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1st Foursome mfmfI’m a musician and had joined a new band. Very successful band that traveled and has a great rep, but not a national act anyone would know. Cover type of band. Most everyone in the band had either a sexy wife or hot girlfriend. I heard some of the members in the band would fool around maybe even swing. My girlfriend and i had a nice sex life, had been together for about 6 months, but fucked almost every day. She was 29 and I was 28 at the time. I have a smaller cock only about 5-6 inches, she has a nice body with a sweet pussy and great tits. I had been in the band playing locally for about 2 months when our 1st road trip came about and we were going to be staying at a hotel. Every member had their own room. After the show, which was earlier during the day we went for dinner and then returned to our hotel. Everyone met in John (our bass players) room for a drink. John is a great guy with a HOT ass wife . Her name is Dana. John and Dana were 24yrs old and rumor had it they liked to swing. After several beers and a few shots some of the other members left and went to do their own thing. Accept myself, John, Dana, my girlfriend and another couple. The 3 girls decided they wanted to get in the Jacuzzi that was in the room. I was getting excited to see where this was going. All 3 girls left and went into the bathroom together to return with bikinis on. DAMN i though…o’well its early and maybe they’ll get frisky. The girls jumped in and got all covered in bubbles. After much begging we convinced them to remove their tops. WOW!! they were hot. I still wasn’t sure i wanted this to go any further, but it was an awesome place to start. After a few minutes of this the other couple had enough and didnt want anything to go further or just wanted to go to their own room and fuck. Which was cool because i was more türbanlı erzincan escort into seeing Dana and her husband John.After the couple left we continued drinking , talking and having a great time. The girls were getting drunk, at one point they poured cheap wine on each others tits and licked it up, while giggling. Then John got up and asked the girls if he could join them. I wasn’t sure if they wanted him in there. It wasn’t that big of a hot tub. He was almost begging and at one point he gave my girlfriend a little hug and slipped his hand inside the tub and rubbed her pussy. He thought he hide this from me and his wife , but i saw and was fine with it. The girls still had their suits on and John said “I’m coming in” and stripped down to nothing. He had a nice cock and i saw my girl looking at it. He entered and we all continued drinking. After a few more minutes they begged me to come in. I said OK but the girls have to lose their bottoms too. They both got up and removed each others bottoms in a stripper type of way. I was still nervous about how far i would let this go.I jumped in and we just drank and laughed, watched the girls drink wine off each other some more, nothing too crazy until Dana got out. Again WOW!!! she was hot as hell with bubbles dripping off her, she dried off, got on the bed and said “I need some action”. I told my girl to go and help her out. Now my girl is not Bi, but she was drunk enough to do anything. She said ok and went to her. They started kissing on the lips and then caressing each others tits. My dick was hard and i was stroking it in the tub. I turned and saw John doing the same. We smiled at each other and then continued watching our women go at it. My girl moved down to Dana’s tits and started sucking them, she was türbanlı erzincan escort bayan moaning and then pushed her head down to her pussy. Surprisingly my girl went right down there and stared eating. All this was too much for John and I and we wanted to participate. We got out with hard cocks, this is when i realized John had a nice 8 inch thick Dick. We went to the bed and joined our girls. I grabbed my girl and started making out while John did the same. While kissing her i started rubbing her tits and then went down to finger her pussy. She was wet and ready. Then all of a sudden my hand was pushed a way. I thought my girl moved my hand , but it was Dana. She wanted to return the favor on my girl and started to eat her out. John and I watched as my girlfriend was enjoying herself. She looked me in the eye and then over at John and told him to put his cock in her mouth. I wasn’t sure I was going to be cool with that, but it got me even harder. My girl was getting licked by Dana and giving head to John while I sat there and stroked my cock. After a few minutes Dana looked up and saw I needed some attention. She Grabbed my cock and started sucking it. I was in heaven and didnt know how long i would last. I needed to fuck and CUM soon. I grabbed my girl and turned her over while she was still sucking on Johns cock. I started fucking her while Dana sat on the side rubbing her pussy. Dana then told John she wanted to get fucked too. All 4 of us were fucking in different positions while grabbing each other. Looking back i wish i would’ve fucked Dana and let my girl Fuck John. I was almost ready to blow, trying to hold off i grabbed my girl and put her on a chair. She has one of the sweetest pussies ever and I also love licking it. I went down and started türbanlı escort erzincan licking it while my fingers played with her ass. She watched John and Dana fuck, she started screaming that she was cumming and came all over my face. I was then ready and she told me to cum on her. I put her on all 4 and fucked her dogging style, she was loose and wet and I really wanted to stick it in her ass. I started fingering her ass while fucking her, she turned around and told me to stick it in. We love anal and have done that several times. I slowly put it in her ass, but it didnt take long before i was going in smoothly. Both of us were watching John and Dana as the were trying different positions. Then they stopped and Dana said she wanted to see me cum on my girls back. Now we had to put on the show. I was fucking her ass good, she was screaming to fuck it. Dana then reached into the drawer next to the bed and pulled out her dildo, which she rubbed on her pussy. John was stroking his big cock. They started to encourage and cheer us on until i exploded in her ass. As soon as i was done John and Dana started fucking again. After a few minutes of rest i sat in the chair with my cum dripped dick resting. My girlfriend got up and crawled over and started cleaning my cum up. Keep in mind it was just in her ass. John and Dana just kept fucking and fucking and fucking. Unfortunately my girl was drunk and done….even though i wanted to stay and maybe switch partners she was past that point. We left and went to our room right next door. They didnt want us to leave , but understood. My girl past out naked on the bed after a few minutes I sat there re-living every moment. I got hard again, looking at her body and then wondering what Dana and John were doing. I put my ear to the wall and heard them fucking. I started to jerk off and look at my beautiful girl. I love her for making my fantasy cum true. I came and went to bed.We had a few more experiences with them, even a little Bi-male play. We moved a way after a year or so and try to see them when we’re back in town. After 12 yrs we still talk and get hot about our 1st time swinging.this is my 1st story, but everything is real (besides names).

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