20 Years of Infidelity Part 16

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20 Years of Infidelity Part 16Friday Late Afternoon and Early Night…Sucking just creampied pussy was even better than I thought it would be. The only thing disappointing was that Jason had come so much during the day that his load was small. I wanted pussy sloppy with cum. By the time I pulled my lips away from the girls pussy, she’d had more than enough activity between her legs. Jason had eaten her to an orgasm, then my mouth on her had made Jason hard and ready to fuck. After taking care to ease his cock in, once Jason knew she could take all of his huge cock he’d pounded her pussy lips red. Taking her hard and fast for several minutes until he came. And now I’d just finished sucking on her hole.I was jealous of this girl. I wished my pussy had been treated this well. Licked, fucked and sucked on.It wasn’t until the boat was loaded and Jason and I were sailing away that it occured to us that we’d never gotten her name. Ah well, if she was on the beach tomorrow we’d ask her then for her name. I’d just eaten my first pussy. It would be nice to know her name.Jason could hardly talk of anything else on the sail back. I guess it was normal. A 17 year old had just witnessed his step-mom munching her first pussy. He wanted details! LOL Giving him details kept him horny. Remembering details kept me horny. I think both of us were hoping Marty and Mary would be available tonight to help us work this excitement off.Today we stopped at an eatery on the way back to the condo for something to eat. After a long day of sun, sea and sex we were starving. It was late in the day with the sun on the horizon as we entered our condo. Mary must have seen us from her window because she opened her door while Jason was retrieving our condo key from our back patio. Admitting that she’d been waiting for Jason all day, she asked if she could come to our condo in an hour. The two of us would just switch condos for the night. ‘Marty has been waiting all day for you, too,’ she explained with a laugh. I agreed and said an hour would be perfect. When she knocked on the door, I’d showered, douched and was ready to switch condos and partners for the night.As soon as I entered the door, Marty was drawing me into a kiss. Breaking his kiss Marty told me how the day had seemed so long while waiting for me. Instead of going to the couch to continue the kiss or straight to the bedroom, our night started off in almost a mirror image of our time this morning.My blouse and skirt were stipped off me in seconds. I hadn’t seen a need for panties or a bra for the few steps to Marty’s door just to have to take them off. Marty gave a growl of pleasure when he didn’t find them. Holding the back of my neck as he had this morning, Marty bent me over the back of the nearest chair. Marty gave another growl of approval when the fingers of his other hand found my pussy wet.I suppose it may seem strange that after all the dick I’d had today I was wet from wanting more. Wet and all so ready. All day most of my sex had been in doggy position. My pussy lips hadn’t been pounded enough to be very sore. Also, most of that dick had been taking two guys at once. I don’t come with just cock. Two cocks at once? That didn’t leave me with much time and even less concentration to frig my clit. You try to frig your clit while men try to ram their cocks down your throat! LOL I’d had a shit load of cock and cum but only one orgasm. That orgasm had come an hour or two before I’d tasted my first pussy. Fucking in public was a sure way to excite me. I’d been excited all damned day! I was ready for personal satisfaction!My personal satifaction seemed to be the last thing Marty had on his mind. Thank God, I was wet since Marty didn’t take things slow. Spearing my pussy with two and then three fingers. Finger fucking me hard for several minutes; not listening to my pleas to not be so rough. Every so often stilling his hand but not his fingers. Fingers that bent and moved inside me; pressing hard against my G-spot and stretching other parts of my pussy walls as he twisted his wrist.Jason had treated me this rough several times in his quest for pussy once we’d begun fucking. The Friday after Thanksgiving, when Jason had fucked my pussy raw, I’d begun wearing skirts almost exclusively. Swollen pussy lips and tight jeans don’t mix well. Many times after that an over excited Jason would pull me to our living room, strip my panties down and flip my skirt up to mount me bent over a chair for just one more fuck. Both of us looking out the widow for the first sign of his dad’s car; Jason’s only intent being to fuck me as hard and fast as possible for one last quicky. Many times I was still wet with cum from our last fuck.Most times Jason would come before his dad’s car was in sight. I’d have time to hold my pussy lips closed to prevent drips and run for our master bedroom upstairs to sit on the toilet and douche. Sometimes he’d have to pull out before coming as his dad pulled into the driveway. Then there were times Jason had just come in me, or even was still coming in me while my husband’s car pulled in the drive. I remember welcoming my husband those times with a kiss while hoping the smell of the food I was preparing for dinner would mask the scent of Jason’s cum wetting my panties.I still smile remembering one time, just before Jason’s 17th birthday, Jason and I had different reasons for not being available for sex on Monday and Tuesday. With no sex over the weekend that meant four days with no sex and Jason was having a large case of blueballs when he came home late on Wednesday after a basketball practice.Parking his car and running through the door, Jason declared we had time and he hadn’t been gentle carrying me into the living room to bend me over a chair. He wasn’t gentle stuffing his large cock up my pussy either. I was dry at first but my pussy juices started flowing almost immediately at the craziness of Jason fucking me hard and fast while both of us looked out the window, bahis firmaları watching for my hubby’s car. Jason began filling me with cum just as hubby’s car turned into our driveway. He finished filling my pussy with cum just as hubby closed his car’s door. Not having had sex for four days Jason filled me with a huge load of cum.I’d stepped out of my panties while getting fucked and with no time to untangle the filmy fabric and put them on, I stuffed them in my skirt’s pocket. My pussy lips were wet with my cum. Jason had just filled me with a huge load of his cum. I barely made it in time to be standing in front of the stove with crossed legs to greet hubby as he came through the door from the garage. I’d hoped that my crossed legs would squeeze my pussy hole closed but it wasn’t working out very well. I wasn’t dripping on the floor but I could feel my upper thighs getting wet as pussy juice and cum drained from my pussy. Every time hubby’s back was turned my hand was darting under my skirt to wipe more of my slit’s wetness onto my thighs, hopefully drying my pussy enough I wouldn’t drip onto the polished wood floor. Thank God hubby didn’t smell the sex over the smell of pungent, simmering spaghetti sauce and garlic I ‘accidentally’ spilled on the counter.My thighs were getting wetter as I stood with crossed legs. Afraid I might drip cum on the kitchen floor at any moment, or cum would slide down my legs past my skirt’s hem, I asked hubby to stir the pasta for a couple of minutes because I just had to pee. As soon as I was out of sight I had my hand up my skirt to catch any drips. Upstairs, Jason was just coming out of the hallway bathroom after washing his cock as I was passing to use the master bathroom to sit on the toilet for a quick douche. With a smug, satisfied look on his face, Jason raised his hand for a high five to my hand not under my skirt as I passed him. Ahh, the insanity of youth!I’m not sure if anyone who hasn’t taken a huge cock from an impatient teen up their dry pussy or had their pussy ruthlessly finger fucked by three large fingers driven to the knuckles, can know what I was feeling. There was real pain. At the same time there was very real excitement at having my pussy abused. There’s always a time for slow, romantic love. There are also times to be bent over a chair and used. So, at the same time I was getting loud demanding Marty to slow down, there was still a part of me wanting him to continue.When Marty suddenly withdrew his fingers, I was gasping in relief until his hand suddenly appeared and thrust a large, soft, ball gag in my mouth. He explained that he didn’t want to disturb my boy friend. His hips kept me pinned to the chair as he flipped my hair out of the way and fastened velcro straps behind my head even as I tried to spit the ball out. I could only guess that he’d put the gag under the seat cushion in anticipation of having me in just this position.With hands on my forearms he pulled me up and after walking me over to the couch, pushed me face down on the cushions. Straddling my ass, I felt him push a hand between a cushion and the back of the couch before my arms were pulled behind my back. A rope was looped around my wrists and tied. Another rope soon had my ankles tied together. Using a third length of rope my wrists and ankles were pulled towards each other and secured. In less time than I would have believed I’d been silenced and immobilized.I did try to cry out but even as I did I knew that no one would be able to hear me. The ball gag was large and foamy. It muffled my yells almost entirely. There were holes in the ball gag so at least I could breath. Holes that closed if I tried closing my mouth. Marty left me on the couch and came back shortly with a bag. The ropes around my wrists were replaced with soft manacles from the bag and clipped securely together. The same with my ankles. Marty explained he didn’t want me to bruise myself trying to escape the ropes. A chain clipped to my wrists and ankles again kept me bent backwards.Telling me he wished he had me at his home instead of here, a blindfold was put over my eyes. I could hear him moving around but could no longer see what he was doing. Whatever he was doing didn’t take long. Complaining that he could only use what he’d brought to discipline his wife, he unclipped the chain holding my wrists and ankles together and lifted me from the couch.My ankles were secured together by a short chain and I could babystep where he led me. I stepped onto something that felt like a mat. There was something hard, metal, extending up from the mat. Holding me in place with one hand the other pulled something hard, thick and lubricated up to my pussy lips and began to force it up my cunt. Even lubricated it was hard for Marty to force it past my lips and into my hole. It felt as thick as Jason’s cock’s base. But it was that thick all up its length until it tapered slightly at the tip to a rounded point. I suspected that to stretch my pussy was the reason Marty had finger fucked me so hard. Ignoring my cries at having something so large forced past my lips, once in it was easier for Marty to slide it deeper. Easier but hardly easy. Depths of my cunt were stretched as they’d never been stretched before. It felt like a 8″ dildo, thicker than anything I’d ever used, was fucking me.Even though the tip was lubricated and despite my wetness, Marty needed to back it out and then push it forward three or four times to seat it as deep as it would go. I felt a wider ledge or something press against my pussy lips and knew it was as far in me as its length was designed to penetrate. The arm holding my waist to keep me in place withdrew and I felt his arm move against my knee as he tightened something on the rod. Finished, Marty left me there.I could barely move in any direction. The long dildo in my pussy was attached by a rod to the mat I was standing on. Even up on my toes there was still at least four to five inches left kaçak iddaa in my pussy. Trying to move in any direction more than two inches, even trying to bend forwards, stretched my pussy walls uncomfortably. With my ankles secured by a short chain I couldn’t step off the mat. My own weight kept me impaled.Once I was stretched and as long as I didn’t try to move away or bend forwards to far, I wasn’t really uncomfortable. I didn’t want to think what women not used to having a large cock would be feeling. Everytime I moved too far one way or another I was reminded very quickly how thick the metal dildo deep in my cunt was.Still blindfolded I felt a collar attached around my neck. The velcro of the straps holding my ball gag in place was loosened and then stretched back to attach to the collar and secured with a lock. More locks were attached to my wrist and ankle restraints. Unclipping my wrists, Marty stepped away as I stripped off my blindfold.Sitting on the couch, Marty watched and sipped a beer as I tried to get the ball gag out of my mouth. Both straps were locked to my collar. Pulling on one just pulled it tighter while the other loosened. Trying to pull the collar around to the front of my neck resulted in the same result. The collar held the straps in place and the straps prevented me from pulling the lock around to the front of my throat. It didn’t take more than a tug or two to know the straps were to tight to pull one over my head.The small, metal locks holding the straps, collar and wrist restraints closed were barely larger than my thumbnail but effective. Looking down I got my first look at the mat I was standing on and a little of the metal rod screwed into the mat and extending up between my legs. It may have been screwed into a metal part of the mat but there was another lock keeping it from unscrewing as I turned. Feeling with my hands I discovered that there was a wide circular, metal base against my pussy lips. I suppose it was there to prevent accidentally ramming the dildo into my lungs if I tripped. With both hands on the metal base I tried raising myself up and off the metal cock inside me. Uselessly, of course. Turning around and around on the dildo did nothing to get me closer to escape either. Seeing the knob Marty had scewed to lock the metal rod in the up position did me no good. Trying to bend forward far enough to reach it, with the dildo stretching my pussy wall, was impossible. Breathing hard, I glared at Marty after exhausting all methods to break free from restraints and dildo.Marty had undressed and was stroking his cock, encouraging me to continue trying to escape. Trying to tell him to kiss my ass just produced an unintelligible sound. I shot him the finger and a fairly intelligible, ‘Uck uoo!”Now that wasn’t nice. I like nice girls,’ Marty informed me. Rising from the couch he reached into a bag and walked towards me with a riding crop. Staying outside my reach he swung the crop and with an experienced snap landed the first of many stinging hits to my ass cheeks. Remember, this was before I had a computer at home. I’d never watched a porno movie that included BDSM on VHS tapes. (Yes, c***dren. There was a time when BETA and VHS duked it out for supremacy. LOL) Later in my life I saw BDSM porno on my computer. Mostly just love taps. These were no love taps. These were hard, stinging, leave-red-marks hits.Crying out as loud as I could past the large, foam ball, I tried to turn and dance to get my ass away from that crop. I couldn’t of course. Marty easily followed me around the pole landing one hit after another with the thick, leather pad on the end of the crop. Trying to cover my ass cheeks with my hands didn’t work either. Marty just spanked my thighs. All the while he was telling me I had to be nice. I had to be obedient.By the time Marty stopped my eyes were running with tears and my nose was snotted up. If not for the holes in the ball gag I wouldn’t have been able to breath. My pussy was in spasms. Bouncing up and down on my toes while turning to try and escape the crop. Twisting and bending my body. All of that had driven and twisted my cunt hard on the dildo. Without thinking I leaned forwards to catch my breath and was jerked upright by the stretching deep in my cunt.Marty reached forward to run the pad of the crop over my tit. Again without thinking, I tried to grab it from his hand. He must have been anticipating me because with a quick move he moved the crop away and then delivered a hard, stinging swat to my nipple. No, it went way beyond stinging. It was the most pain I’d ever experienced to my tit. I cried out again around the ball gag. New tears rolled from tightly shut eyes as I grabbed my tit. I bent forwards from the pain only to be jerked upright again by the dildo. As soon as I was upright a blow even harder and more painful landed on my other tit and nipple. My cry doubled in volume as I wrapped my arms across my chest.Moving around me Marty began landing, hard stinging swats to my ass again. All the time asking if I was going to be bad. Asking if I was going to try to take the crop away from him again. I couldn’t stop myself from dancing and bouncing up and down on the dildo. When I could think through the pain I was shaking my head and trying to say, NO! around the gag.The spanking stopped and Marty moved in front of me. Tapping my protective arms with the crop and telling me to drop them to my side. I hesitantly did and this time I didn’t try to grab the crop as it slid over my tits. ‘Better,’ Marty told me. ‘Much better to be a good, obedient girl. Isn’t it?’When I didn’t answer, Marty began repeating, Isn’t it? Isn’t it better to be obedient?, while raining hard, stinging blows to the inside of my thighs that made me start dancing on the dildo again while I tried to yell yes through my cries of pain and nodding my head. The stinging blows stopped. ‘Put your hands back to your sides. If you move them away from your sides again… Try to kaçak bahis protect yourself…,’ Marty slid the riding crop up my stomach causing my belly muscles to quiver. ‘If your hands move away from your sides…,’ he tapped my nipples with the crop. ‘Do you understand what will happen?’ I nodded quickly. ‘You’re such a good and obedient girl. I’ve had to keep my wife on the Stick for hours when she was bad. Do you want to stay on the Stick that long?’ I shook my head.Running the crop back down my stomach, Marty began tapping my clit. Smiling when I controlled my hands from reflexively moving to cover myself. With my pussy split by the dildo my clit was exposed from its normal protective folds. The tapping by the wide area of the crop wasn’t painful but imagining what it would feel like if he was to swat me there as hard as he’d hit my tits paralyzed me.Switching the crop to his left hand, Marty began running the fingers of his right hand through my slit. My knees were shaking remembering how rough he’d treated my clit this morning. His touch was gentle now. Commenting on how wet I was, his fingers rolled my clit gently. I was wet. Moving up and down on the dildo had pulled moisture from deep inside me to my lips.’When you’re nice and obedient you earn more freedom. You’re hands are free and the blindfold is off. Nice, obedient girls get freedom. Are you going to be obedient?’ I nodded. Marty walked away and sat on the couch. ‘You can move your hands now. I want you to masturbate until you come. I want to watch you come on the Stick.’When I hesitated, Marty asked if I wanted off the stick. After I nodded he told me the only way off the stick was to fuck it until I came. Masturbating with a dildo up my pussy wasn’t anything new. I’ve had men watch me masturbate, also. Masturbating while standing up though was something new. Especially with a dildo the diameter of my fist stretching my cunt.It… It took a while, but closing my eyes and thinking of my favorite masturbatory fantasies had me on the brink. I could feel my orgasm just out of reach. But no matter how hard I reached, I couldn’t draw my orgasm closer. Damn, it was so frustrating. I rose up and down on my toes to move the dildo in my pussy while frigging my clit but I just couldn’t bring my orgasm.Finally I had to hang my head in frustration that I wasn’t going to come.’That does pose a problem,’ Marty sighed in mock disappointment. Walking to me he caught my arms and clipped them behind my back. The blindfold was put over my eyes again. I felt his hands doing something between my knees again and then moaned in relief as the dildo in my pussy slowly eased from my stretched pussy. Marty’s fingers between my legs felt my gaping pussy. ‘You’re so stretched that fucking you would be useless right now,’ he told me. ‘So what can I fuck?’ Telling me that if I moved I’d be punished, Marty left me alone for several minutes. I heard him in the bathroom running water and still didn’t move. Where could I have run to? The door? And done what? Bounce off it even if I could have reached it taking baby steps before Marty caught me? I was frozen in place by the fear of what he would do if I wasn’t obedient.Listening to Marty doing unidentifiable things for several minutes, I was surprised when he suddenly grabbed and baby walked me to the bathroom. Putting me in the shower. Bending me over and then putting the lubricated tip of a wand much larger than the one I used to douche with against my asshole. I was moaning No! and trying to move my ass from its touch when Marty, with a hard shove, pushed it past my clenched hole and up my ass.Pinning me against the shower wall, he let the contents of the enema bag fill my rectum. This was the largest invasion of the night. I’d never let a man play with my ass. I’d never, since c***dhood, needed an enema. The pressure building in my ass was making me whimper even as he told me to let the need to shit build until it was unbearable or he’d punish me. Without thinking I began to trying to cry out to Jason for help. But I knew he couldn’t hear me. Unable to hold any more, my ass let go and I was ashamed beyond endurance when shit and water poured from my ass as Marty pulled the wand out.Oh God, I was crying from embarrassment as shit and water covered the back of my legs and the shower floor. I tried to protest louder around the ball gag when Marty shoved the wand back deep into my loosened ass and began making me feel the need to shit again. I tried and tried to resist the pressure until it built to an unbearable amount and again let loose. This time it felt like mostly water.Keeping me bent over Marty spread my ass cheeks and, playing the stream of water from the shower head, cleaned my ass and legs.Not bothering to dry me off, Marty baby walked me back until I was standing on the mat again. This time when I felt him raising the dildo again, it was a slimmer tip that I felt. This time it wasn’t my pussy he pressed it to, it was my ass. With one push the lubricated tip went up my loose ass and it felt like it would never end. Inch after lubricated inch went up my ass.I’d never let a man up my ass and now it felt like a foot of dildo was being shoved up me. I felt the same wide base against my ass cheeks finally and then Marty moving one hand to tighten the screw again to keep it in place. Stripping off my blindfold and releasing my wrists, Marty left me saying he needed to wash his hands. I tried while he was gone. I tried just enough to know I was trapped by the long dildo up my ass as securely as I’d been trapped by the dildo up my pussy. It didn’t matter it was slimmer than the pussy dildo. I couldn’t do anything to free myself. Couldn’t bend enough to reach the screw that would let the metal bar down. When I tried it felt like I could feel the rod in my ass press against my spine.God, I’d never been so embarrassed.Marty returned from the bathroom and sat on the couch. Toasting me with his beer bottle before, ‘You’re secured three times. Ass, mouth and ankles. I think it’s only fair I get to do one thing before releasing one restraint. I think you should beg me to do what I want. Now what do I want to do?’Next Part 17 FREEDOM!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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