4 Inches Pt. 01

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Author’s note

This is a work of fiction – in places it wanders almost into the world of fantasy, whilst in others it touches on some fairly horrific facts of life. It is unashamedly political, poking fun at the ridiculous sex education system which is in place in both the US and the UK, and part two introduces two of the worst crimes against humanity – arranged marriages and female genital mutilation. Part three is pure porn (I think – although it might change in the writing) and part 4 will wrap up the politics. I’ll leave some strings dangling to tie part 5 to, if you show a desire for it.

This is the first story I have ever tried to get published, so for the benefit of the moderators I will say this is all my own work, all sexual intercourse described in detail is between consenting people over the age of 18, and I would like to thank my two editors, WinterHunny713 and Lovelyinlingerie for their advice and support.

The fiction begins here.


Hi John, thank you for offering to get this work published for me. I assure you it is 100% true, I just changed enough so you can’t track down any of the people.

When I was a bit younger, I went to high school in a small town, somewhere in the United States. I think I can say it was quite an affluent town with a great climate, without giving too much away. It also had one of the best high schools in the state. The reason it had such a good reputation was because of something they called SPEx, which is like sex education on steroids.

They had a counsellor there who specialised in Social and Personal Experience – Miss Smith (that’s not her real name) had pioneered SPEx because she was fed up with the poor quality sex education the school had been putting on up till then, and over the last five years she had revolutionised the school and single-handedly made it one of the best in the state. Unwanted pregnancy had disappeared and absenteeism was down by two thirds, which meant students got some really good grades and the school got an amazing reputation.

Miss Smith herself had quite a reputation. She would do SPEx classes with everybody from ninth grade upwards, and she always started by reminding the students that what she was teaching them to do was illegal until they were 18. Her mantra was that if you are going to have sex, you should respect your partner and make sure they enjoyed it as much as you do – it may be illegal but it should be safe and consensual.

There were rumours that she wasn’t beyond giving practical demonstrations to over 18’s, apparently one boy had gone to her concerned that his cock was so big it wouldn’t fit inside his girlfriend’s vagina. The story goes that she had taught him how to prepare his girlfriend, and then demonstrated how elastic the vagina is in a very personal manner. Some parents heard about this and tried to get the police involved, the police interviewed every child in the school, and not one of them admitted to knowing anything about it. Nowadays, the parents who don’t want their kids properly educated send them to a different high school, and people are actually moving into the town so their kids can go to school there.

I was one of these people; my parents lived in a city on the other side of the state, I had spent most of my life in a big inner-city school and while my grades were good, I was very shy and socially immature. So, when I was 15, we moved back to my mother’s home town. My parents still worked in the city three days a week, so I was often home alone but as my grandparents still lived locally, I was never lonely. I enrolled at the local high school and that’s when I first met Miss Smith.

One thing I learnt very quickly was how bad my previous school had been, they taught just enough to get through exams and no more. My new school suggested that I should drop back a year, which meant I would be starting there with all the other new kids. I wasn’t the only 15 year old there, there were half a dozen others and we tended to go round together.

It had taken me a couple of years to come out of my shell, but after listening to Miss Smith’s lessons and watching some of her videos, I started dating. It took a few false starts, but eventually I was nearing my goal – I was on the verge of having sex. Shortly after my 18th birthday, I met a girl called Rebecca, we had a couple of dates, we had kissed and cuddled and groped, and tonight was the night. We were down at a friends house for a party, we had a few drinks and eventually I got her into bed. I remembered Miss Smith’s lessons and I made sure that she was enjoying the experience by going down on her, performing cunnilingus, licking her cunt, it was my first taste of girl juice and I decided I liked it. I must have spent about half an hour with my head between her legs, before I pushed her over the edge of the most fantastic orgasm.

I was still fully dressed, and by the time I got my cock out, she had rolled over on her side and fallen asleep. Remembering about respect and consent, I pulled a sheet over us both and fell asleep beside her. By the time I woke up, she’d disappeared. esat escort Never mind, she had certainly enjoyed herself and I was sure there would be another time. Unfortunately, there wasn’t. She wouldn’t speak to me again, not even to say why, but that’s when the rumours started. At first, I quite liked the rumours, they certainly attracted the girls but as time went on it became embarrassing.

Several months went by, it was becoming harder and harder to live with the rumours. That’s when I made an appointment to see Miss Smith.

Miss Smith liked to give people plenty of time to talk, and she liked to ensure privacy so she would work long hours. My appointment was for 6:30 on a Thursday evening, in early June. Her office was discreetly hidden round the corner of the main building, you could easily slip in and out without being spotted, but there was nobody around to spot me as I walked in the door. Miss Smith welcomed me as soon as I walked in.

“Good evening”

“Ah – hello – can I talk to you?”

“Of course you can. Come over here and sit down.”

I was nervous. This was worse than going to the doctors, at least there were plenty of innocent reasons to go see a doctor but what innocent reasons were there for going to see Miss Smith?

“What can I do for you?”

“I’ve got a bit of a problem.” She just sat quietly, and eventually I had to carry on. “It’s about my penis. It’s too small.”

She just stared at me, my face, and then down to my groin. I shifted uncomfortably under her stare, she still said nothing until I had to break the silence. “You see there’s a rumour going round the school that I’ve got this 9 inch cock.”

For a counsellor, she seemed very quiet. She seemed to think her personality would be enough to draw out all my secrets. She was probably right.

“It’s not true, but now all the girls that I go out with are expecting this wonderful time, and I can’t satisfy them, so whenever they get to the point where I have to take my trousers off I just run away.”

At last, she smiled and responded. “The average man doesn’t have a nine inch penis you know, so how big is yours?”

“It’s about four and a bit and I know that’s less than average.”

“Well most men have got a penis that is less than the average length because some men are a lot longer than the average but very few are a lot shorter. It’s a skewed distribution, if you know what one of them is.”

Of course I knew what a skewed distribution was, I was a geek after all. It just never occurred to me – it wasn’t something I thought about everyday.

“I never thought of it like that. I suppose it is a skewed distribution so, for every man who’s got a 9 inch cock, there must be half a dozen with 4 inch cocks to compensate.”

“Exactly, so your 4 inches might not be up to average but it’s certainly normal.”

“But even so, when the girl’s expecting nine she’s not going to be happy with four.”

“So what do you do when a girl asks you out?”

“Well the first few dates are alright, and I’ll probably go down on her and give her an orgasm, and then find some excuse to split with her before she insists on finding out what’s inside my trousers.”

“I am not quite sure what you want me to do. “

“Can you help me?”

“We can try to find out who it is that started the rumour and get them to say it’s not true.”

“But then no girls would want to go out with me!”

“Girls don’t just go out with boys that have got big cocks you know, there are actually some girls out there who will like you just because of who you are. Surely some girls you have been with must’ve found how big you are?

“No, I’m still a virgin. I’ve never even had a girl suck my cock, in fact I don’t think any have ever even seen it. Since this rumour started going round, I don’t take my pants off in the changing room after football practice. I’m not embarrassed of what I’ve got, I’m just embarrassed that it’s not as big as everybody thinks it is.”

“I think we need to find you a girlfriend who doesn’t expect you to have a nine inch cock and would be quite happy with your four and a bit, and then you can stop worrying about any of the other girls finding out because you will not need to go out with them. We need to find somebody who likes your personality rather than your physical attributes.”

“How are we going to do that? All the girls my age in this town go to this school, so they’ll all have heard the rumours. And if anybody round here did find out, they would just blow the whistle on me.”

“I get a lot of girls coming in here to talk to me, and I know that quite a few of them are more interested in a man’s personality than just having sex. Let’s see what sort of a girl you want. Do you want somebody quiet and intelligent, somebody you can hold a good conversation with and will help you make decisions, or do you want to be the one making the decisions and find a girl who just does as she is told, or do you want somebody who will boss you about, someone who is dominant?”

I had been etimesgut escort looking Miss Smith in the eye when she started asking this question, but when she mentioned being bossed about I suddenly found I couldn’t hold it any longer. I looked down at the floor, and I felt my cock twitch at the thought of being bossed about. Surely that wasn’t what I wanted, I wanted somebody intelligent that I could talk to not somebody who was going to treat me like a pet. Miss Smith had obviously caught my reaction though, her next words shocked me but I could feel my cock reacting.

“Show me your cock!” She demanded.

No! I couldn’t do that! She’s a teacher, I have to see her every day at school, she can’t expect me… While my mind was in turmoil, my hands had already reached down and unzipped my trousers and were pulling my dick out through the fly.

“Not like that! Take your trousers off.”

Again, the order bypassed my brain straight to my hands. I released my belt, undid the button and dropped my trousers down to my ankles. My underpants followed, without being told and I could feel myself getting hard.

“You like the humiliation don’t you? You’d get off on someone telling the world you have a small dick, wouldn’t you! Now bring that thing over here so I can feel it.” Her voice was stern and authoritative.

I was shaking all over, my mind seemed to have shut down and all I could do was follow orders. With trousers around my ankles, I shuffled over to her. Reaching out, she grabbed my shaft and started pulling the foreskin back and forth, wanking me. My staff quickly grew to full size and she pulled a ruler out of her desk. My mind relaxed a bit, she only wanted to measure me. Didn’t she?

Pain suddenly shot through my cock as she slapped it with the ruler. I wanted to scream or run away, but I hadn’t been given permission so I just stood there and let her hit me with the side of the ruler, the pain somehow turning to pleasure within my body.

“Spread your legs!”

I kicked one leg out of my trousers and moved it out so my feet were about three foot apart. This gave her space to start hitting my balls and scrotum, hard enough to make me wince, hard enough for my brain to tell me to run away, but somehow the pain was blocking my powers of conscious thought. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t shout, I could only stand there till my cock was swollen and red. My balls felt ready to burst when she suddenly grabbed my penis and dragged it into her mouth. I ended up standing on tiptoe as her tongue wound round my helmet. She was cupping my balls with one hand and she must have felt them tightening because just as I was on the verge of coming, she stopped.

“I think I can find somebody who won’t worry about the size of this little thing. Be at my house at 2 o’clock on Saturday afternoon and I’ll introduce you. In the meantime, you’re not allowed to touch it, at all, not even to use the toilet. Do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am, I’ll be there. But, how am I supposed to pee?”

“I’m sure you can find a way. Just find somewhere quiet, and use your imagination. Now, we need to do some paperwork. What’s your name?”

“My name is Joe, ma’am. Joe Grady.”

She filled in some paperwork and had me sign it, then told me her address and repeated that I was not allowed to touch my cock until she gave me permission. Then with one last little kiss, she helped me pull my pants and trousers back up and closed the door behind me. My head was spinning, my cock and balls were desperate for attention, I would go home and have a good wank, find some porn online, wrap my fist round my penis and pretend it was a warm moist vagina. Except, I’d been told not to touch it.

She’d never know, unless she asked me, but I could tell a lie, couldn’t I? No I couldn’t, if she was going to find me a girlfriend I didn’t want to risk upsetting her. But the torment, if I could just touch it, could I roll up a towel and lie on that instead, would that count as touching it? Could I cum like that? Did I really want to be somebody’s slave? In the end, I decided I really did want to let somebody else make the decisions. They were two of the most frustrating days of my life.

I arrived at Miss Smith’s home at 1:58 on Saturday afternoon. As I pulled into her drive, I saw her sitting on an old swing at the side of the house. She was wearing a bikini, white with yellow dots, which barely covered her charms. If I couldn’t find a girl that would be happy with my four inches, maybe I should try for an older lady. After all, Miss Smith was only in her late thirties and still had an excellent figure.

I climbed out of my car and walked towards her.

“New car?”

“Yes ma’am, my parents bought it for me for my 19th birthday, last month.”

“Nice! We’re out back, round the pool. We thought since it was such a lovely day we’d go for a dip.”

“You should have said, I didn’t bring any trunks.”

“You don’t need any. Now strip!”

“What, here?” Panic lit up my brain. “What happens if somebody walks past?”

“Then etlik escort they’ll see you,” she smirked, “so you’d better be quick about it.”

I pulled my shirt off over my head, then bent down and pulled off my shoes and socks before standing up and dropping my shorts and pants around my ankles. I stepped out of them and Miss Smith picked them up, folded them neatly and lay them on the swing. Then she reached down, grabbed my cock and led me round the side of the house.

I had started getting hard as soon as I saw her in the bikini, and the thought of maybe being caught naked had made me harder. Her grip as she pulled me forward brought me to full hardness, but I nearly blew my load as I walked round the corner and found a yard full of women, some old, some young, some wearing one-piece swimsuits, some topless and others totally naked. Some were splashing about in the pool while others lay on sunbeds, tanning in the bright sun and some were standing around in groups, chatting.

“This is my family. That’s my mother over there in the shade and I’m sure most of the others will introduce themselves during the course of the afternoon. You were saying that you are a virgin and nobody has ever seen your cock before so I thought I’d give you a bit of a challenge, your job is to give every one of these women an orgasm, but the main person I want you to meet is my niece, Julie.”

Still being led by the cock, I was taken over to the side of the pool where a young lady was lying on a sunbed. She was wearing a one-piece swimsuit which appeared quite modest from the front, but was practically backless and it was thin enough that her nipples were clearly visible standing out through the material.

“Hello Joe, Aunt Katie’s been telling me so much about you.”

The gentle sounds of her voice drew my attention from her breasts to her face, and I suddenly realised the while her breasts were worth staring at her face was even better. Like her aunt, she had blonde hair and high cheekbones, a well-shaped mouth and a small button nose, but it was her eyes that held my attention. The palest of blue, they seemed to twinkle and laugh at me, while pulling me into their depths.

“She was saying you’re scared that people might not like your penis, and while I’m not an expert I was wondering if you might value my opinion, if you let me have a look at it.”

I suddenly found himself kneeling beside her, my hands behind my back, my penis pressed forward for her inspection. She gave a little giggle, reached out and pulled back my foreskin then leaned over and gently licked the drop of pre-cum from my hole. Then she quickly leaned further forward and took the length into her mouth, tonguing the underside and sucking gently. Her hand had slipped down and was playing with my balls when she suddenly felt my scrotum tighten and she pulled her mouth away to look at my face just as a jet of my cum sprayed out leaving trails across her face, down her neck and onto her swimsuit. Oh God, how embarrassing was this. The first time a girl had actually touched me and I had cum all over her face. I turned to run, only to find Aunt Katie still stood behind me and she wasn’t letting me go anywhere.

“Sit down!”


“Sit! Down!”

Julie twisted onto her side and slid over to give me room to sit on the side of the sunbed, but I sat right on the edge facing away from her.

“I’m sorry, I’ve not done that very often, in fact you’re the first boy I’ve ever done it with. In the past, I’ve only practised with dildos and bananas.”

I suddenly spun round to look at the girl. I had just shot my cum all over her face, and she was apologising. I knew it was my fault, and I could not let her take the blame.

“Don’t be silly, it was all my fault. I’m the one that is supposed to have a 9 inch cock and lots of experience!”

She burst out laughing, and smiled sweetly at me and said “I’m glad you don’t have 9 inches, I think it is the perfect size as it is. And I know you’re a virgin just like I am, so I think I’d like to get to know you better. It must be a bit of a shock to have your cock in a girls mouth within minutes of being introduced to her.”

“It seems to run in the family, your Aunt had my cock in her mouth within minutes of meeting me as well.”

Miss Smith was still standing beside the sunbed, listening to the conversation. “It certainly runs in the family, and there’s a few more women around here who’d like it in their mouth or even their cunt within minutes of meeting you” she said. “Of course if you’re planning on pleasuring her daughters, we’d better go and meet mother first. Julie dear, can you go and sort out the punch for me please.”

I stood up and followed Miss Smith. Or should I start calling her Aunt Katie now? I wasn’t sure how that would go down in school, but I had a feeling she would be quite happy for me to call her that today. We walked round the pool, I was taking my time looking at the swinging tits and shaved pussies on every side. I realised there weren’t quite as many beautiful bodies here as I had first thought, there appeared to be five older ladies about Katie’s age, and six young ladies between 18 and 30. I had also seen a couple of younger girls running around, but they seemed to get chased back into the house whenever one of the older ladies saw them. A thought suddenly crossed my mind.

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