A Bisexual Somali Love Story Ch. 01

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Abdullah Ali is the name and I’m a young Black Muslim gentleman of Somali descent living in the City of Mississauga, Ontario. I study Criminal Justice at the University of Toronto, and I am a proud member of the Muslim Scholars Association on campus. That’s right, there are Somali men attending top institutions of higher education in Canada, and I am proud to be one of them.

Anyone looking at me would see a six-foot-three, lean and athletic male in his early twenties, with dark brown skin and thick, curly Black hair. I am a Somali man through and true, and a proud Muslim. I am Black, I am a man, I am a Muslim and I am a same-gender-loving brother. That’s part of what makes my life so difficult. If you’re Muslim and you also happen to be gay, lesbian or bisexual, you should definitely keep it to yourself.

A lot of Muslims out there are living double lives. The Hijab-wearing sister who sometimes goes to the club. The pious brother who goes to the mosque on Friday and the bar on Saturday. The housewife who sleeps with her husband’s best friend. Oh, and the closeted gay or lesbian Muslim. Please don’t judge them. You must understand that they have no choice, folks.

As someone in a similar situation, I implore you to try to be more understanding of our plight. We’ve got no choice, because of the constraints of the Islamic faith. A lot of people think Islam is just a religion. The truth is that Islam is a way of life. I love my faith but its rules are draconian. I read about a Somali gal in the City of Edmonton, Alberta whose family tried to kill her after finding her in bed with a female friend. Talk about bad luck, folks.

I felt bad for the young Somali woman in question but I won’t lie to you and say that I was shocked. Lots of Somali women sleep with women. Lots of Somali men sleep with other men. All of them do so in secret. The reason why is fairly obvious. The Somali community isn’t known for its tolerance of queers, that’s for damn sure. This Somali chick is lucky she got away with her life, seriously. If I were her, I’d leave Alberta and move someplace else.

Why am I concerned with such issues? Hope you got the hint. If you didn’t, let me explain the reason why. I am a bisexual Somali man, just in case you were wondering. My situation is different, though. The woman in my life is okay with me being, well, me. Lots of bisexual Muslim men sleep with other men and their wives and girlfriends have no idea. I am not like the others. Just call me Honest Abdullah.

The lady in my life is a blessing in many ways, folks. I met Ayaan Mahmoud a decade ago, when we were goofing off at the Mississauga Community Center during summer camp. My parents used to send me to camp all the time in my younger days. Their way of keeping me out of trouble. Like I said, Ayaan and I met at camp. I felt drawn to the tall, fierce-eyed young Somali woman with the loud voice and fearless demeanor. We became friends, and have been in each other’s lives ever since. Ayaan is real special to me, folks.

Ayaan Mahmoud is one of the few beylikdüzü escort people out there who know about my other side, as I call my bisexuality. We’re both in the same program at the University of Toronto and hang out in the same circles. My parents, Kader and Jamila Ali, know nada about my other side and I’d be surprised if they ever suspected a thing. I’m tall and masculine, and don’t look or act or sound the way stereotypical queer males do. Besides, I am fairly athletic and active in the Somali community of Toronto. I am discreet, and that’s probably why I am still alive today.

The last time I dealt with a man, things definitely didn’t go as planned. I met Ahmed Yusuf at the gym, and something about this tall, muscular and fit, gorgeous brother definitely drew me to him. When I deal with a guy, I have certain rules. Number one? Safe sex is the only type of sex I believe in. Number two? I don’t deal with married men. I don’t care how sexy the guy is. I am not a homewrecker. If a guy is gay or bisexual and is married to a woman, or lives with one, I leave him alone. I don’t steal other people’s men. I don’t get down like that. Life is simpler without this type of drama.

Ahmed Yusuf was a dream come true, at first. Tall and manly, with a deep voice, and plenty of charisma. The brother studied at Humber College and worked at the local branch of TD Bank. I am a sucker for a tall, well-dressed brother, and Ahmed was definitely what the doctor ordered. I checked him out and Ahmed was single, and ready to mingle. We began hanging out, mostly at the gym or at local bars and restaurants, and the more I learned about Ahmed, the more I liked the brother.

Now, I don’t know what you might have read about gay men and bisexual men, especially the ones of African descent, so I want to make certain things clear. I am not a sex hound. I made Ahmed Yusuf wait over three weeks before giving up the booty. Let me make something perfectly clear to you, ladies and gentlemen. Ahmed Yusuf was definitely worth the wait, folks. The brother laid pipe like a plumber, and left me pleasurably sore.

Ahmed and I got down and dirty one night at his apartment, three weeks after we met. Now, Ahmed’s place was real nice. A two-bedroom spot with a cozy living room, a kitchen, and a tiny washroom. We did it in the living room, right there on the carpeted floor. Ahmed and I got naked, and I feasted my eyes on his gorgeous, muscular body. We kissed, and then Ahmed and I began making love. Ahmed grabbed my dick and sucked it, and he didn’t let up until I came. When I finally did cum, Ahmed tasted my cum and smiled. I smiled at Ahmed, and we continued with our fun.

This time, I got to taste Ahmed’s long and thick dick. As a bisexual Somali guy, I am biased of course but Somali dicks are the best. I sucked Ahmed’s dick and got him nice and hard. The brother was definitely ready to play. Ahmed put me on all fours, and rolled a condom on his dick. I stroked my dick while pressing my ass against Ahmed’s groin.

Folks, I hadn’t had a beylikdüzü escort bayan dick up my ass in almost a year and needed to get fucked. Ahmed lubricated my ass, and then penetrated me with one swift thrust. I am a power bottom all the way, and I love the feel of a dick inside of me. Ahmed gripped my hips tightly and thrust his dick deep into my well-lubricated asshole. I bucked wildly as Ahmed fucked me, and I screamed passionately, loving every moment of it. Ahmed and I went at it for several hours, and in the end, we found ourselves lying side by side on the floor, exhausted but happy.

Ahmed and I had definite chemistry between us, in and out of the bedroom. We went to movies and restaurants together, and I even introduced him to my folks as my new best friend. That’s how we do it in the Somali community. Nobody’s gay or lesbian. No Somali male acts girly and no self-respecting Somali female acts butch. Your best friend of the same sex is quite often the person you secretly date and have sex with when you’re Somali and gay, bisexual or lesbian. These are the time-honored ways of the Somali queers, and they’re not changing anytime soon.

Ahmed and I had a wonderful six months together, but then he got offered a job as a branch manager for a bank in the City of Ottawa and accepted it. I begged Ahmed to stay in the City of Toronto with me but he chose the money over sweet old me. Ahmed and I broke up, and he moved to Ottawa. To say that I was heartbroken over losing Ahmed would have been an understatement. Queer romances among Muslims seldom end well. Either you’re discovered by family and friends and ostracized or you have an unhappy ending. I thought Ahmed and I were going to make it. Oh, well. Life, eh?

My parents were worried about my apparent depression, and asked my good friend Ayaan Mahmoud to look after me. I didn’t tell my parents the real reason why I was sad over Ahmed’s departure. I wasn’t that crazy. Ayaan came to me and cheered me up. We began hanging out again, just like we used to. I lost my boyfriend but I got my best friend back. Slowly but surely, I got over the loss of Ahmed.

Now, as I said before, I am a bisexual man. I find both women and men attractive, but I don’t have much luck with either side. The last female I dated was Roseanne Eire, a tall and plump, red-haired white chick I met at the local Wal-Mart, where she worked as a cashier. Roseanne really liked the brothers, and flirted with me in the food aisle. We exchanged numbers, and began going out shortly after. Sex with her was awesome. White chicks rock in the bedroom, I must admit. Roseanne was cool, but her uptight and at times downright racist family wasn’t cool. After six months, Roseanne and I split.

Yeah, I hadn’t given much thought to a serious relationship with a female since most women are allergic to bisexual men, and I don’t believe in hiding who I am from the person I am dating. One night, Ayaan and I were chilling at my place, watching a rerun of StarGate Atlantis on the Space Channel, and we were on the beylikduzu escort couch, just talking and laughing, and then I accidentally brushed my hand against her thigh. I swear it was accidental.

Ayaan Mahmoud turned around and looked at me in such a way, and for some reason, I leaned closer and kissed her. We kissed passionately, and just like that, Ayaan Mahmoud, my best friend of over a decade, my confidante, held me tightly and looked into my eyes. I looked at Ayaan as if seeing her for the first time and we smiled at each other. Just like that, we crossed the line that forever separates friends from lovers and began making love.

Ayaan and I got down and dirty on the living room carpet, folks. We undressed hastily. Off came her clothes, and I beheld Ayaan in all of womanly beauty. My eyes took in her curvy body, her big breasts, her dark brown skin, her wide hips, her thick legs, and the hairy bush that stared out from between her thighs. A world of a woman beckoned me, and I wanted in. Ayaan smiled and wrapped her arms around me, and she caressed my naked, tough and muscular body. I felt my manhood harden, and Ayaan spread her thighs invitingly. My hands held her hips, my mouth found her breast, and I pushed my way into her.

A happy sigh escaped Ayaan’s lips as I entered her, my hard dick swiftly penetrating her womanhood. Just like that, we were one. I thrust into her, and Ayaan moaned. I sucked on her tits, massaging them gently and Ayaan purred in pleasure. We changed positions, and I took her from behind. Ayaan got on all fours and shook her big butt while smiling at me. I swear it made my dick get harder. I got behind Ayaan and caressed her thick brown ass, then eased my dick into her cunt.

Ayaan moaned softly and pressed her thick brown ass against my groin, driving me deeper into her. I put my hands on Ayaan’s hips and pushed my dick into her pussy. With deep, powerful thrusts, I resumed fucking her. Ayaan’s screams filled the air, and I found myself moaning in pleasure as her cunt gripped my dick so tight, and I loved it so much. We continued making love well into the night, until we lay, exhausted, smiling while soaking in a sea of our own juices. Ayaan rested her lovely head against my chest, and I smiled, happy as can be.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s how it all began. The romance destined to change my life. Ayaan and I are together. I enjoy sex with her, and we do it often. Like, at least four times a week. I am rediscovering the pleasures of making love with a female. Now, I am still a bisexual man but I am happy with Ayaan. Our sex life is satisfactory. Our overall relationship is satisfying and fulfilling because we know each other really well and we trust each other. Hell, my new lady love is wilder than I thought.

That’s the thing about them Somali girls. They are full of surprises, even for a kinky and sexually adventurous Somali Muslim brother like myself. Ayaan has hinted that she’d love a threesome with me and another guy. Hot idea, though I’m not sure if I’m ready for that! Whether I am with a male or a female, I am monogamous and don’t want to share. Ladies and gentlemen, I can see myself marrying Ayaan Mahmoud someday. Our respective families were overjoyed when we announced that we’re together. Sometimes, what you seek is right in front of you.

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