A Chance Encounter Ch. 1

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If there was one thing that Emma hated, it was doing these late night shifts. They was never anyone on the train at 11pm, especially on this route, but she had been pressured into it by her best friend. She needed the money though, so she didn’t have much of a choice. She stepped on to the train, opening the door to the back cabin and dropping her bag to the floor.

She stood at the door of the train, awaiting any passengers that would be using the service at this time of night. Her mind was drifting slightly, avoiding looking at the drunk groups of lads that were still congregating on the platform, thinking of nothing in particular.

A female voice snapped her back to reality, as she focused once again and looked at the girl in front of her.

“I said is this the train to Hatfield?” she repeated to Emma, a slight smile on her face.

“Erm, yes, it is. Sorry…”

“That’s ok, thankyou,” she replied and smiled again, stepping onto the train.

Emma blinked her eyes a couple of times, bringing herself back more. She looked at the girl who had just stepped on, watching her go away and realising that she was the only person on the train. She looked at her watch again and, with a sigh, closed the doors and signalled to the driver to set off.

She waited a couple of minutes before going to check the passengers tickets, straightening her uniform before stepping out of her cabin. Emma was a short lady, very petite at only 5 feet 2 tall, with long black hair which she wore in a ponytail, and very deep blue eyes. She was wearing a white blouse with a green necktie of the train company and a short black skirt. Usually she wore trousers, but today had decided to have a change.

She stepped out of the cabin and walked up the aisle towards the one passenger on the train, who was sat about halfway down the car with her back towards Emma. As she got to her, she looked over her shoulder and was stunned by the sight on front of her. The girl had her short black skirt up around her waist, her eyes closed, and her right hand moving slowly over her uncovered pussy. Emma gasped, a little louder than she would’ve liked, and the girl’s eyes shot open, her face reddening instantly as she looked straight bahis siteleri into Emma’s eyes.

“Um… er… I’m sorry,” she mumbled softly, “I didn’t think that tickets were collected on these late night trains.” She smiled slightly, but never moved her hands as she looked at Emma.

Emma couldn’t believe what was happening. She tried to smile, nervous at the sight in front of her, trying to think of something to say to ease the tension. She took a deep breath, looking up and down Emma’s body once again as she did, noticing her heaving chest as the nervous girl in front of her awaited her response.

“That’s ok, I’ll… um… come back in a while ok?”

And with that she went straight back to her cabin, not looking back at the girl. When she got there, she rested against the control panel, shutting the door slowly behind her, breathing deeply as she remembered the sight in front of her. She had never been interested in other women, at least not in that way. There had been a time when she was younger and she and her best friend had kissed briefly, but that was about it. But she found herself remembering the view she had got, the girl’s hand on her pussy rubbing softly and the look of desire in her eyes when she had looked up at her, and she realised that her hands were moving over her breasts slowly, her nipples standing out through the material as they rubbed over them. Her breathing was getting deeper and deeper, and she could feel how turned on the thought was getting her.

She stood up straight, thinking for a moment with a faraway look in her eye. Then she looked down herself once again, undoing her necktie slightly and brushing herself down, then opened the door to the cabin once again and walked slowly towards the girl again.

Emma got to beside the girl once again, finding that she still had her skirt up around her waist, and touched her on the shoulder and sat down in the seat facing her. The girl froze instantly, struggling to straighten her clothes as she looked into Emma’s eyes once again.

“Don’t worry about it,” Emma told her, putting a hand on her knee as she did. “I’m not worried if you’re not?”

The girl shook her head slowly, not taking her eyes off Emma.

“I’m canlı bahis siteleri Emma”

“Sarah… is me…” the girl replied, and smiled at Emma, unsure of what was happening.

“I’m sorry to come out like this again,” Emma whispered softly, “I just… well, I couldn’t get what I saw out of my head and…

“I am so sorry about that,” Emma blurted out, “I… well, to be honest, I have never done anything like this before but seeing you and you got me so turned on and I just couldn’t help myself…”

“You were doing that because of me?”

Sarah smiled once again, a more sexy, seductive smile than before, as she looked at Emma again. “You looked so beautiful and sexy when I got on the train and then I just got caught up… I never meant for you to see though!”

Emma thought for a moment, the intensity of the situation was unbelievable and she found herself getting wetter and wetter at the idea that this beautiful girl had been playing with herself because of her. She looked down Sarah’s body once again, watching her chest heave once again through her black blouse, then down to her skirt which was still around her waist, her legs slightly apart and she could just see a little glistening between her legs.

Emma stood up, not saying anything to her new found friend, and reached under her skirt, hooking her thumbs into the sides of her black panties, and pulled them down slowly, watching Sarah all the time. She stepped out of them, placing the underwear on the seat beside and sitting down again, her skirt riding up as she did. Then she placed her hands flat on her skirt and slowly pulled it up until it was around her waist like Sarah’s was, all the time gazing into Sarah’s eyes, her eyes gleaming and her heart almost beating out of her chest.

“Is that better?” she asked, with almost a purr in her voice as her bravado seemed to take control. Sarah nodded her head softly, unable to take her eyes off of Emma. She looked down to Emma’s now uncovered legs, which were together at the knees tightly. She smiles at Emma once again, and lent back in her seat, relaxing a little more and then, slowly, spread her legs for Emma to see between how turned on she was.

Emma canlı bahis gasped at the sight, Sarah’s glistening from the wetness all around her shaved pussy, her clit standing out and the beautifully tight pink hole looking so inviting. Sarah smiles at her gasp, then moved her right hand down to the inside of her thigh, her middle finger running from the bottom of her pussy to her clit, delving in slightly to take some of the juices onto her finger, then lifted her hand to her mouth and licked it softly, tasting herself.

Emma moaned softly under her breath, then took a deep breath and closed her eyes, then moved her knees away from each other, spreading her legs so that Sarah could see how turned on she was herself. She wasn’t shaved like Sarah was, but had a small area of hair above her clit that she kept trimmed, and the rest of her pussy was glistening from the wetness that was getting more and more all the time. She put her hands to her neck, then moved them down slowly over her breasts, lingering for a moment before moving further down to between her legs, each hand going to either side of her now dripping love hole. She kept her eyes closed, and took the middle finger from each hand and spread her pussy for Sarah, delving the tips of her finger into herself as she did so.

The moan from Sarah was exactly the reaction she had hoped for, and she touched her clit for the first time, keeping her eyes shut. The feeling was like a lightning bolt running through her body, sending shivers down her back. She played with her clit for a while, enjoying the sensations and knowing that Sarah’s eyes couldn’t leave what they were seeing in front of them, then slowly plunged her finger into her tight wet hole, as far as she could get it and then slowly back out, enjoying the sensations and moaning softly once again.

Emma opened her eyes, looking straight into Sarah’s eyes, smiling as she did and breathing heavily. Sarah was watching her face, enjoying the view, two fingers on her clit and a finger in her pussy, moving in and out slowly and moaning a little louder.

“I’ve never done this before,” Emma said suddenly, her voice hoarse and broken by her deep breathing. Sarah stopped playing with herself, and sat up on the seat, leaning towards Emma until their mouths were just apart from each other.

“That’s ok, I’ll teach you,” Sarah whispered, then placed her hand on Emma’s cheek and ran her tongue over Emma’s lips softly…

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