

“Some have told me that I am talented enough,” she told me while kissing my breasts.

She was on the right track. My body arched, and my nectar began to bead up into little pearls. She left my breasts, slid down my stomach, and arrived near my pussy.

“Some have even told me that I have a very agile tongue.”

She kissed my pussy, and her tongue pierced my vaginal flesh. It was my turn to enjoy waves of pleasure. It is true that the sweet and naught little tart was quite talented. She had attained the stature of my initiator into the glorious realm of Sapphic pleasure. I had my orgasm, my first since my separation.

She settled down in my arms. We kissed each other tenderly, mutually caressing one another.

It was time to return. We dressed.

While I prepared my horse, I saw her take a cell phone from her backpack. I looked at her, surprised.

“I have to call my ‘companion’ so that he is not anxious.”

“Why didn’t you use it yesterday to call for help?”

She looked at me with a naughty and mischievous air.

“I found the situation too exciting to spoil with a call. I preferred to turn my phone off, and am not sorry for doing it. Hello, honey . . . .”

I left her to her conversation. I thought that I had been the sole instigator of yesterday’s encounter, but it was she who, after all is taken into account, had taken control of the situation.

I felt that this girl would offer many more surprises. I no longer hoped for vengeance. I thought of only one thing: To see her again as quickly as possible in order to drink her sweet and delicious nectar.

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