78 feet Away

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78 feet AwayI live in a very dense part of the city so there is lots of fun to be had nearby. I logged onto on of my sex accounts and looked to see who was in my area. We 78 feet away there was a hot looking guy. He must be in my building! I gave him a yank and hoped maybe he would respond. I continued looking and admiring other profiles when there was a lound ding indicating I had a message. It was Mr. 78 feet away! He said something about how near we were and how horny he was. I naturally closed everyone else and responded.”Hey, It seems we must be neighbors.” I responded. “Maybe we could meet up.” He answered instantly, “Sure thing want to come over?” I said I would and asked him where he was. His apartment was in my building and was a couple of floors down. I logged off and headed down to his place.I knocked on his door and waited for him to open up. He came to the door and opened it slowly. It revealed he was there and naked. I slipped in and he shut the door. I recognized him having seeing him on the elevator and in the lobby. He was hotter in person than he was on line and his body bostancı escort was killer. Six feet tall and well built a bit chunky and super hairy; I couldn’t ask for more. His penis was starting to stiffen. He smiled and escorted me into his living room. He was so hot I was going mad. “Make yourself comfortable. I looked around and there was really no furniture just lots of pillows and small tables. I took off my shoes and he helped me out of my clothes,. He ran his hands all over me as he undressed me. I was feeling his hairy back and butt. He whispered into my ear “let’s Fuck!” I shook my head in agreement. We lowered ourselves onto the cushions and explored each other’s bodies. His buddy was covered in thick black hair. It was hard to find his nipples as they were hidden in black hairy nests when I did find them I was thrilled they were big thick eraser nips and when my mouth covered them and I started nursing on them he moaned and I could feel the one in my mouth and the one in my fingers harden. He started groping me and feeling my cock and fatih escort balls sliding down and under until he found my smooth hole. He fingered me playing with the lips of my hole. “MMM smooth man cunt” he whispered in my ear. I sucked harder on his right nip and his finger probed deeper. I was his all his. He kissed me deep and continued to play with my man pussy. I was slowly melting and heating at the same time I was getting hotter for him due to that finger in me. He was getting deep in and was probing around just brushing against my prostate. I was starting to get really read for him to go for it and fuck me. He withdrew his finger and flipped me down on my back and opened my legs wide and lifted them up onto his shoulders. My smooth man pussy was open for him to see and he went down on it licking, sucking and chewing my lips. he was opening me up and making me so hot. I was so ready for him to enter me with his erect penis. I was ready to be his. He knew it and slowly lowered my hole onto his thick erect penis that was oozing pre-cum. My pussy lips bağcılar escort were covered in his cock drool and were opening for him. I felt his mushroom head slowly pushing in and opening me up I sighed and moaned as I felt my self dilatate and get filled. Boy was I getting filled he was thick and got thick the further down his shaft went and I was opening wider and wider. “you are tight I love it” he whispered into my ear as he moved further in. H was finally all in and I could feel his pubes on my cunt lips. He started to get wider and a bit bigger. “I’m all inside of you. You are mine and I am going to fuck your vagina like it has never been fucked. He was telling the truth. He thrust in and out and was pounding my cunt. He was amazing he was whispering the whole time how he loved being in my vagina. I have never had my hole called a vagina before but it turned me on like crazy his huge mushroom head was hitting me right on the prostate and the next thing I knew I was loosing my mind and I knew I was about to cum. He then moaned and said “I am going to breed your vagina” He breed he did. The amount of cum she filled me with was amazing and it was all I needed to push me over the edge and I was cumming there was sperm shooting from my cock and I was almost dizzy with orgasms and pleasure! We both calmed down and he kept his erect penis in me in my man vagina! I was his!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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