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64 Old perve`s 464 Old perve`s 4 Now, a few months have passed, each month we have met, not as good friends, which we are, but as masters and slaves. My Matron has taken to the monthly BDSM lifestyle well, she hasn`t Progressed past whips or clamps much yet but she absorbs the pain well and now enjoys it, Ada still has the lead in that regard having ticked off far more on her long list.Each of the ladies now owns her own sexual B.A.F.T.A Cast from the original, each as individual as a fingerprint. Each of our ladies had spent a night with the opposite husband, Ada must have felt short changed but that is the way the cards fell. It was the last week of the month, at the end of next week it was our next meeting, and we were all sat contemplating what to do over the usual tea. The list Ada had originally provided was now getting a bit dog-eared and well fingered as we passed it around.It readIt read;Needles, DONEWax DONEBreast lift, DONEPussy-whipped, DONEAll day bondage, Watersport`s, DONE Ride the horse, Breast- binding, DONEBelt, Whips, DONE Tawse, DONECat DONEClamps anywhere, DONEWeights, Pierced, and finally to my surprise…Branded, ‘Any more ideas are welcome.’It was all there, and the end of the list was left open for more with the last comment there had been none so far.“Well there`s not a lot left Ada said, surveying the list, Ted sat next to her and said “would you really like to be branded?” she smiled a wan smile, and said if he wanted to brand her she would put up with the pain. She would be happy to wear his mark if that would be his wish.I must have sub-consciously glanced at Matron, because she gave me a long look then asked Ted what it would entail. He explained of the hot metal held for the count of five against the skin, and the permanency of the scar.She asked where the thing would be placed and I told her it could be on the breast, the buttock, mons or any other place on the body the wearer wished it was a seal of friendship, of ownership, even perhaps property.She said no more, and Ada engrossed in the list suggested that they ‘rode the pony’ next weekend and perhaps the all day bondage afterwards, Ted said it was like a Chinese menu three number 6 and a portion of 3! We all laughed and that was agreed on.Ted and I had a small job on the loco so we left the girls for about an hour, while we replaced the washout plugs, a tedious job but necessary, after the job was over, we returned to the kitchen.Serious faces greeted us, we asked what was wrong and matron said they had been talking, they each wanted to be marked, nothing big, nothing garish, just initials perhaps, and both girls wanted both sets.Wow, Stunned, Gobsmacked, knocked sideways, nothing would explain the way we felt at that moment.Ted regained his composure first, uşak escort “where?” He asked.Ada said they had thought of that, and as we always automatically used the right breast for my left handed mate and the left for me they had decided to have their breasts marked in that way. My initials on the left and Teds to the right. It was not up for argument and Ted was to make the stamps.The ladies further informed us that after riding the pony and then an overnight session of painful bondage it was to take place on Sunday before release or breakfast.That raised eyebrows I can tell youTed and I exchanged glances the he said “I thought we were the masters, it`s an illusion!” Ada replied “yes but it`s our illusion” then we all began to laugh.Ted took a piece of paper, made matron get out her breasts then cut out a small paper arc around each of her areola, writing right and left on the patterns.He then did the same with Ada before asking about size 15 mm was agreed on as small enough to read but not too huge.Ted said look this is a big step ladies and its more painful than anything so far, It`s up to you both and you can back out right up till the Saturday night, but be warned when we secure you for the bondage session that`s it, the gags go in next morning regardless and it will be done regardless.You can choose the order, but be warned the second breast will be worse as you will know what`s coming and we will have to reheat between brands.Even Ada gulped at that, and ted changed the subject rapidly.It took ted two days to produce two brands curved and in heavy brass on lovely mahogany handles, on his it said TED and on mine EDD. Of course both being in reverse.They were so ornate; I suggested they were entered for the next Model Engineer club competition, as tool marking brands. Ted and I showed the two ladies; then over the cutting of a new frame in the works discussed the way of binding them, it must be secure, obviously but it must be done to allow them to talk, us to brand them and them to have had a night of pain and discomfort.We came up between us with a standing secured pose such as matrons whipping, a spreader bar between the ankles and buckets attached to the weights attached to their sex lips, then if they had to relieve themselves then pain increased and we didn’t need to clean up…neat!“We shall need to keep our eye on them every half hour of course, so we need to split the night” he said, Friday night came and Matron came on heavy making me kiss and suckle her nipples most of the night saying I would not be able to use her breasts for a week or two so to make the most of it.Saturday morning leisurely breakfast, loads of nervous urinating by matron, we both knew it would be a momentous weekend, so loads of kisses and so uşak escort bayan on before we wandered over about dinnertime.The women wandered off upstairs, Ted telling me of his near identical overnight experiences, We shall start after tea he said, then thrust two new plastic buckets and two broom handles with chains and two with straps at either end into my hands and sent me to tuck them into a corner down-stairs.The afternoon the ladies and ourselves watched the box, each lady was nervy but the adventure of the cellulose image kept the mind occupied.To spice up the afternoon the ladies were allowed to pick 6 football teams each, the collective gaols the teams scored would be doubled, and that was the time each would ride the pony for.Thus it was the football results became so very important. Slowly during the tea meal the results came in, Ada`s teams scored 12 -24 minutes and my matron`s just 10. Just 20… both had tried to pick losers, it crossed my mind that we needed to do this again some time, they had picked winners all the way, and we could make a few bob…..Tea over Ted said that we men would do the washing up and they were to go and ready themselves, toilet and compose the minds, then back in half an hour. They arrived in the dungeon just 30 minutes later, dressing gowns over naked bodies.We had hung by chains the pair of broomsticks. We removed the gowns then helped the women onto their respective blocks legs astride the sticks. Each husband opening his wife`s sex to accommodate the bars securing her wrists to the chains, then on a countdown removing the blocks from under the feet. Each respective woman groaned as her weight came onto her sex Each then fixed her eyes on to the clock, as did we, tears began to fall after ten, each describing the effect as bruising, or gruelling, matron beginning to pant at fifteen and begging to scream at 19, just barely making the 20 before the blocks returned.The 24 for Ada being nearly too much, after matron she lost way rapidly and was screaming her head off at 23, collapsing onto my shoulder as 24 was called.They sat while we cleared the kit. Gently rubbing and playing with the affected areas to restore circulation.We fitted the cuffs, then Ted said to remember this is to except the brand, if you go into bondage now, you will be branded in the morning no ifs or buts.Glances were exchanged then both quietly stood up and faced one another kissed then stood under the hooks about 3 feet apart, cuffs were secured then the second broom handles attached to ankles legs now open.Ted attached a weight to each labia, not huge but large enough. Next he slung the buckets below the weights, empty and light the ladies looked askance of us and we told them that would become clear later.Finally escort uşak he showed them two weights apiece. Now ladies, your here till eight tomorrow, we will check on you every half hour and offer water if you need it. One hour before this ends these will be attached to pull the skin taught, you will each be asked which breast first, and which lady first so you have all night to agree the order. Edd will do his I will do mine, each brand will be completed carefully all you need to choose is which you want first him or me. Each will be followed by a five minutes break for reheating don’t be in any way surprised if you faint we will continue regardless , enjoy. With that we kissed them goodnight and left. First we watched telly, we drank tea, we dozed, Teds alarm calling us in turn every half hour, my turns being on the hour, we offered water, Ada took some at twelve, matron at one, at two Ada realised what the bucket was for, by three she was moaning sadly over a fairly heavy bucket Ted must have relented later as the buckets were empty and at seven I called Ted and together we entered the chamber. Neither looked happy, tear-stains on cheeks as Ted attached the weights, he then asked the question “which first?” Ada said that they had decided husbands to do the first and friends the second, and they both asked for gag`s we had by now fetched the little forge from the works and at seven thirty the lamps were lit.Then while we waited we fitted the ball gags, a cord from the ball to the hook above keeping the women `s eyes from the target and prevented the head slumping into the way if either passed out.At just a few moments to eight the brands began to heat. As the clock struck eight the brands glowed and on the count of three the letters smoked and smouldered on each respective breast, screams echoed round the room we were glad that we had used gags or the neighbours though over a hundred yards away, couldn’t have failed to hear on this quiet Sunday morning. The brands reheated as tears fell, eyes wild bodies shook, noisy moaning drool dripped on chests. Pain spay on the livid scar While waiting we removed the respective weights, blood rushed into nipples, and labia alike, more groans then the second round Ada my target this time, 3, 4, 5, off ! it was over, off with the weight pain spray again, both women had fainted we moved the hearth switching it out, each woman was lifted from her position matron into the chair, and Ada to the couch. Long moments spent removing cuffs, while we waited their return from u*********sness, each man looking after his wife covering the burns with sterile dressings, antiseptic sprays and then we helped them up to the living room. Tea, the British answer to everything restored the ladies, both in pain, and eager to hear that the brands were clear and tidy.It was the last big event, it took the ladies two weeks to get over the trauma and since that day we`ve all kept things to whips clamps and occasionally wax , but one branding was just a step too far

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