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4 Couple FunBabs and I have known each other since junior high school. We dated all through high school and college and got married. Neither of us have ever had any form of sex with anyone else. We’ve also known three other couples since junior high who like us have been together since then and married after college. We all attended the same college where we rented a four bedroom house. Even though we lived in the same house for 3 years, we never saw any of the others naked nor did they ever see us. All four of us guys played football, baseball and basketball in high school. We still get together and play ball of some sort and stay in shape. The girls were also active in sports that matched their particular size and ability.One of the couples is Bill and Linda. Bill is about 6’3 and is ruggedly handsome. Linda stands 6’1” and was captain of the volleyball team. She is not only tall, but very toned with long shapely legs. I estimate her tits to be around a large B or small C cup. She has long brown hair and brown eyes.Another couple is Nick and Suzette. They are the typical Mutt and Jeff couple. Nick is 6’4” and Suzette is all of 5’3”. She was a gymnast in high school and works teaching gymnastics to younger girls. Nick is average looking and Suzette is a gorgeous sexy imp. Her long blonde hair hangs all the way down her back and is set off with her bright blue eyes. Her waist can’t be more than 14-15 inches and her tits appear to be a small B cup, but fit her quite well. Suzette has the most infectious smile that would melt the heart of any man that gazed her way.The third couple is Wade and Margie. Wade stand 5’11” and has the look of a male model. He always attracted the girls and still draws their attention. Margie stands 5”8”, shoulder length black hair and dark eyes. She played softball, basketball and soccer and still is very active and has a great figure set off by a full set of C cup tits. And then there’s Babs (yeah, her parents named her Babette) and me, Sean. I stand 6’2”, brown hair and have been told that I’m good looking. Babs is 5’7”, naturally red hair and green eyes. Her parents moved here when she was little and she still has a slight Irish accent. Like Margie, Babs played softball (pitcher), basketball and soccer and is also very active and works out with the rest of us. Her tits are a very firm C cup.We had been out of college for 5 years at the time this took place. We all had jobs or careers and keep in touch. Every other week we meet at one house for dinner, drinks and just good fellowship. We take turns on whose house we go to and we all have keys for each other’s house in case of emergency or to take care of things when one couple is on vacation.Over the Labor Day weekend several years ago, it was our turn to host the regular get together. I don’t know if it was planned or not, but all four wives showed up in summer dresses instead of the usual shorts. I think it had something to do with them all being pregnant. Babs is 8 months along, Linda is next at 6 months, Margi is 5 months and Suzette is barely 3 months along.After dinner, we were sitting around in the living room talking and enjoying a glass of wine. Babs was sitting next to me and all of sudden we could feel our baby start to kick and move. I made comment about it and Babs pulled her dress tight in hopes of letting the others see her belly move, but it was hard to see through the fabric, so reached down and lifted her dress up enough to show her belly only.Babs was embarrassed as her white panties showed, but between her belly and legs, it was hard to see them. Once her belly was visible, the others could see JJ (we’ve already named our son), the others could clearly see him kicking and moving his hands across her belly. Linda said that her daughter was kicking also and Bill followed my example and lifted her dress over her belly. What he didn’t know was that Linda had no panties on. She quickly pulled her dress back down, but not before we all got a quick look at her neatly trimmed strip of hair. Her face was bright red and she slapped Bill on the shoulder. He said he didn’t know she was commando. Embarrassed, Linda explained that early in her pregnancy she was having a problem with bladder infections and her gynecologist recommended that she go without panties as it keeps her drier and reduces infections and she said that it’s been working. Margie asked if she felt awkward going without and she said at first and only if your husband unexpectedly lifts your dress in front of others. This started a conversation among the ladies about being pregnant and all things they had in common. Linda’s baby really started kicking, so Babs handed her a towel she could cover with as Bill again lifted her dress. Babs still had her belly showing and now it was a back and forth, watching the babies kick türbanlı batman escort and move. Wade asked Margie if their baby was moving at all and she said only a little. He reached for the edge of her dress and hesitated before she chuckled and said she was wearing. He lifted her dress up just enough to show her belly but it was hard to see any movement. Nick and Suzette didn’t want to be left out and Suzette lifted her dress up to show her small baby bump. Many women are just starting to show at 3 months, but as tiny as she was, her belly already was visibly showing. It was then that Nick commented that all the years we’ve been friends that this was the first time that he’s ever seen the other girls’ panties. It was funny as all four blushed, especially Linda when Bill said he still hadn’t seen Linda’s panties and we all laughed. After another glass of wine, the ladies started talking about other changes such as those to their tits. Babs said that hers were swelling and that she if they got any bigger she’d have to go to a D cup to hold them. Linda said hers were getting larger and Bill and enthusiastically seconded that comment. Suzette asked the other wives if their nipples and aureoles had darkened and they all said they had. She said that she noticed them getting darker before she knew she was pregnant and that was what made her get tested to see if she was pregnant. Nick, who has always been the more outgoing of the bunch, suggested they pull their tits out and compare the changes and Suzette slapped him on the shoulder. Bill, Wade and I chimed in that we thought it was a great idea and we all got slapped. Suzette asked him if he wanted everyone else to see her boobs and Nick said it was okay with him. She acted surprised but it seemed like a fake reaction for the rest of us. Babs turned to me and said what about me and I told her if she wanted to compare pregnant tits with the others that wasn’t going to stop her. Linda and Margie turned towards their hubbies with a questioning look. Wade immediately said it was okay with him and Bill said that we’ve been friends so long that he didn’t see the harm in it. Bill then asked Linda if she was wearing a bra and she gave him that shocked look. He said he didn’t know she had no panties so figured he better ask what else she left at home. She said that in order show her tits that she’d have to take her dress all the way off and that she would be left completely naked if she took her bra off to ‘compare pregnant tits.’ Nick echoed what Wade said about everyone being friends and so close for so long that it shouldn’t matter. Then he added that everyone in the room has secretly wanted to see everyone else naked for a long time, but no one was willing to be the first to say so until now. The girls all started to deny it and then Bill turned to Linda and said he knew that wasn’t true because of some of her fantasies she told him about. She told him he wasn’t supposed to share any of that and I added that it was the same in our house. Suzette piped in and said that it sounds like the guys want the girls naked but if that’s going to happen then turn about was fair play and they had to get naked also. Nick quickly slipped his shirt up over his head, and the rest of us guys followed suit. Then Nick turned to tiny Suzette and said she was next. I didn’t think she would do it and neither did Nick, but she stood up and slipped her dress up and off and stood there in her bra and panties. I had seen her and the others in bikinis many times, but never in their underwear and although there really wasn’t much difference it was the idea of them being their undies that made it very erotic and my cock started to grow. Wade told Margie she was next as he figured they would go in order of least pregnant to most pregnant. She looked at him, stood, slipped her dress off and sat back down quickly. Everyone turned to Linda and she reminded us that she didn’t have any panties on and she couldn’t hold the towel and take her dress off. Bill offered to hold the towel and she knew him better than that and suggested she hold the towel and he could take her dress off. They stood, he pulled her dress up and over her head. She held the towel firmly in place and sat back down. Babs knew there was no backing out now and automatically stood, slipped off her dress and d****d it over my head. As she sat down, she turned to me and sat I needed to stand up and lose the shorts so I did. Before sitting I turned in a complete circle to make sure all the girls saw and swayed my hips like a male stripper. The ladies hooted and whistled and cheered. My cock was semi-erect and showed in my boxers which made the ladies sheer even more.We went in reverse order of the ladies, so Bill took his shorts off to reveal türbanlı batman escort bayan a pair of blue briefs, then Wade in his tidy whities and finally Nick who was also wearing briefs. As Nick paraded off his underwear, Suzette grabbed a dollar bill from her purse and stuffed it in this waistband. That really got the rest of the ladies going. When Nick sat down, he told Suzette it was time start comparing her pregnant tits. She reluctantly stood and asked him if he was sure and he said she was the one that started asking about the others’ tits. Turning to face the rest of us, Nick reached out and unhooked her bra before she could stop him, letting her bra pop off and fall down her arms and to the floor. Instinctively she put her arms up to cover, but Nick insisted she had to bare them in order to compare, so she dropped and arms, turned around and sat down as red faced as can be as us guys started cheering and whistling. Margie was next and with no prodding, she stood, popped her bra off and turned so everyone could see and sat down. Her tits were quite impressive and she even shook them several times like a stripper does. Linda was next. She held her towel in front of her as Bill unhooked her bra to reveal a very nice set of tits also and we continued to cheer. Babs was last and when she stood, I knew she had a hard time reaching the back of her bra with being so far along, so I did the honors and unhooked her. Her tits were getting quite large and her nipples stood out as if begging to be sucked on.And compare tits they did. They discussed how their nipples and aureoles darkened and how they lost the puffiness of their aureoles. Babs said she could feel a noticeable difference in the texture of her breast. Bill said he’s noticed the same difference in Linda’s tits, saying they felt different with the milk sacs forming and swelling. Wade agreed, but Nick said he hasn’t noticed it in Suzette’s tits and Wade suggested he felt Babs tits to find out what they were talking about. Everyone laughed and Babs said what about feeling Margie’s tits since it was his idea. Margie was obviously surprised when Wade told her to go ahead. Nick got up and approached Margie and she said what the hell and just sat there as Nick began feeling her tits. It was very erotic to watch and Nick’s resulting erection was all too noticeable. Without asking, Nick moved from Margie to Linda and started feeling her tits. Then he moved to Babs and reached out to feel her tits and she stopped him and told him not without payment first. He looked at her questioningly and she pointed to the huge bulge in his shorts. When Nick started to protest, she told him that the ladies were baring themselves for the men and it was only fair. The other wives started in agreeing and cheering with what Babs had said. He looked back over at Suzette as if to see what she thought about the idea and she just hooted and motioned for the undies to come down. Knowing he was had, Nick asked which lady wanted to do the honors. I think all of us guys were surprised when all three of the other wives eagerly volunteered. Suzette piped in and said that since it was Babs idea that she should have the honors. Nick moved over in front of her and Babs teasingly tugged at his underpants and would tug a little down on one side and then on the other. Then suddenly she yanked them straight down to his ankles. His stiff cock sprung up from its release and hit Babs right in the mouth. She reacted at first and then told him to wait next time till she gets her mouth open. That brought a round of laughter from everyone. Nick told Babs that he paid for the privilege of feeling her swollen tits and milk glands. He reached out and cupped both tits in his hands. He acted like he was weighing one and then the other. Then he leaned forward, put his cock between them and started to titty fuck her. Babs looked down and each time his cock came up, she licked the tip which was oozing plenty of pre-cum. I asked Nick if he was enjoying himself and he said yes he was and Babs also said she was enjoying it. After only a few seconds titty fucking, Nick turned to Suzette and told her that he can’t wait for her to fill with milk so he can titty fuck her. Again to my amazement, Babs told him that he was welcome to come over and titty fuck her anytime until Suzette’s tits have swelled. Suzette pretended to be upset, but it was easy to see through her façade. About that time, Linda jiggled her tits at Nick and said hers were also big enough to titty fuck, so Nick moved over to Linda, squeezed her tits together and began to titty fuck her for a short bit. He looked over to Margie and she said what the hell and Nick proceeded to titty fuck her for another 15-20 seconds. He could tell that Suzette was a little türbanlı escort batman jealous, so he returned to his tiny wife and tried his best to titty fuck her but it was obvious that she just didn’t have enough tit, but they both looked like they were enjoying it.From that point, it didn’t take long for everyone to get completely naked. Guys were feeling tits and the ladies were feeling cocks and everyone seemed to be relaxed with what was happening. Linda was the first of the ladies to start sucking cock and she chose Wade. Seeing her example, each wife took a different husband’s cock and began sucking them. We were all pretty sexually charged up and Wade told Linda that he was getting close and asked where she wanted him to cum. Linda looked at Bill who nodded her approval and she told Wade that she wanted him to cum in her pregnant pussy. They moved over to one of the sofas, Wade sat down and Linda straddled his cock and slid right down onto him. She was facing him as she did and he instantly started sucking on her tits as he slowly fucked her. Linda was so turned on that she came in less than a minute. It was obvious that her cumming was enough for Wade who groaned loudly as he pumped his ropes of seed up into Bill’s wife. Once Linda and Wade were done, Bill asked Suzette if she was up to some pussy work and she literally jumped on his cock and started riding him like he was a wild horse. Babs was sucking Nick and told him that she was ready to try his big cock and I looked down at Margi who was slowly sucking my cock and watching the developing orgy. She looked up at, grinned with my cock still in her mouth, and then slurped loudly as she pulled off. She told me she likes doggy and bent over a chair for me. I moved up behind her and slid right in. She was plenty wet and ready.The room was now filled with the sounds of balls slapping pussies and a lot of moaning and grunting. Wives were experiencing one orgasm after another, all on the cocks of their best friend’s husbands. When one pair was done, they would switch with another pair. This continued until every man had fucked every wife, including their own. After nearly two hours of sharing our wives and vice versa, everyone was tired and needed a rest. I opened another bottle of wine and poured another round and toasted the close friendship of our intimate group. Babs added that we should have done this a long time ago. Suzette said if we had there would be no telling who would be the father of whose k** and we all laughed. Linda admitted that she and Bill had talked about something like this for years, but only as a fantasy that they never believed would ever really happen. One by one each couple admitted the same thing, but also said they had never said anything for fear of ruining the friendship. I added that our friendship was no closer and tighter than ever and that we should all be more open with things like this without fear of what might happen. Suzette said she agreed that this has brought us all more closer.We sat and talked, still naked for another hour. Linda asked Suzette how she ever got used to taking Nick’s huge cock. She said it was difficult at first and for a while she could only take the head and a little more. Gradually she stretched and could take more and more until now she can take the whole thing. With that she sat on Nick’s cock and slid right down on it. Linda said as small as she was and as big as Nick is that she almost expected his cock to come out of her mouth and we all laughed. Suzette was still sitting on Nick’s cock, facing the rest of us when she suggested that all of the wives sit on their husband’s cocks and face the rest of us so they did. It was very erotic to sit there watching each man’s cock slide in and out of his wife’s pussy in front of the rest and to know that they were watching us as well. The four couples sat facing each other and fucked as if presenting a sex show. We all came in our wives and then collapsed. When we were done, the girls asked they could shower before dressing and going home. Suzette suggested that the girls draw names to see which husband they would shower with so we did. Babs drew Wade and Suzette drew me. In the shower, we soaped each other up really good, feeling every inch and crevice of each other’s body. Then we dried each other off, hugged and kissed. After everyone had showered, we met back in the living room, hugged one last time and kissed. Getting dressed, we all agreed that we wanted to do this again. Babs said she might be out of action pretty soon and Linda added that she was only a month behind so when Babs was back in action she probably wouldn’t be. Margie said that just because a lady can’t fuck doesn’t mean she can’t suck cock and still enjoy the get together, so we agreed to meet for some four couple sex every month. With that, everyone said their goodnights and left. After everyone left, I asked Babs how she felt about what happened. She almost tore my clothes off and jumped my weary cock, telling me this was the most erotic night she had ever had other than our wedding night. I told her I thought so too. We made love one last time and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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