40’s spring break

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40’s spring breakMy wife and I decided to take a weekend trip to St. Pete’s Florida for a few days. We didn’t realize that it was also spring break. So on our first day we were at the pool drinking while these 2 college guys were checking out my wife. Now for 40 and having a few k**s she’s still in great shape. 5’6″ and 120 with a nice 36b chest. She still wears bikinis, which I love, and I think age still loves to show off her body a little. Anyway, these guys kept looking over and I told my wife there was some interest in her going on. She laughed and said they are too young with a smirk on her face. So as we’re having out lunchtime cocktails I notice her watching one of the younger guys as we walked around and when he was at the bar. And I saw why, it looked like he had a sock stuffed in his shorts and I’m sure she was wondering if it was real or not. We ran to our room to eat lunch real quick and when we got up there and as soon as the door closed she turned around and pulled my shorts down and got on her knees and started sucking my cock. I pulled her up, walked her to the bed as I was pulling off her bikini, bent her over and asked if this is how she wants that college k** to fuck her as I shoved my cock in her pussy. She growled yes as I buried myself in her, then proceeded to pound her until I filled her pussy up. I pulled out and she collapsed face down with her legs spread. You could start to see cum slowly leaking out. I layed down next to her and asked if she now wants to fuck the college k**s. She said no except for the one. I laughed and said you mean the one packing a sick in his shorts? She just smiled. So we fucked one more time, ate real quick and went back poolside. Once there she looked for him but couldn’t find him so we sat and chilled. After a while she saw him walking to the bar and I told her to go grab a few drinks so she could talk to him.she chatted for a while then came back a little disappointed. She said he wasn’t into 3somes that he seemed shy so I told her to set up something and let him think I was going golfing and she would have some time free. So later she bumped into him and flirted with him and got his number and said what she would like to do. When she came back she was pretty sure he was in. So the next day we went to the pool late morning and I made it look like I was going canlı bahis to change to go. I want to the room and I had brought some cameras and I hid them in some areas around the bed and I took my ipad and went to the pool to say bye. She was already chatting at the bar with the k** and I kissed her goodbye and left, just to the inside bar. So I could still see her chatting and I made sure the cameras were working and I say her head up and he followed a few minuets later. She got to the room, stripped and put a towel on and I heard someone knock (took my headphones so I could listen) and she headed to the door. A second later they were both by the bed talking and she took off her towel and told him to strip. I couldn’t see him cause she was blocking the one view but I heard her say “OH MY GOD” and I figured it wasn’t a sock stuffed in there. She finally shifted and I must say I was a bit jealous. He had to have been the most hung white guy I have seen. He must have been pushing 10″ and he was thick. She had him spin around so she could look and as he turned she looked at the camera and mouthed “holy shit”, I laughed knowing she was in a little over her hard on this one. She got on her knees and tried to suck his cock, it looked like an arm in her mouth. As he got harder she got up and layed back so he could go down on her. He worked her over for a few minuets then got up and climbed between her legs an rested his huge cock on her stomach and smiled at her and asked if she ever had a cock like that, she said hell no. He said he would ease it in and see how it goes, he went to put a condom on and she took the pack from him and tossed it on the floor and said she didn’t want him to wear it, she wanted to feel everything. And with that I think he got harder. I saw him back up and his cock disappear between her legs and I switched to a different camera to see if I could see him entering her and to see her expressions as he slid in. I had a side view which was really good, I couldn’t see her pussy but I could clearly see his cock and him working it on her pussy and lined it up to go in. He pushed the tip in and she jumped a little and he just slid the tip in and out for a few to let her adjust to the thickness and I could hear her moan a little, then he started with every couple strokes to ease in another inch and bahis siteleri she started to breath heavy and moan. Finally he was half way in and he was increasing his speed but only using half his cock and she was loving it, grinding her hips, moaning and telling him to fuck her. Then he made a big push and slid a few more inches in her and she let out a scream and yelled “yes” and I was amazed that she had 3/4 of his cock in her. Because that alone was a lot of cock for her. But I figure the alcohol helped relax her. Now he was working her over with most of his cock and he slowed down and kissed he deep and told her to spread he legs wide and he was going to give her the rest. So they were kissing deep, she spread as wide as she could and while kissing he started pushing the rest of his cock in her. All I heard was muffled screams and moans cause he was kissing he as he went deeper. Then he pushed one more time and she yelled oh my god and he just sat there for a sec. He looked at her ad said to her it all inside her now and I’ll give you a second to adjust. She was panting and moaning and sounded like she had the wind knocked out of her. Then he started to kiss her again and they were grinding each other. I heard her cum while grinding and I could hear her pussy getting wet. Then he started to pull out and push back in slowly a little at a time and after a while he was going almost all the way out and back in. She glared at him and said fuck me and he started to pick up speed. I was in awe that she was taking his whole cock, then again he took about 40 min to get her used to it. But within a few seconds he was pounding her and she seemed to be orgasming and moaning uncontrollably. Then she muttered for him to cum in her and immediately he starred filling her. He collapsed on her and she kept muttering “holy shit” and told I’m she has never been fucked like that before! He rolled off her and asked how much time they had and she just said plenty. He got up and went to the bathroom and she aimed her pussy at one of the cameras and it was stretched and flooded with cum and said she was going to fuck him 2 more times. I texted her ok and how amazed I was she took all that and she said she didn’t think she could. She then got up and she went to the bathroom and he layed on the bed and stroked his cock and started güvenilir bahis to get hard again. She came back and asked if he was going to keep fucking her as she sucked his cock, he said definately. She smiled and climbed on his cock and lubed with his cum, eased his while cock in a few pumps. Her eyes still popped as she slid on him and they quickly got to fucking. I love watching her fuck on top with her tits bouncing and her slamming herself onto whoever she’s fucking but to also see that huge cock disappear inside her was unbelievable. Within 15 min he filled her again and as she got off I could see a stream of cum dripping out her pussy. I was dying. Then they rested for a few minuets. And then she got on all fours facing one of the cameras and she smiled and said I was next. She looked at her boy toy and said to use her as his cum dump and breed her pussy. With her ass up and face in the pillow I could see him sink into her as she screamed into her pillow. She looked up at the camera again with a glossed over look, like she used to when she took extacy…and I watched her bounce as he thrust into her. He brutally fucked her and made her beg for a baby inside her, she kept cumming as her eyes rolled back in her head. And then he finally came in her a third time. He kept slowly sliding in and out of her savoring that last fuck until he slowly pulled out. He started to laugh and said that a lot of cum dripping out of your pussy. They cuddled for a little while and she asked if he was free before we left would he want to fuck get again. He didn’t hesitate at all and gave her his number and to text if she’s free. They kissed and rubbed a little more then he got dressed and she walked him out. I was already on my way back and she was on the bed nude still. So I stripped and got a look at her pussy, it was beautify all open with cum still leaking out. She had hand marks on her ass still where her grabbed her from fucking her from behind. I got on her and within a few minuets I blew a massive load in her pussy, she even jumped when my first shot entered her. I can’t remember when I shot a load that big. She said she felt that erupt deep in her. Then I pulled out and it poured out. The bed was a complete cum covered mess. So we talked about the rest of the weekend and what we all wanted to do. She said she definately wanted to get another round in with her boy toy, I laughed and told her we better go out and site see cause she won’t be able to walk after another round. So we had sex again and took a shower. And headed out to happy hour.

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