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Subject: A Daddy’s Love – chapter 30B A Daddy’s Love � chapter 30B spinoff – Sandy. Nifty is a free web site and it needs to stay free, so you can continue to enjoy the content and for us writers to give us an outlet � SO DONATE. Thanks. This story is as most of my stories posted on NIFTY is from my own imagination. All rights belong solely to me and me alone. Enjoy and please do email and tell me what you think good or bad. I have a rather large house on three levels, I showed Sandy the upper floor with 3 of the 4 bedrooms, the study and 2 of the 3 bathrooms. I took him into my bedroom and the en-suite bathroom. I like black and chrome for my bedroom and bathroom it was all that and more. We went downstairs and showed him parts of downstairs that he hadn’t seen yet. “You boi will be responsible for keeping this all clean” “Yes Master.” “Now downstairs boi.” I took him down to the cellar, “I have four rooms downstairs boi all serve a purpose. This” and I opened one door off a small corridor “is where you will end up if you seriously displease me.” It was built like an old fashioned jail cell you see in very old movies, except this had sound and vision that played into my study. Sandy shuddered when he saw the place it was cold and eerie, in actual fact it was warm and homely but I had air conditioning added to make it extra cold and I even had a mate of mine add special effect cobwebs and the like to make it look even worse. “Now boi” and I closed the door and took him to the next room. “This is our playroom.” He looked round and the room had everything you could think of and things that you probably did know existed. “Sandy looked round and smiled “you like boi.” He nodded smiling. “Good boi.” I closed the door and took him into the next room, the walls were covered in rubber. It was nice and warm. The only thing in the room was a large shower and a drain in the middle and a row of hooks. “Should we have guests in the playroom boi, this is they will undress and clean up afterwards. Sandy looked and nodded. “This boi, is the final room. My gym.” Sandy’s eyes went wide as he looked round the well-appointed home gym, and as good as any professional gym in any major city. I closed the door and took him back upstairs. “Do you think you will be able to keep all this clean and service me, I have a particularly high sex drive?” Sandy looked at me and smiled. “Master, I hope that I can live up to your expectations of me and I will enjoy looking after all your needs and the needs of your friends.” “Good boi.” I took his hand and led him upstairs. It is getting dark now boi, I’ll show you the outside tomorrow. Sandy looked at me wanting to speak, clearly he knew already without me saying anything that he could only speak when I gave permission. “Boi?” “Master, does TJ know that you may keep me?” “Nothing has been said boi, but he and I know that if this works out and I know already it will, you will be living here all the time as my boi. TJ knows that you need the loving of a real sadistic Master and he cannot be that man as he has his own bitch.” Sandy hugged me tightly and kissed me on the cheek. He fell to the floor and looked down at the floor “Master, I am so sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.” “No boi you shouldn’t but I will let it go, it just confirms that you want this as much as I do.” Sandy looked up and smiled, I grinned down. “Time to relax boi. I need a smoke gaziantep escort and I know you do.” I lit two smokes both laced with some wicked weed. I sat in my favourite leather chair and Sandy sat at my feet. “Take my boots and socks off boi.” He did as he was told carefully folding the toxic socks and putting them neatly next to the skinhead boots I always wear. I noticed he smelt each one as he folded them, I smiled to myself thinking that Sandy will fit in well here. Sandy inhaled long and deep on the weed filled smoke and moaned as he relaxed. I did exactly the same. I was still wearing my rubber suit as I loved wearing it or any other pieces of the huge collection of rubber I own, I never wear anything else, like Sandy I was an exhibitionist and loved showing off my muscles and my huge dick. Sandy sat at my feet caressing my rubber encased legs as he smoked. “Boi, I like to be woken at 7am every morning and as you cannot speak unless I give you permission, I leave it up to you how you wake me.” Sandy looked up at me and smiled. We finished the last of our weed filled smoke and then followed it with a normal smoke. “Mmmm much better.” I said when we had finished the weed and the normal smoke. “Undress me boi.” I said standing up. Sandy undid the zip across my right shoulder and slowly peeled the tight black rubber off my upper body revealing my huge tanned upper body, Sandy moaned as he continued peeling the tight suit down my body. He pulled it down past my huge fat dick which made him grin as it reared up to full hardness. “See something you like boi?” he nodded and looked up grinning. He got back to work and peeled off the tight rubber suit off both legs leaving me total naked. “Upstairs boi, my bedroom.” Sandy picked up my boots and rubber suit and went upstairs. He remembered where things went and neatly put everything away. I sat on the bed and watched him and when he had finished he sat on the floor in front of me. He was looking into my eyes, I could tell from his expression that he wasn’t scared, he was also looking down at my dick with started to get harder than it already was, mainly with the anticipation of the hard fuck awaiting it. “You want this don’t you boi?” he nodded when I wanked my dick “You want this stuffed inside your boy cunt don’t you?” again he nodded. I smiled at him “well fucking get up on the bed then boi.” Sandy moved and lay on his back and held his legs high. “Good boi, I want to look into your eyes and I enter you for the first time, I want to see the fear and hear you scream as every inch is stuffed deep inside your cunt in one swift fuck. I don’t do soft and gentle boi. These beads and the huge Prince Albert will hurt until your cunt gets hardened to them.” I got in positon and put his legs over my shoulders. I put the head of my dick to his arse “He looked at me fear already in his eyes. “Don’t want me to go in dry?” he shook his head. “I never use lube boi.” I intended to go in dry but I did want him to enjoy this his first fuck from my mean looking and angry dick. “Take me into your mouth boi and get as much saliva over it as you think you need.” he nodded and moved taking my dick into his mouth and although not actually sucking me he was pulling saliva up and getting my dick wet. I also noticed he was using some of his saliva to prepare his arse. “You’ll know in future boi to make sure your cunt is ready all suriyeli escort the time, you will never know when I may want a fuck.” He continued wetting my dick. “Enough boi.” He stopped and got back in position. I put the piercing to the entry point of his arse and pushed that inside. Sandy moaned in pleasure. “Here come the rest boi.” And I lifted his legs higher raising his arse higher off the bed. I literally fell on him pushing all 13 inches deep in his arse. “AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” he screamed “Yeah good boi, scream away. Fuck yeah your cunt feels great.” I knew Sandy was hurting but I also knew that soon enough he would get only pleasure from my huge beaded dick filling his arse to maximum. I fucked him hard, pulling all the way out and dropping on him making sure that I used every single inch on his arse. “Look at me boi, don’t you fucking dare close your eyes on me.” Sandy opened his eyes fear across them. “I was told that your cunt is used to getting fucked boi.” I sneered “The stories I was told were obviously wrong.” I continued with a look of menace on my face. “Speak then boi.” “I am sorry Master.” He winced in pain “I will try and do better. Please Master forgive this useless faggot.” He was begging now. “Okay boi.” I pulled him up and snogged him as I fucked. “You want to please me don’t you?” “Yes Master.” I let his head go and he lay back on the bed. A little pain still evident across his face. “You have a nice cunt boi. I am going to love punishing it with my huge dick and my hands of course.” He looked and wasn’t sure if I meant with my fist inside or my hand slapping him. I let him ponder on that one. I knew I was getting close to shooting, I also knew that this fuck wouldn’t be enough for me. I rammed hard and deep, Sandy moaned loudly and I sent my load of cum deep inside him. Sandy moaned even more when he felt my huge dick shooting its load, clearly he was loving the feeling of my huge load deep inside his arse. I didn’t stop fucking and started ramming again. Sandy looked at me and grinned. “Once fuck and cum is never enough boy.” I started ramming harder than before and I felt Sandy relax and a serene smile came across his face as I started my second fuck. “You are getting into this now aren’t you boi.” “Yes Master.” “Maybe the stories I heard about you were correct then.” I rammed hard sending waves of pleasure across his face. “Yeah, take my dick boi. Feel my seed as it permeates your anal walls, my strong butch seed will never escape your cunt boy. I won’t let it.” “You realise that you’ll live on my spunk and piss boi.” Sandy looked at me with a huge smile on his face. “You like the sound of that boy, the only feed you get will be piss and spunk?” he moaned at the thought. “You would too wouldn’t you?” he nodded “You will have to eat occasionally boy, especially as I want you to grow a hell of a lot more muscle, I want you to look like a freak, my own personal fuck boi, muscle freak.” “Speak.” “Master if you continue to use both my fuck holes with that hideous looking dick of yours then I am willing to do anything. I have never had so much pain and pleasure from being used and I will do anything you ask of me just so that it can continue.” He closed his eyes and looked away unsure of what I might say. “Are you scared of my response boi?” “Yes Master.” He said rus escort still looking away. “Good.” I said firmly “you should be a little scared of me boi.” I slapped his arse as I fucked but I am pleased with you right at this moment. The fact that you will allow me to do anything just so you can keep on getting my dick in either hole pleases me.” Sandy opened his eyes and looked at me, I was all smiles and he smiled back. “Now let me see if I can get to fill my boi with more of my butch seed. I may even beat the shit out of you again just for fun.” “Yeah that’s the look I like boi. FEAR.”I slapped his arse once more and started ramming all 13 inches in and out of his arse. “Fuck this feels good.” I fucked Sandy hard for ages, after shooting once I can hold off for ages before doing so again. I was ramming all 13 inches hard in and out of Sandy, he had that serene look on his face but he was clenching hard every time I thrust inwards, just giving him the pleasure and pain he was talking about earlier. I pushed Sandy higher raising his legs so he was almost doubled up. I still fucked him hard but leant down and kissed him deeply. “I can feel you tightening your cunt boi and great it feels too, won’t be long now boi.” We kissed each other as I fucked. I pulled away from his mouth “FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCK” and lost my second load deep in his arse. I stayed inside him whilst I came down from the two mammoth fucks “that boi.” I said grinning at him “was fucking ace.” “Thank you Master, it makes me happy that you enjoyed using me.” I picked him up my dick lodged deep inside him and carried him over to a chest that I keep at the bottom of the bed, this has toys in that don’t always get back to the playroom. “Now let me see.” I put Sandy down and rummaged through the box. “I hope you are keeping that butch essence inside you boi, there will be hell to pay if you leak.” I found what I was looking for. “Ah ha.” And I showed Sandy a butt plug, this was no ordinary butt plug. Stainless steel and heavy. I put it to the lips of his arse and rammed it home. “Shit.” Said Sandy at the shock of the cold steel and the size of the plug. “Now boi that stays in until I take it out of your arse, if it falls out you get thrashed, if you take it out you get thrashed, if anyone else takes it out you get thrashed. You will have to learn to keep that cute arse of yours clenched hard won’t you boi?” “Yes Master. “I said I was going to beat the shit out of you didn’t I boi?” “Yes Master.” “Well not tonight.” Sandy looked at me and smiled. “It will happen boi, and it won’t wait until you do something wrong either, if I feel like a work out I will beat the shit out of you.” Sandy nodded “Come on boi, into bed with you.” Sandy got into the bed and I got behind him, I nestled close putting my arm over and reached for his tits. I squeezed it hard making him squirm “good boi.” And I kept squeezing and slowly got harder and harder. Sandy didn’t cry out but he did squirm. “You like your tits being played with don’t you boi?” “Yes Master.” “Good. I’ll find the torture equipment in the play room and give your tits a really good workout.” I heard Sandy gulp which made me grin to myself “good boi.” And I kissed the back of his neck leaving his tits alone. I caressed his arse rubbing the steel plug gently, Sandy moaned in pleasure I moved and rested the head of my huge fat dick at the crack of his arse and behind the huge steel plug. “Mmmm much better, good night boi.” And we settled down to sleep. I was actually tired, the long drive into London and back home again took its toll on me and I slept very well my arm draped over my new boi. LOTS MORE TO COME…

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