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Two women are walking down the street talking to one another when a guy approaches them and said he needed help. The two girls were very sexually active and was on there way home to please one another. When the girl said we will help you if you can help us first the guy asked what kind of help they needed she asked if it really mattered and he said I guess not. As the girls led him away. They finally reached an apartment that wasn’t all that big but had everything they needed in . As you walk in you see a bed in the middle of the room with rings located on each post. On the wall in front to the left there are all kinds of sex toys ranging from blind folds to handcuffs and candles and even rope just about anything they would need for a good night. The girls stopped the guy just before he could see inside and asked him to stay there why they got something one girl ran in and grabbed a blind fold handed it to him and asked him to put it on. The other girl took his clothes off and guided him to the bed laying him down gently she pulled each arm and leg to a ring and cuffed him to the bed. The girls got undressed then took the blind fold off the man. He couldn’t believe the room he was in and was kinda unsure as to what he got himself into. The 1st girl climbed up on top of the guys face and sat on his mouth asking him to please eat her pussy. The second girl knelt between his legs and began to slurp him into her mouth. Sucking until he was hard enough for her to mount him all the while he was nipping and biting at the girl on his face til she was squirming all over and moaning with lust. The 2nd girl hearing the 1st girl moaning started to get more into the bouncing up and down on his dick. The sensation he was receiving from these two girls was about ready to send him over the edge with pleasure. When both girls got up and went to the wall of toys they chose a 12 inch 2 headed dildo out of there collection. Releasing the guy from his restraints they let him sit wherever he wanted to watch as each girl placed escort service that dildo between there legs and slid it into themselves as they pushed and pulled with it inside of them the guy reached down sticking his hand between them bringing his fingers to his mouth and tasting them both at once. Realizing he could play with both their clits at once he took one hand for each girl and started rubbing them causing them to buck wildly against each other. He couldn’t help but notice how their tits were bouncing around as they were slamming against each other with his hands playing between the 2 of them he had to have them in his mouth he needed to taste their flumsious mounds the girls noticing his need began to shift their position the 1st girl was now laying down on her back and the 2nd girl. knelt backwards with her cunt in the first girls face. The guy wedged himself between the 1st girls legs pushing his cock into her wet pussy and his mouth around one of her tits as the 2nd girl leaned down on him pushing her tits against him feeling with every move her tits sliding across his back and the soft warmth of being between the girl’s legs. He felt his temperature rise as he could feel his orgasm approaching. Pulling out and spraying both girls with his love juice. The 1st girl quickly began to smear it into her body trying to absorb all of it. The 2nd girl was scooping it up with her fingers and licking every last drop off. Then she leaned forward and was now eating the 1st girls pussy for all it was worth. Seeing this the guy sat back and watched as the girls were exploring each others beautiful pussy’s taking there fingers and tongues probing them into one another causing each other to moan out in ectascy. He is beginning to not be able to stand it much longer after that show. He stands up and goes to the wall trying to figure out what toy he wants to use looking around he sees restraints, lotions, leather whips, bottles of lubricants and feathers, riding crop, and several butt plugs, and independent escort dubai dildos and vibrators. Finally deciding to grab the riding crop a vibrator and a bottle of lubricant he heads back to the bed where the girls are still enjoying each other. He is now standing over top of them and with a very stern and convincing voice he commands the girls to stop and obey him. Out of shock the girls stop and look at him. He takes the 2nd girl and with the cuffs he was in he cuffs her to the bed spreading her legs and cuffing her ankles. Telling the 1st girl to grab the bottle of lube and apply it to the dildo. She eagerly spreads the lubrication all over the dildo and awaits her next demand the 2nd girl had a lusty look into her eyes knowing what was about to happen. He tells the 1st girl to take her hand that had put the lube on ,and insert one finger into her ass holding it there until he says otherwise. She immidately begins to slide her fingers around the outside of her asshole getting it all wet and slimy to make the insertion. And with a sudden push she was inside of her. The guy realizing that this seemed to turn on both the girls he then ordered her to insert another finger. Once again she was ready and pushed this time you could hear her yelp from the stretching of her ass. He now commanded her to fuck her with both fingers and to take her other hand and insert the well lubed dildo into her own ass and ease back down onto it. She hesitated and he took the riding crop and gave her a quick smack across her ass with it. She now realized he meant business she darted a look at him as if to ask please no he then said either you do it at your pace or I will do it for you. Knowing she didn’t want this shoved right in she began to work herself down onto the dildo. Concentrating on herself she had forgotten about her fingers inside of her friend he then gave her another smack only this time across her tits. And told her she better please him or she will be punished even more. Now Escort Girl Dubai realizing she had stopped fucking her friends ass she pushed herself down with each thrust into her friend til she was riding that dildo with ease and crying out with pleasure. You could hear her friend moaning and begging for more also. With this he ordered her to take her hands and add more fingers into her friends ass as he took the dildo from the 1st girl and began plunging it hard into her until she was screaming and about ready to cum. Noticing she was enjoying this he demanded that she wait until told before she was allowed to reach that orgasm first she had to please her friend he told her to remove her fingers and replace them with her tongue. She then began to lick around the rim of her ass and poking her tongue in and out of her slurping her ass juice and moaning from the dirty sensation. Then with out being told she slide 4 fingers into her friends cunt stretching it to edventualy shove her whole fist in and fuck the hell out of her now gaping cunt. With this the 2nd girl was ready to orgasm. He now commanded both of them to cum at once. You could see both their bodied start to shudder as the orgasm flowed thru their entire body. Seeing the 2nd girl is still tied up the guy walks over to her head and tells her to lick his sick and the 1st girl to guide it for her. He wants them to work together to make him orgasm. He then tells them they have 5 minutes to make him spew his special blend or they will get punished. The two girls work together the 2nd girl works her tongue around him as the 1st girl plays with his balls and shaft sliding and pulling at it with great speed she then tells girl 2 to place his balls in her mouth and hummmm while she sucks on it. With all the sensations going thru his body they did there job within the amount of time given and with such force he spills his special blend in her mouth and over the girls face. Feeling completely satisfied he falls back against the wall as the girls help each other get cleaned up. The guy had said he would love to do this again sometime and begin to get dressed after having such an incredible time he completely for got that he needed the girls help.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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