348 Wendy`ing your way through life

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348 Wendy`ing your way through lifeWendy`ing your way through life Sometimes it`s better not to know what the wife`s up too, especially if you work away and Wendy`s old man is away 90% of the time. When he is home, he sort of `iggs’ what she gets up too, the English call it a Nelsonian eye Mostly it`s because he is endowed with a little appendage, and can`t keep up with Wendy her being a fairly sexual being and it saves a hell of a lot of heartache!His name is `Bob,’ he`s way up in oil, worth a blessed fortune and a loving if distant husband. Their home is a nice if secluded place on the edge of town, a large home, all the mod coms, and reasonable luxury on 5 acres with a pool n spa which is in a large private backyard. An Electric double garage holds a black sports car which she he drives, and they have a van with very dark windows as well. At home they have a part time staff of two, a cheaufer, cum gardener and a cook/ housekeeper, both of whom who know how to keep a secret especially with a wife who as I say is named Wendy and is sex mad!She`s attractive, in her early 50`s, 5’6″ 129 lbs, 34c-29-35, brown eyes, auburn hair, with a love of the local young men especially blacks. For who she keeps her pussy lips waxed and trimmed. Now retired, she was once a college guidance counsellor for male freshmen students, she, would counsel them on funding and what classes they needed for different majors and would sometimes be known to wear her benwa balls in her pussy as she counselled many a handsome young student! She still does some guidance counselling on funding but very selectively and from home now. When she goes shopping, she sometimes has her beloved benwa balls inside her pussy, or even occasionally around the house or at the gym a smooth metal rod in there, to tone up the internal muscles knicker- less off course!She`s been doing younger guys of all races for the past 15+ yrs. She started cheating by giving hand jobs to younger guys in her car or the van. She would go for drives at times looking for young hitch-hiker or to a skateboard park where young guys go to and she would watch them from her car or a bench wearing a short dress with heels and stockings along with crotchless panties, (that`s if she wore them at all.) She would always flash her legs and when uncovered her pussy when getting out of her car whenever any young guys were lookingShe has a varied wardrobe of lingerie, thongs, half cup bras, crotchless panties, panty-hose, crotchless teddies you name it, she`s got it! Then there`s her toys, assorted black dildo`s vibrators that look real, benwa balls, even a monkey rocker, all hidden from poor old Bob.Her only limits are pain or Anal, or the associated areas of pee or s**t. Her tubes luckily are tied since their last son (now long flown the coop) was born, but she never lets the young guys know about her sterility, so they think they can make her have their c***d, as it keeps them on their toes!Whenever Bob is home the curtains in the spare room are kept closed so any visiting youngsters know he`s about, and don’t come intruding, it’s a simple system but till now its worked.But of late she has gone one step further, taking in a young student from England, named Jerome, a lite skinned black with a big cock and its with him her latest games have been.Our Jerome luckily is a very understanding young man, He arrived during one of those periods when Bob was home for a short break, Wendy had told him about the lad coming not because they needed the money, they had loads of that, but because due to refurbishment the hostel accommodation on campus was out of use for a while and as a counsellor she had been asked with her piers to take in a student to ease the problems… most as soon as the accommodation reopened went back into the new flats, just not Jason, who instinctively knew where his bread was buttered, he was getting the VIP treatment from his landlady, and had high hopes for more and that beat a student flat-let hands down.Bob was happy that the lad was staying, he had long worried about security, Wendy being on her own and as the lad had shown no inclination to do more than study and with that he went joyfully illegal bahis off to Alaska to shoot trouble in an oilfield!So, we take up the story on the first night after his departure, as Jerome arrived home a little late from college, by this time he had his own key and the housekeeper was waiting to serve the evening meal before going home-going home.He washed up quickly and still dressed in a shirt and slacks arrived hurriedly at the table as did the meal, Wendy already sitting at the end of the big old table, he being a little late apologised and with just a little small talk the meal was begun, the sweet being served Wendy dismissed the housekeeper saying that Jerome would stack the dishwasher for having held them up! To which Jerome replied in his best western voice “Yes Ma-am!” and saluted, the housekeeper laughing her thanks and going on her merry way homeward, at last they were alone. Now till then Jerome had been a model lodger, and Wendy a landlady above reproach, though Jerome had enjoyed a crafty wank or two at the thought of this tidy if mature lady being his, if only in fantasy, and Wendy having her eye on the lodger as a stud, though till now not having made any moves, Bob being home!After the meal and Jerome having done his chores our heroine suggested a swim, it being a warm and sticky evening.This was her stage 1 ploy, she had used it on a number of occasions mostly with the youth of the area, who she would “allow to swim” and then by “accident” she would expose odd bits of her body while changing allowing the lads to enjoy first the view then certain liberties… phase 2, the second time they visit, she tends to swim in not a lot, (or less) followed by a teaching and demonstrating period to “get their breath back” phase 3 tended to not even use the pool!Jerome however being slightly older than most visitors, and a keen student of anatomy to boot, she hoped he may well be just a little less in need of all the phases.Now Jerome by not being as dim as the image he had so far presented, realising the opportunity this presented, clicked on to Wendy, and her ideas, so we had a situation whereby the hunter, (Wendy) was attempting to snare the ‘oh so willing to be trapped’ (Jerome)!So, this was going to be a short chase by any standards!Wendy appeared at the pool in a one-piece suit, not wishing to scare off the lad, he appeared in a modest swimsuit with his tool arranged to give a maximum show by the circumcised head if it peeped over the waistband, he dived in and swam a few strokes neatly and with a minimum of splash. Wendy more modestly lowering her body in down the ladder, watched intently by her prey, she too began swimming a lovely smooth breast stroke that made her chest break the surface in alternate bobs that enhanced the things for a younger lad beautifully.She noted his eyes were on her chest the whole time as she swam towards him, standing before him in water about his chest height, she too came to stand in front of the lad, there eyes met and they stood in silence for a second or two, then to break the awkward silence she said “the water was refreshing, though she usually swam nude at this point in the evening, as she loved the sensuous feeling of the waters caress on her lonely body before bedtime!”He grinned and said that “if she wished to do that, it was her pool and who was he to break a tradition?” he added that “what he had seen of it her body was trim enough to grace any nude beach,” and that “he was not averse to seeing more, he not being a prude or a blabber-mouth!”She grinned but made no move to tear off the swimsuit, just slipped her hand onto his shoulders, muttering “thank you Jerome, that was a nice compliment.” By now under the water if she had looked downwards the mushroom of his excitement was just beginning to push the waist of the suit from his body, but her eyes now were fixed on his, so she apparently did not notice.“Let`s swim” she suggested, and for the next few minutes they swam, up and down, Jerome fit and energetic reaching the shallows first after a few lengths. She reached the bar at the end and laying on her back spread her arms along it, the effect was to raise her breasts illegal bahis siteleri and belly from the water, Jerome followed suit, his trim body and golden tan skin a contrast to the blue pool, his red trunks now sporting a slowly re-stiffening tool as he let his eyes run over her dark blue suit. “Erm, that comment I made about your not being out of place on a nudist beach, well I hope you didn’t take that the wrong way, I meant it as a compliment, your trim and tidy and I would hate you to think I was not complimenting you!”She turned to face him their fingers just touching on the rail, and she grinned saying “Thank you Jerome that was most kind…” by now the combination of cool water and hot thoughts had her nipples rising, a fact that our man did not ignore, his eyes never leaving the twin peaks trying to break through the suit fabric.They both began to speak at once he stopping to allow her to continue, “Look, I`m a well-known woman in the area, I am in a privileged position, and the last thing I need is scandal, or my husband finding out that I ever swam naked especially with a young man in my pool, especially as I hardly know you Jerome!”He grinned, then promised that “folk would hear nothing from him, if she was a little indiscrete, she was his friend, his landlady and married why ever would he jeopardise that situation…” he added that “the fact she was a very attractive woman to him was just an eye-catching bonus!” at this point the huntress perhaps became the hunted, but it was a subtle transformation.She glanced down at his trunks, then in amazement she saw the tip of the mushroom peeping from the waistband which stirred her excitement even more.Till now it had been wordplay, simple verbal exchanges, the next move, perhaps a touch, perhaps a caress, would begging the ball to roll unstoppably down the slippery slope to who knew were.They both turned at once towards one another, his left and her right arms mooring them to the bar the other arm slipping itself to their shoulders, and their lips welding themselves together like long lost friends.There was no going back, no pretence, just a mutual lusty understanding as they sank to their knees, the water just at nipple level, their mooring hands now in action holding their respective partners in a hug that spelt promise, m*****ing backs, shoulders, hips. His lips falling to her neck, her head thrown back as his teeth nipped at her under her ear, groaning her lusty approval of his assault.Her hand seeking his trunks at the front now, feeling the size and strength of his errection, sussing out the big soft balls, the stiff girth of the tool, his mixed-race parentage showing its black origin`s in his size, his youth in his virility, his keenness in his movements, that she knew instinctively this lad would be a great lover. They knew not to leave the water, or this magic moment might pass, his hands gently slipping the straps from her shoulders, her own sliding down his trunks, not in a hurry but oh so eagerly. Her suit top was rolled gently down, and his lips found that soft nub without looking, a moment that he had dreamed of since he first saw her when he had arrived and that even like this with his eyes closed in the extasy of the moment, like a baby he knew could locate instinctively.He began to suck, lick, nuzzle and caress the nipple, slowly oh so slowly and with care her nails on his shoulders, lightly digging into his tan flesh, telling him just how much she was enjoying his ministrations.He stood his crutch at her face height, her hands slipping to his still clad butt, soft and strong in her clawing hands, she began to nuzzle the stiff still hidden manhood, eager fingers slipping the fabric from young hips the trunks dropping to knees then left to themselves to ankles and off her hands grasping the stiff tool hot and rigid now her lips kissing the head, lapping at the purple mushroom, tongue dabbing into his slit, one hand caressing his big soft balls the other exploring his backside cheeks, his own hands running through her hair urging her to take more… Wet locks slipping through his fingers time and again as she worshiped the youthful stiffness of his manhood, canlı bahis siteleri her tongue took his cock-head and guided it into her waiting mouth, the warm cavity welcoming this rigid invader, they both knew it couldn’t last, within minutes the excitement of the evening overtook our hero and his seed began pumping into her throat, gouts of grey white protein she was desperate not to miss, gulping down his emission like a drain in a rainstorm, not a drip was missed of his youthful outpourings. Her breathing telling of her own shallow orgasm, the first of many she had few doubts now.She released his still soft tool and stood up, lips entwining, the taste of his seed adding to the kiss as she wriggled from her suit, he now falling to hid knees and kissing her belly her mons, and then finally her waxed lips, her head thrown back in a long moan of satisfaction as his tongue found that clit-button that so excites a woman. His chin just splashing distractingly in the pool water, he knew this was not the place, and catching her under the arms lifted her bodily onto the poolside her legs finding their way as if by magic to trap his head to her, interlocking behind his head as his tool in the water as she sat above him. It was bliss, lapping at her slot of life, his tongue lavishing itself on the copious discharge of lubricant she was unable to control. He revelled in it, that taste, that smell, that feeling, her clit slippery now as it rubbed on his tongue, she whispered “come,” and released him , he bouncing up onto the poolside as she stood then hand in hand they walked to the lounger, their costumes forgotten, her breast jiggling as she walked dragging him by his hand his tool stiff and swaying with every step, till they arrived at the deck lounger, fortunately a solid wooden affair, which she quickly lay on, her legs akimbo, as an obvious invite. He now, more falling than climbing up between her legs and slithering into her body with unairing aim, a hole in one!She grunted as he slid home, then as if with a second though she aid “you fertile?” it was a question that she appreciated, he had at least thought, she just answering “just do it, FUCK ME AND HARD …AND NOW!”He took no second telling, the tool rammed home, then again and again, her hands on his shoulders head nodding with each hard thrust, body rippling and tits like jellies swilling about on her chest, her mouth open in a long drawn out howl of extasy, as he grunted and rammed himself deep into her guts, the end clumping against her cervix like a chisel on a boulder, it was extasy, a hard , youthful battering she had no control over, she was his, he could do as he wished to her, his, his, his, this young stallion could hammer her to death, she didn’t care…her Bob was not even in the equations, she had been had numerous times in her lifetime, her husband, boys, youths, but none , not one, could compared in any-way to this tanned skinned English student lover who was trying so desperately to ram his way through her body, her guts, to drill a hole to her throat… He to crying out as if in anguish, telling her she was his whore now, his slut, a lovely delicious cunt that no one else would ever share to this level…The sound of his voice adding to her joy, she knew she was his as she began to cum, a huge tsunami wave crashing on lonely rocks, no ordinary orgasm, no run of the mill quick fuck and cum, such as she had endured this last month from Bob, but a hard ramming, battering, brutal attack on her inner being, that was bringing on an orgasm dredged up from her very soul. she began to scream, uncontrollably, the release a high she would never forget, this first assault, the first high… her head slapping from side to side, her brain unable to express itself further, it was reached the end of normality, and she began to lose conscious reason as she felt his seed spewing into her like a hot cream wave hitting her inner-belly.They lay entwined, it was a moment of peace, that moment when the world doesn’t matter, just before reality strikes and when the excitement has as yet not worn off. The kissed, no longer landlady and lodger, mother figure and son-alike but lovers, master and slave or mistress and sub by mutual consent. They knew that this could never be a one-off experience though they could never again reconstruct those circumstances, that spontaneity but they knew they were destined to try, again and again…

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