18 Year Old Sam

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18 Year Old SamMy wife was visiting her mother’s taking our two daughters 14-year-old Lynn and 10-year-old Ann and son James, 7, while I was stuck with decoration the bedroom and the lounge. I had spent the day stripping the wallpaper, as it was a Friday night decided I would go out for a quick pint and a read of the paper. I went to a small bar a little further from my local bar. I ordered a pint, found a seat in the corner, and began reading the paper. I looked up just as a young looking boy entered he went to the bar and ordered a pint, the barman asked for I.D., the boy showed his drivers licence and the barmen pulled the pint. The young man crossed to the table he asked if the chair was, free. I invited him to sit. He told me it was his 18th birthday but he was living in digs and had no one to celebrate. His mother had called in the morning and he was all alone.I bought him another pint and offered to buy him dinner. He thanked me and half an hour later, we left the bar and picked up carryout from the Chinese restaurant. We went back to the house and I took two beers out the fridge and began eating. His name was Sam he was studying mathematics at the local university. He was a nice pleasant lad we had dinner and after we played on James’ game system, time past so quickly I really enjoyed the evening, Sam asked to use the toilet. I told him it was upstairs and off he went. Switched off the game system, went in, and put the kettle on before Sam went home. He grabbed his bag and went up stairs.I made coffee and waited sahabet güvenilirmi but Sam did not come back down, so I called up to him asking if he was ok, but he did not answer. I went up the toilet door open but Sam was not in there I opened the bedroom door lying on the bed dressed in a short skirt with ankle socks and blue sheer shirt he had make-up on and a long brunette wig, under the skirt I noticed pale blue lace panties and a blue bra. I was stunned at seeing Sam dressed like a girl on my bed, Sam got off the bed, took my hand, and lifted my fingers to his mouth he suckled on each one in turn, and the he asked me to make love to him. I have never thought about sex with any man never mind this 18-year-old boy. I pulled my hand back and told Sam to get out, I was angry that we even thought I would do anything like that.Sam rushed past me and locked himself in the toilet, I heard him crying. I felt so sorry that I had upset him, I spoke to him through the door, apologising for getting angry and asked him to come out and we could talk. I did genuinely like him but not sexually and tried to tell him. After ten minutes, Sam opened the door. I wrapped an arm round his shoulders and led him into the bedroom where his normal clothes were on the floor. He hugged against me sobbing he said he had planned to lose his virginity on his birthday, and that he found making friends difficult. I felt sorry for him and said I would help him but I could not make love to a man, I suggested he use my wife’s toy, sahabet yeni giriş which she thought I did not know about. Sam asked if I would stay with him. I said I would and went into my wife’s drawer and found the dildo and strawberry lube. Sam stripped off his panties his cock stuck up in the air; he spread his legs and teased the ivory coloured dildo back and forth across his anus spreading the lube around his opening. I sat watching Sam as he smeared a blob of gel on his anus and gently probed his finger into his bottom, he moaned quietly. I sat transfixed by the sight, as Sam slowly began edging the dildo into his bottom. Despite my beliefs, I found my cock was hard pressing against my trousers. I adjusted myself to make it more comfortable, Sam noticed and said he did not mind if I needed to stroke it. I shook my head I was ok. Sam had half the dildo inside his bottom he pulled his knees up and began sliding it out then in slowly he asked me to squeeze some more gel on the dildo as he used it. I was surprised to find my hands shaking as I squirted the gel on the plastic cock. Sam had now almost the entire 8inch dildo in his virginal bottom, as he began fucking himself I was rubbing my erect cock over my trousers. Suddenly I stood and stripped off my trousers and underwear freeing my modest 5 inch cock and moved onto the bed between Sam’s drawn up legs, I stopped his hand and pulled the plastic cock out and shuffled forward I rubbed my cock up and down his bum before squeezing my cock into his sahabet giriş hot tight bum. It felt like nothing I had ever done before I started humping him with short shallow humps, Sam asked me to play with his cock without hesitation I reached out, took his cock into my fist, and began to toss him off, another first for me.It was only a matter of a couple of minutes before I came still inside Sam’s virginal bum, I did not want to do that but it felt too good to withdraw, I slowly pulled my wilting cock from Sam’s tight bum. I pulled him too me and we lay down as I hugged him I played with his still hard cock masturbating him as I kissed the first man apart from my father and it was nothing like I was kissing Sam. Suddenly Sam grabbed his cock and pounded it had and fast until his hot white sperm jetted out in an arc landing on both of us. I tentatively tasted it; it was not exactly what I thought it would taste like actually pleasant.We cleaned up before we climbed into bed and spent the night cuddled together, in the early morning Sam woke me by playing with my cock and as I stretched Sam took me into his mouth. It was so much more intense than when my wife blow me, then Sam did something my wife never did he pressed his finger into my bum as he sucked my cock and pumped the shaft, I blew my load at the insertion in my bum.We spent almost the whole day playing with each other o even took his penis into my mouth and swallowed his white gloopy sperm. On Sunday afternoon, I let Sam take my virginal bum, it was sensual and erotic having this young man sliding into my well lubricated bum I came quite quickly.Sam helped with the decorating and by the time, my wife was due to come home the decorating finished Sam finally went home; we still see each other and have a healthy sexual relationship.

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