25th Class Reunion

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My name is Tere and by now you have probably read some of my other stories. This story begins at my 25th Class Reunion. I graduated from a small High School in Texas so my class had 128 in the graduating class.

I am President of my Senior Class Reunion Committee so I am very involved in all aspects of the Committees. As in all the reunions I have helped with, I make sure that we all have a real good time. All the Single Guys end up to be my responsibility to see that they have a good time, since I am the single female on the committee.

I am well endowed so alot of the married men have their eyes glued to me too, which causes a bit of discomfort from their wives. I take it in stride and try to keep my distance from the married ones.

I do tend to have a real good time though, because there are quite a few single guys in my class and they do keep me busy with dancing and partying with them. On this night, I had plenty of help cleaning up after the party was over. In fact, I didn’t really do much of anything but explain to the guys where I wanted the stuff put. After we got through with the clean up duty and the rest of the people had gone home, a few of the single guys were left, along with the rest of a keg of beer.

We continued to party after we moved the part to the park. It was John, Jim, Mike and I left to party together. One of them had a blanket in his car so he got bahis firmaları it out and spread it on the ground. We all sat on the blanket and listened to music while we all caught up on what had been happening to each other. After awhile, talk lead to where everyone worked and when I mentioned working for a man’s prison, and what all I see each and every day at work. I think talking about hard cocks got John, Jim and Mike kind of horny because they started saying if they were locked up and seeing me all day long, they would be masturbating all the time too.

Before I knew what was happening, John, Jim, and Mike had pulled out their cocks and were each stroking their cocks. I was turned on by this and immediately my nipples became hard and my pussy was getting very wet. I told them, if this keeps up, we are going to have to do something about it because I was getting very horny and hadn’t had sex in a while. Needless to say, it didn’t take them long to get their clothes off and started undressing me. When I was naked, they had me lay on my back. John and Jim each started sucking on my tits and saying how they had sat in class during school dreaming about what it would be like to be doing this to me. Mike immediately had his tongue in my pussy, licking and sucking on my clit. After only a few minutes, his face was covered in my juices. I begged someone to please fuck me, because they were driving kaçak iddaa me nuts.

Mike put his cock inside me and was sliding in and out so fast and hard, that he was soon coming and coming deep inside of me. As soon as he came he pulled out and John took his place inside my pussy. While John was banging away at my pussy I was sucking on Mike and cleaning his cock up. John shot his load deep inside of me and he slipped out of my pussy. I told them I needed to be fucked up the ass. Jim laid down and I mounted him and leaned over so Mike could have access to my ass. He put his cock to my ass and since I was so wet and excited, he slipped inch by inch inside my ass. Once he was in all the way, Jim and Mike started fucking both holes. John was biting on my tits as he was masturbating. Needless to say, we all started screaming and cuming all at once. It was great having so much cock to play with.

I looked up and saw a car pull up. We didn’t have time to cover up, so we all said, oh well, someone is going to get see a lot of action. It turned out to be Tom, a tall Cowboy who had been at the Reunion. He had decided to come back and party some more since he knew we still had beer.

As soon as he got out of the car, I saw a huge bulge in his jeans. I told him he might as well join the party since he already knew what we were doing. Tom told me he always wanted to see those tits and taste them. kaçak bahis You won’t believe how many dreams I have had of being with you. I told him here is your chance to see if dreams do come true. To tell the truth when Tom pulled out his cock I was the one who thought they were having a dream. He had the biggest cock I had ever laid eyes on. He was about 12 inches long and had the thickest cock I had ever seen and had the chance to ever be with. At that moment I realized what a lucky woman anyone would be to have that cock in their bed all the time.

I grabbed onto his cock and told him how I just have to taste you. I ran my tongue up and down his cock as Jim was fucking my pussy . John and Mike were resting and drinking some beer so I could take the time to take care of Jim and Tom. Jim shot his load deep inside of me and then told Tom that he was going to take a break and drink some beer, so Tom could catch up on the action that he had missed out on.

I begged Tom to put that huge cock between my legs and let me know what it felt like to have someone as big as him inside of me. Tom slipped that cock inch by inch into my pussy and then started banging those balls up to my ass and out again. I thought I had died and gone to Heaven because this was a dream I didn’t want to wake up from.

After all the fucking that we did, we drank the rest of the keg, and then parted ways. We plan to get together at the 30th reunion and try and top this one.

If you ever thought about going to a class reunion, you should do it. You never know what will happen when you do. You might just have a dream come true.

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