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523 stephanies bucket list 3Part 3Another day another E mail awaited me.This one to my surprise, had no preamble, it started, I had just dozed off or at least I believed that was the case as the moon had not had time to have moved far in the dark sky, or across the big room and it just felt like no time at all, just moments, when they came for me! The room-light came on and Nella appeared without a word, rapidly clipping straps to my cuffs the four bedposts before I could protest, arms first then ankles, finally kissing my startled lips, as she tightened the bonds, she then stood facing the door patiently waiting…Master soon appeared, asked if I had rested well, and if I was ready, it was a rhetorical question, here I was laid out like a star, secured unable to move, naked, and totally unable to resist so what was not to be ready, my mind perhaps? well I suppose so, but I had trekked half way round the world for this, so I was hardly likely to say, bugger off I want to sleep, was I!He looked at Nella and said she was too “go fetch,” she scuttled away, while he took my nipples in his hands and lifted my not inconsiderable milk sacks giving them both a good pull up and a roll between his strong fingers which was not unpleasant but did pull a lot as the skin stretched. Nella returned with a tray, she set it on the bed-side locker, on it was a coffee pot, a single cup, I guessed not for me, a knife and a small covered bowl. She poured the coffee then resumed for him, her position of awaiting.I too waited, master still playing with my tits, tugging and rolling the now tender nubs, in a way that stimulated but warned of his power and maybe things to come.Smiling down he took from the bowl a root of some kind, and with the knife he stripped the root of its silver white bark, leaving the golden flesh exposed Finally slicing it in two longwise, my eyes never once left his fingers, never daring to catch his eye, and knowing I was not going to enjoy the next few minutes. His left hand fell to my crutch, then traced its way down to my anal star, a finger hot and irritating from the oils of that damned root slid into me and fire instantly broke out in the hold. As the finger explored.I must have groaned, he grinned then withdrew the didget and instead slid the horrible root into me, nothing happened for a moment or two, the second root finding its way into my sexual channel, pushing deep, his fingers flicking my clit as they retired from my now wet channel.I had not long to wait, within seconds the fire had tripled and spread to an itching, burning sensation of major proportions, he took a seat in the armchair with his coffee, as I desperately tried to expel those awful roots by writhing and twisting in agony in my bonds, my bahis firmaları voice unrecognisable as it rose to an unearthly scream. The internal pain being so intense, I knew I was near to passing out.My body rose from the bed, writhing in its agony those cuffs digging unnoticed into the soft flesh of arms and legs. I glanced at Nella, impassively kneeling beside her master, indifferent to my searing internal pain, like a faithful dog at his side, as he drank coffee and gently fondled her breasts alternately, my screams music to his ears, his stiffness a ramrod, her still hand gripping his shaft as he moved himself back and forth in her grasp. I did not stop to do more than glance, the pain so terrible, I could not think, could not coherently do more than try desperately to evacuate my bowels to remove this hot invader. I remembered from school an English king had once been executed by a red hot rod being inserted in his arse, one of the few things I had retained, it flashed across my brain along with random flashes of Joan of Arc dying at her stake, and now Stephany of America burning like a rocket on re-entry… it was all beyond reason, beyond thought, my head jumbled, thrashing from side to side, as if to shake the pain from my body.Like some demented turd I felt the back root loosen, straining I desperately pushed it from me backside, to fall on the sheets unnoticed. My guts still burned from the residue, the other slice still burned like it was red hot. Then I heard him grunt as his seed expressed itself, before I felt Nella`s cool hand wet and slippery with his spend slithering and opening my body, stretching my channel, and reaching into my cavity like a claw gripping, the hot root being extracted, with me thanking god for her small and thin hands and caring not if she had torn my delicate internal skin, just glad to be rid of that terrible burning root. The residual heat still taking a while to ease.Nella, was patience itself she worked on my clit gently, saying that when I climaxed it would wash away the oils and ease things for me, kissing my mons, my lovely waxed mons, and licking at my lips, as if to cleanse my whole body with her tongue. I began to cum, regardless of the still stinging in my bowels my betraying body began to cum like I can`t remember before, it was amazing.I returned to earth, master had gone, I know not when, but gone he was, she, my now beloved Nella, released me and helped me to the bidet, the cooling water washing away at my sex and still burning anus in a lovely, warm soothingly soft jet, me holding myself open desperate to wash my bowel and womb internally. I asked her if she had endured that, and grinning she nodded saying that she had and much, much, more over the year kaçak iddaa she had been here at masters beck and call. She opened her legs to show me her most prised possession, a small but deep brand, between her front and back passages, saying she had been privileged to offer him her flesh to mark her as his, and that she would do it a thousand times more if he would be pleased to do so.It was dedication such as I have never seen before.She led me back to my bed, re-securing me as before, kissing me, wishing me sweet dreams and turning out that light before leaving me to sleep, amazed at the whole amazing business and the orgasm of mega proportions brought on by the pain.The silver moon still had hardly moved, and I surely couldn’t, not even to scratch myself.Part 4 Two E mails arrived next day, the first said; that the night had been long, unable to move, scratch, or turn over every tiny niggle had become a major hurdle, even the moonlight had gone, rain now beat against the window, I needed the loo, By the time Nella appeared things were desperate, I was released and tottered to the toilet, which was a near thing, then on to the shower, the attentive Nella changing the bed, then fetching me a full English breakfast which I soon hurriedly devoured. The tray gone I enjoying my coffee and just waiting.Time here meant nothing.The second mail sent 2 hours later began; I had to just sit and wait, there was no radio, no television, no books, nothing, so I just sat, as the day wore on Nella fetched me coffee, then later a light meal, time hung heavy, an hour or three, who knows, I was bored, mentally I desperately needed stimulus, I looked out on the sodden garden, rain still fell, the sky grey, few birds, no wildlife, wind swaying the trees the only movement. Nella, and coffee once more appeared with a cake, small dainty, and with a cherry. I told her “I was bored”, she said “her body was mine and that she was only a bell push away, why had I not asked her to come and play?” at that I was nonplussed, I had not thought…it was just not …I said “ding -ding!” and with a smile she knelt and said, ”I am yours mistress, The master is out just now, he`s just left, he will be a while, he said I am not to use you, unless to your specific request, but that if you wished you could do as you wished both too and with me, but that you were not to leave this room, and that he would be needing your body at his return!”Her pert nipples slowly became erect as she spoke, notification that she was becoming aroused. Now let me say from the off, I am no lesbian, I never really have been attracted to women much, always favouring a stiff dick. Oh I`ve experimented as a girl, most of us did, but till yesterday, or during the night or whenever kaçak bahis it was, other than during nursing, or for medical purposes, no woman had touched my body sexually at all since I was about 15! That is until having Nella`s whole hand fishing about inside me for that bloody root, and belive me to stop that burning pain at that time she could have torn me wide open just to stop that pain!after, while I was secured, I had dreamed in my fitful secured sleep of that hand deep in my body, fingers playing, and me begging the person whoever was in my dream, to bring me off. Here was my chance, I explained my wish to my companion, and she in turn suggested a massage, she left and returned in a short while with a tray of oils and creams, laying an absorbent cloth over the bedding and bidding me lay on it, on my back, which surprised me! she offered to secure me, but I refused. She began, her hands like the touch of a butterfly. Beginning at my throat she gently fluttered her oily hands over my skin, shoulders, arms, then my breasts, lifting my meaty breast, oh so very gently, massaging and teasing at my now erect nipples, adding oil, slowly lowering her aim, and my last resistance, my belly came next, it`s not huge or even large really, though I admit to a little ‘puppy fat’, my companion`s hands lulled me into a trance like state, gently easing me away from the troubles of the world, slithering over my mons, easing apart my legs, gently oh so beautifully gently, sliding her fingers into my cleft, adding more oil, soft slippery gentle caresses, opening me, my own wetness now aiding her closed hand as she began to slide her tiny hand up into my body, not since the birth of my daughter all those years ago had I felt so open, my body adjusting as the channel widened, stretched deliciously, the pain such as it was being welcome, my body accommodating this intruder, despite the discomfort, she lent forward, kissing me, eagerly, as her hand bored deeper into me, god I wished it would never end this fantastic feeling this deep, deep intrusion into my body, as I began to climb to new heights, her fingers fluttered against some hidden organ caressing, feeling about, my hands scrunching up the bed cover as they clawed at it in my sexual frustration, I was coming , cumming, shrieking with the madness of orgasm, It was sublime, The mail broke off, it was as well, my seed sprayed my eager hand and I had to sit to gather myself for some time.Next day her mail began that she was sorry for the abrupt end to yesterday`s mail, I told her not to apologise. And she said that they had finished by making gentle and soft love for what seemed like forever, the light outside beginning to fail and they realising the master may soon return, showering together, before clearing the now oily bed-cover and straightening the bed. She dozed again, waiting, the cars headlights telling her he was home, her tummy began to churn once more, she knew the master was home.

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